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11th March 1966
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Page 1, 11th March 1966 — FRONT PAGE BRIEFS

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ACALL to priests to encourage and strengthen their parish choirs went out this week in a message from Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham, president of the Liturgical Commission of the Hierarchy.

He strongly countered the suggestion that there was any move to drop church choirs or to abandon the "treasury of Church music which we have".

In his letter to his priests, Archbishop Dwyer said:

"The liturgical authorities in Rome are disturbed that some seem to think there is no longer any place for choirs. They point out that this is quite wrong. The choir has an important role to play in leading the people to sing.

"Moreover, it is not the intention that the treasury of Church music which we have should be abandoned. Even at vernacular Masses there is a place for motets, etc., to be sung by the choir, and it is quite suitable that these should be in Latin.

"An important idea behind the liturgical changes at the moment is to give some versatility in the arrangement of the rites. So that in the same Mass, Benediction, Bible service, etc., there is no reason at all why there should not be a blend of Latin and English, especially where favourite Latin musical pieces are concerned.

-The important thing is:

Please keep the choir and encourage the choir and strengthen it."

Oldest U.S. church

Cardinal Conway, Archbishop of Armagh, is in America on a

week's tour of Florida, Alabama

and New York City. The main reason for his visit is to take part in the rededication of the oldest church in the United States, the restored 400-year-old St. Augustine Cathedral at St. Augustine, Florida.

He said he was sorry he would not be able to stay for the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York next Thursday, "but if I'm not back in Ireland for the Feast of St. Patrick they would never forgive me".

Call to priests Cardinal Ritter. Archbishop of St. Louis, has asked all assistant priests in his archdiocese to inform him if they wish to serve in parishes in poorer sections of the city. 1-le said he would take their wishes into consideration when making new appointments.

The Cardinal asked assistant priests to write to him indicating not only their desire but also whether they felt capable of serving in these parishes. Most parishes in the poorer sections of St. Louis are predominantly Negro.

Sudan denial Mr. Maghoub, Prime Minister of the Sudan, has strongly criticised a World Council of Churches' resolution asking that steps be taken to help remedy the suffering of the people of South Sudan and to ensure the exercise of religious freedom.

He said: "It is regrettable to see organisations such as the WCC fall a prey to deception ... We ask them to investigate whether in the modern history of the Sudan there has been one Christian who has been exposed to the simplest kind of persecution because of his religious beliefs."

Cardinal dies

Cardinal Castaldo, Archbishop of Naples, died last week at the age of 75. During the Vatican Council he was a member of the Commission for the Discipline of the Clergy. He was at one time considered a candidate for the


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