Page 4, 11th June 1948

11th June 1948
Page 4
Page 4, 11th June 1948 — CATI - -x WORKERS )

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Locations: London, Derby


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TALLY HO THE Daily Worker after several L weeks delay has at last persuaded Sean O'Casey to follow up his attack ou Douglas llyde. But O'Casey made no reference to Hyde's reply, published in THE CATHOLIc HERALD, in which he was shown, on the basis of quotations from Marx and Engels, not only to be ignorant of conditions in the Catholic England of the Middle Ages but also to be in /conflict with the infallible founders of Marxism itself.

This time the worst O'Casey could any against the Church of that period was that some of its leaders went hunting.

When I discussed it with Douglas Hyde an Tuesday he said to me "O'Casey has apparently forgotten that *Engels himself rode regularly to hounds and between visits to London, where he appeared as a working class leader, hunted with the local county people in Lancashire and Cheshire.'


Trough handling meted out to Tom O'Brien, M.P., at the Derby conference of the Trades Councils, when he said there was little evidence of the growth of Fascism, shows how sensitive the Communists are to any attempt to portray them as the real disturbers of the peace 'at the Fascists' meetings.

I consider Fascism to be just as vile as Communism, but we must watch the extreme Left " line shooters" who are busy in the factories.

They say we fought the war to beat Fascism—so we did. But we also fought to do away with any ism " that attempts to destroy. our God-given rights as human beings. Communism is one of them.

Many of the " Comrades" who incite the workers against Fascism never lifted a finger to fight, until their beloved Russia came into the War. By all means let there be a campaign against Fascism, but make sure the other menace is not forgotten, MERSEYSIDE WORKERS THE question of Payments by Results which was the cause of the strike of Merseyside ship-repair workers, a few months back has not yet been settled.

Many of those who returned to work after the strike, are now unemployed. Reason given, is that the jobs on ships such as Brittanic have now been completed, and their services were no longer required.

This of course weakens any further action taken by the ship-repairmee, because when there is wholesale unemployment. those in work are not very keen on getting mixed up in industrial disputes, as there is always a possibility of the management giving someone else the job. After all, 'victimisation still goes on, even to-day.

The Merseyside Shop Stewards Movement have published a rather attractive little paper called Mersey Clarion, and the first issue was given away. The Strike Committee's financial statement is reported in it and shows a balance in hand of over £2,000 at the beginning of April.


TIEE case of Charlie Stanley, for

25 years a member of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, who was reprimanded by a Shop Stewards' Tribunal for working too long at his job at the Surrey Docks, London/ should act as a warning to all sincere trade unionists.

Here was a .man, who put duty before his union rules, which resulted in a job on a ship being finished speedily. The very people who tried him are. those who clamour for less red tape by the Government.

wonder whether the local shop stewards have the backing of the A.E.U. Executive for their action against Mr. Stanley, and if they have, what do the membership think about it.

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