Page 7, 11th March 1955

11th March 1955
Page 7
Page 7, 11th March 1955 — Do you suffer from

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Page 8 from 1st July 1955

Do you suffer from

Exha usti pation ?

11 HITS MOST OE US at LitneS. We wake up in the morning feeling tired, sour, and headachy. That's Exhaustipation-the Tiredness caused by constipation!

The trouble is in your colon-the last 4 or 5 feet of your 28 feet of intestine. This is like a soft rubber pipe, and it ha to carryall the waste from the food you eat.

When this waste sli des through smoothly, you feel fine. But sometimes it doesn't. It gets blocked. And then you feel heavy, ‘sour,depressed-tillyouclearthatpipeline. Nothing better has been found for this lob in 4,000 years than a vegetable extract called podophyllin. Not a habitforning drug, but a natural herb that works in Nature's way. This precious extract, carefully blended into Carters Little Liver Pills, very soon gets that pipeline working smoothly and sweetly again-and you feel marvellous!

Carters Little Liver Pills cost 1/8d. Take Carters today-and tomorrow the world will be all smiles.

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