Page 9, 11th June 1971

11th June 1971
Page 9
Page 9, 11th June 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Heenan of WestminsterFriday-Thursday: 'Visits Channel Isles.

Bishop Gumelli, Auxiliary of West. minster--Friday: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady of Victories. Kensington. 6. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation, Our Lady Cl Victories, Kensington. Tuesday: Board meeting. Hosnital of SS. John and Andrew, Doll's Hill, 2.30. Mass and Confirmation, St. Joan cot Arc, Highbury, 7.30. Wednesday: Presents prizes. St Thomas's Youth Club. Fulham, 8.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of WealmInster-Friday: ConfirmatiOn. Sudbury, 5.30. Saturday: Ordination, Barnes. S. Sunday: Confirmation. Stanmore. 6. Monday: Corpus Christi College. 4. Tuesday: Confirmation, Wealdstone. 7 30. Wednesday: Council of Administration. 11 Consecration of Church, Kenton. 5 Friday: Conhrmation, Smith Ruislip.

Archbishop Dwyer of BirmlnohamFriday: Visits sick and schools. SS. Mary and John Parish, WolyerhaMPt011. Saturday: Ordination to priesthood, All Souls Church, Acocks Green. 10.30. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, SS. Mary and John Church. Wolverhampton. 11 Confirmation, St. Thomas Moie Church. Sheldon, 3. Mass and Conhrmation. SS. Peter and Paul Church. Coughton. 6 30. Monday: Visits Cotton College. North Staffs. Tuesday: Blesses St Gregory's Primary School, Stratiord-on-Ayon. 1.30 Blesses SS. Peter and Paul Church. Pvpe Haves, 7. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Sacred Heart Church. Henley-on.Thames.

Bishop Cleary. Auriliary of Blessing. ham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady'S Church. Retinal, 1. Tuesday: Masa and Confirmation, Holy Name Church. Great Barr, 7. Wednesday: Mass and CoiffirmatIon, St. Francis Church. Woodlane. Staffs. 7.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool--Wednesday: Governors of Christ's College meeting. LIver000l. 4 Thursday: Conformation, St. Clare's, Liverpool, 7.30.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of LiverPool-Friday: , Visits schools and sick. St Mark's. Halewood, 10.30. Catholic Social Smokes meeting, Liverpool, 3. Confirmation, St. Mark's Halewood, 7.30. Sunday: Confirmation and visitation, St Mark's, Halewood. Tuesday: Clergy of the inner-City area meeting. University Chaplaincy, 10.30 C W.L. meeting. University Chaplaincy. 7.30 Wednesday: Confirmation, St. Cecilia's, Liverpool. Friday: Addresses lunch time serylee. St Nicholas's, Liverpool Concelebrates Mass. Cathedral.

Bishop Gray. Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass, Caterian Association, 11. Leads annual Blessed Sacrament PrOres• sm.. Our Lady Immaculate and St. Joseph. Prescot. 4. Monday-Tuesday: Liturgical meeting, Leeds Wednesday: Mass for priests celebrating Sliver Jubilee. 8. Thursday: Confirmation. Our Lady's Church, Kirkby, 7.30. Friday: Meeturp, Curial Offices. 10.30. Building Office Committee meeting, Curial Offices, 2.30. Attends Rally of Reoaratlon Concelebrates Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral.


Archbishop Cowderoy of SouthwarkSunday: Mass. visitation and ConfirmaSloe, Kingston Hill. 12. Tuesday: Consecration of Church, East Sheen, 5.30. Thursday: Consecration of the Church. Clapham Common, 5.30. Bishop Worlock of PortsmouthSaturday-Monday: Welcomes Cardinal Heenan on his visit to Jersey. Monday: Visits Alderney with the Cardinal. Tuesday•Wednesday: Visits Guernsey with the Cardinal.

Bishop Grant of Northampton-Saturday: Catholic Handicapped Children's Federation Mass, Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge. 3. Satur day-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation Huntingdon. Monday: Mass for openimi of Council of Conurenatinn of Datightetc of the Holy Ghost. Clapham Park. Wed nesday: Church Music Commission meet Ing. Confirmation, Houghton Regis, 7 Thursday: Confirmation. ()unstable. 7.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Sunday: Vtsitation and Conhrma lion. St. Mary's, T hetlord. T hursday Confirmation. EngliSh Martyrs. Can, bridge. Friday: Re-consecratioe of Altar Felixstowe Convent,

B ishop Ellis of Nottingham-F,lday Conrelebrates Mass with priests cell' brating Silver Jubilee Cathedral, 11.30 Saturday: Attends Day Conference on Youth. Louohborouqh, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Hugh's. Lincoln 10.30. Tuesday: Attends Governors meeting, Mary Ward College, Keywoith 7 30. Wednrsrlay: Visitation and Co'

firmation. Luttei worth. 7. Thursday Attends Dane Hills Fete. Leicestel, 3 Attends Silver Jubilee celebrations Father Shaw, Kniehton. 6.30. Friday Visits Diocesan students. Oscatt.

B ishop Holland of Sellord-Sunday Concelebrates Mass, Cone Sunday, St. Mary's, Oswaldtwistle, 11. Monday: Salford Clergy Golf Society, Heskelli Golf Club, Southport, 6 Tuesday: build leg Office, 2.30, Cardinal Langley Cowernors. Middleton. 2.30. Wednesday 51,,, 3. 10:30. Youth commis

Bishop Burke. Auxiliary of SaffordSunday: Visitation and Ma. Linn Sunday. Sacred Heart, Accrington. 11 confirmation, Sacred Heat t Acct 3.

Bishop Restleaux of PlymouthSaturday: Mass. St te holastica's Abbey.

Teignmouth, 11. Sunday: Procession oi Blessed Sacrament. Cathedral, Piymouth, 3. Wednesday: A G.M ol CAV L Lowm Guildhall. Plymouth, 2.30.

Bishop Lindsay. Auxiliary ol Meehan! and Newcastie--Suriday: Visit and Coin

firmatiOn. St. Augustine'-.. Dm I mg tot.

3.30. Thuc :day: Conn; mat Km St AuguStine's. Darlington, B ishop Wheeler of Leeds-baturday A.G.M. of Union of Catholic. Motheis Dewsbury Town Hall. 2.30. Sunday' Mass. St. Paulinus, Dewsbury, Centenaiy Celebrations. 11. Monday: Liteigical

Commission episcopal meeting. Tuesday

Opening Of Holy Name Primary School, 7.30. Wednesday: A.G.M. Rescue Society S. Thursday: Mass, C.W.L. Diamond Jubilee celehratoons. S. Marie's. Sheffield. 11. Friday: Consecratioe ci altai Acomb, York.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Friday* Rescue and Protection Society meeting Preston. 2.30. Attends Vocations GrOue Mewling. Lancaster , 7.15. Saturday Catholic Teachers Federation meettng.

Windermere. 11,30. Ordains Rev B Smith. MI4M, to pliesthood, St. Mary's Morecambe, 5.30 Sunday: Attend-.

general meeting of St. Vincent de PAM Society, Sacred Heart, Blackpool. 2.30 Bishop Grasar at Shrewsbury-Friday Attends Mass for silver iubliee celehra tion of Fr. J. Monaghan, Nottingham Cathedral, Saturday: Garden Party Shrewsbury Castle. 4. Sunday: Attend'. Youth Mass. St. Mary's. Crewe. 4.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton

-Saturday: Presents is, tees, More House School, Freesham. Farnham. 4 Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation Oxted Surrey. Monday: Diocesan Council of Administration meetinSi Bishop's House, Hove, 11. Wednesday Concelebrates Mass for Silvet Jubilee

celebrations of Rev. C. 0 ' . St Charles, Worthing Thursday: Confirma Don and visitation. (imieheld Green Sor rev.

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