Page 4, 11th June 1982

11th June 1982
Page 4
Page 4, 11th June 1982 — Bishops Engagements' Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: American Conference of Bishops InService at St John's, Collegeville. Minnesota.

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Organisations: Catechetical commission, Governors Upholland College, St John Payne School, Light Service, Poor Mission Fund, Archbishop's Council, St Mary's School, Housekeepers' Guild, St Patrick's School, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Catholic Comprehensive School, Executive Committee, St Borefecels College, St Richard's School, Ministry of Priests Plenary Session, Home Finding Unit, Diocesan Schools Commission, Highfields Centre, Pastoral Centre, Essex Churches Consultative Council, St Gregory's Church, Council of Christians and Jews, St John's School, White House, Westminster Ecumenical commission, Shaftesbury Convent School, Viksits St Charles Primary School, Catholic Nurses' Guild, St Edmunds' College, St Martha's School, AGM Justice and Peace commission, Upholland Governing Committee, Opholland College, Loreto College, Union of Catholic Mothers, Saints College, St Michael's Comprehensive School, King Club, Moor Park School, St Mary's Church, Oscott College


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Bishops Engagements' Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: American Conference of Bishops InService at St John's, Collegeville. Minnesota.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Mass and jubilarian celebrations. Clapham Common.

7pmArchbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Fridey: Celebrates Golden Jubilee Canon Waring. St Francis, Garston. 7 30pm Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Mary Magdalene. Penwortham. Tuesday: Upholland Governing Committee, Opholland College, am. Wednesday: Wakefield Diocesan Clergy Conference, Hayes Conference Cern,. .Midd/esex, Thursday: Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial Offices, 10am.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Visits Clifton Students at Oscott College, Birmingham. Mass and re-commissions special ministers of Holy Communion, Clifton Cathedral. 7.30prn. Saturday: Attends Father Kavanagh's Silver Jubilee celebrations. Christ the King Club, Filwood Broadway, 9.30pm. Mass and confirmation, Shaftesbury Convent School. .11am. Visitation St Mary's Parish, Chippenham. 4pm. Mass and confirmation, St Mary's Church, Chippenham, 6.30pm. Sunday: Mass 8am and 10.30am. Chippenham. Attends Faith and Light Service. Wells Cathedral, 5pm. Tuesday: Mass and confirmation. St Gregory's Catholic Comprehensive School. Bath, 7.30prn. Wednesday: Mass and confirmation, St Gregory's Church. Salisbury, 7.30pm. Thursday: Attends Diocesan Schools Commission meeting, Clifton Cathedral House. 10,30am. Mass and Confirmation, St Joseph's. Bridgwater, 7.30pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Saturday: Confirmation, Moor Park School. Ludlow. Saturday-Sunday: Confirmation and visitation, Sacred Heart, Whaley Bridge. Tuesday: Meeting of Board of Governors Upholland College. Confirmation, Our. Lady, Mother of the Saviour. Runcorn, pm. Wednesday: Confirmation. St John the Evangelist. Bridgnonh. Thursday: Attends Chapter meeting, Bishop's House, Birkenhead.

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Sunday: Visitation, St Mary, Osbaldeston, 10.15aim. Confirmation, 3pm. Thursday:' Schools Commission, 10.30am.

B ishop Clark of East Anglia: Friday: Silver Jubilee, St Martha's School, Kings Lynn, 11,30am. Welcomes Carmelite Sisters to Langham, 2.30pm. Sunday: Visitation. Stowmarket. WednesdayThursday: Schools and council meetings. The White House, Poringland.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and confirmation, St Peter and Paul's, Pype Hayes. Opens garden fete, St John's, Alton, 2.30pm. Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Requiem Mass for Father Murphy, St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth, 11.30am. Sunday: Confirmation. St Joseph's, Guernsey, 3pm. Corpus Christi Procession, 4.1 5pm. Confirmation, Our Lady of the Sea, 7prn. Tuesday: Confirmation, St Bernadette, Jersay. Wednesday: Mass. Silver Jubilee, Holy Trinity, Church Crookham. Thursdey: Diocesan Trustees meeting, St Edmund House, Portsmouth, 3.30pm.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Meeting of Ueans. St Bernard's Priory, Hyning Hall, 2.30pm. Sunday: Visitation, Our Lady of the Assumption. Blackpool, 10.30am, Confirmation, 3pm. Tuesday: Visits Cockermouth, 2pm. Wednesday: Mass for Housekeepers' Guild, Cathedral, 2.30pm. Silver Jubilee, Fr Carey, St Bernadette's, Blackpool, 7.30pm. Thuntday: Chigwell Convent, Essex.

B ishop Grent of Northampton: Friday: Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Northampton. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and -confirmation, Woburn Sands. Tuesday-Wednesday: Post Ordination Course.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Sunday: Visitation of Our Lady's, Ellesmere Port.

Bishop Guar:x.11i, Bishop in East London: Friday: Deane Meeting, Pope John House, 10.45. Sense! Rise, 6.30pm. Saturday: St Mary's School, Quay Road, 10am. Sunday: Confirmation, Camden, 10am. MBW Meeting, Highgate, 5pm. Confirmation, Copenhagen Street. 630prn. Monday: Meeting Amnesty International, 3.30pm. Tuesday: Meet Conirmandi, ales Road, 7pm, Silver Jubilee Mass, 8pm. Wednesday: Meeting of Clergy, Teachers, Catechists, Islington denaery, 4.30pm. Confirmation, Tollington Park, 7.30pm, Thursday: Team meeting, London Colney. 4.30prn.

B ishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Saturday: Attends the ordination of Rev Gubbine Cathedral Thurles, Ireland 11am. Tuesdey: Governors Meeting, Upholland.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Confirmation, St Alban, North Finchley, 7.30pm. Seturday-Sunday: Pastoral visit, St Augustine of Canterbury. Mandan.: Mass Holy Family Convent. Enfield, 7.1 5pm. Tuesday: Catholic Nurses' Guild, Executive Committee meeting, 1.30pm. Confirmation St Mary, East Finchley, Bpm. Wednesday: Annual meeting. Crusade of Rescue, 6prn Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: South East area ecumenical commission meeting. .5.45prn. St Benet's. Abbey Wood. Monday: Ordination, Blackfen, 7.30pm. Tuesday: Mass and confirmation, Bostall Perk, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Mass and confirmation, Sidcup. 7.30pm.

Bishop Flitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool:

Tuesday: Confirmation, St Albert's, Cantril Farm, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Cathedral maintenance Cornmittee, Metropolitan Cathedral, 2pm. Mass for Union of Catholic Mothers. 8pm. Thursday: Archbishop's Council meeting. Curial Offices, 10am. Confirmation, St Albert's, Cantril Farm, 7.30pm.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Meets confirmands, Langley. Catholic Schools Cricket final, Old Trafford. Wednesday: Confirmation. Our Lady, Langley. Thursday: Schools commission. 10.30am.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday-Sunday: Visits Cliftonville. Monday: Meeting of deans. West Mailing. Tuesday: Confirmation. Canterbury, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Mass, St Richard's School, Dover, 8.30am. Confirmation, Maidstone, 7.30pm. Thursday: Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate, St Anselm's, Dartford, 7.30pm.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Governors meeting, St Edmunds' College, 2pm. Confirmation, St John's Wood, 7pm. Sunday: Confirmation, Fulham Road, 10am, Monday: Viksits St Charles Primary School, 11am. Confirmation, St Charles Square. 7.30pm. Tuesday: Confirmations, Hammersmith, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Headteachers Conference, Allington Castle, 9am, B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Visits St Patrick's School, Leicester. Saturday: Ordination, Holy SPirit, West Bridgford, 12 noon. Catholic Children's Society Mass. Good Shepherd. Arnold, Nottingham, 3.30pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Leicester. 3pm, Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation, Sileby, 7pm. Wednesday: Meeting of Church Leaders, Southwell, 10.30am. Thursday: Catechetical commission, Highfields Centre. Derby, 2.30om B ishp McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Attends meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Council am. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, St Augustine's, Barkingside. Tuesday: Mass for 400th anniversary of St John Payne, St John Payne School, Chelmsford, 10.30am. Wednesday: Chairs AGM of Crusade of Rescue, Westminster, 6pm.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday: Meets Hillingdon Deanery young people. Ruislip, pm. Sunday: Area Justice and peace meeting, 6prn. Monday: Meets Heads of Secondary Schools. 1 tarn. Meet young people, Hounslow Deanery, Gummy House, 7.30pm. Tuesday: Meets of Council of Christians and Jews, Church House, 5.30pm. Wednesday: Confirmation, Isleworth, 7.30pm. Thursday: Meets Social Development Project 8pm.

Bishop Moverley of Hallam: Friday: School mass and parish visitation, Hathersage. 10.30am. Sunday: Confirmation, Hathersage, 10.30am.

Diocesan Birthday Mass, Beauchief Hall, 3pm.

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Saturday: Redhill Deanery confirmations. Arundel Cathedral, 3pm. Visitation. Rottingdean parish. 6.30pm Sunday: Departs to Plymouth. pm. Monday-Friday: Directs retreat for Clergy of Plymouth Diocese, Buckfast Abbey.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Herfordshire Friday: Westminster Ecumenical commission, Farm Cottage, lprn. Confirmation, St John the Evangelist, Mill End. 7.30pm. Saturday: AGM Justice and Peace commission. Archbishop's House. 10.30am. Sunday: Confers ministries, All Saints Chapel, 11.30am. Corpus Christi Procession, All Saints Pastoral Centre, 2pm. Tuesday: Fr Kearsey's Silver Jubilee Mases, Our Cady of Walsingham, London Colney, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Initiation of 'Catechists. Loreto College, 4.15 pm. Thursday: Visits St John's School, Baldock, 12.45pm. Ministry of Priests Plenary Session, All Saints Pastoral Centre, 4pm.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday: Deans' Meeting, Brettagh Holt, Kendal, 2.30pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, St Joseph's, Blackpool. Tuesday: Confirmation, St Begh's, Whitehaven. 7pm. Thursday: Confirmation, St Benedict's. Mirehouse. 7pm.

B ishop Restieaux of Plymouth: Sunday: Inter-parochial Blessed Sacrament procession. St Borefecels College. Beacon Park. 3pm.

Bishop Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Mecham and Newcastle: Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, St Wilfrid's Bishop Aukland. Tuesday Confirmation and Mass, St Mary, Blackhill, 7pm. Wednesday: Visitation, St Michael's Comprehensive School, Billingham. Thursday: Consecration Mass, St Patrick's, Consett, 7pm.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Mass, Clapham Common, 7pm. Monday: Blessing of the Home Finding Unit, Gravesend, 3pm. Tuesday: Mass, Silver Jubilee, Mgr Canon Stonehill, Hove, 7pm.

B ishop Ward of Montvale: Friday: Centenary of St Francis, Milford Haven. Saturday: Golden Jubilee, Tenby Convent. Sunday-Monday: Visitation and confirmation, Tenby. Monday: Confirmation, Llanelli, pm.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Meeting of Poor Mission Fund, 11am. Confirmation. S. Patrick's, Leeds. Saturday: Attends Diocesan Pastoral Council. Trinity and All Saints College. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Christ the King, Bramley. Monday: confirmation, St Nicholas, Gipton, Leeds. Tuesday: Cathedral Dialogue, Bradford. Wednesday: Confirmation, Corpus Christi, Leeds. 7,30pm. Thursday: Confirmations, St Theresa's, Crossgates. Leeds, 7.30pm.

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