Page 4, 11th March 1983

11th March 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 11th March 1983 — I Points

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I Points

Major Sir Patrick Wall MP CATHOLIC surprise at the Synod vote on the bomb. Feb 18. How does the Catholic Herald define Catholic reaction? What sample has it taken? Or is your reporter merely stating his, or perhaps the Herald's unilateralist point of view. Certainly my experience has been that Catholics may have been surprised but were certainly not disappointed at the size of the vote against the Bishop of Salisbury's amendment. Archbishop Warlock's views are not universally popular!

Patrick Wall House of Commons

YOUR LEADER, Feb 25, is important. Language, now, is a grave problem for the Church. Hitherto, with Latin, — no difficulty. Not only for the Church, language study is also a poor relation in British education. This is obvious when viewing and listening to Continentals of all types. My son, a professor of English at a Japanese university, is quite familiar at Mass with the Japanese vernacular. Not so for every foreign Catholic. The question of a Welsh-speaking bishop, eg, Cardiff, is a minor detail, any more than it would be for an Irish or Scottish See.

James Goldsbury Nottingham.

I READ with interest your report, Feb 18, of the mystery of the Derwentwater eve of execution letter recently discovered in Brighton.

Two Earls of Derwentwater were executed in the eighteenth century. Sir James Radcliffe, the third earl (1689-1716), was beheaded for his part in the Jacobite rising of 1715, while his brother Charles (16911746) suffered the same fate for his part in the rising of 1745.

It was Charles who was associated with Slindon, according to The Dictionary of National Biography, and so he would seem to be the `Mr Derwentwater' of your article. He must also have been one of the last Englishmen to be executed by beheading.

That the discovery of this letter should ever have been considered a 'mystery' shows how Englishmen, even English Catholics, forget their political and religious martyrs. It is different in Ireland. No Irish newspaper would have printed a story 'about some unknown `Mr Fitzgerald', when they meant Lord Edward!

Andrew Breeze Aberystwyth.

WE congratulate you on the pleasing way you gave us the good news that our dear Holy Father will visit his homeland in June; "Poland welcomes Pope", Feb 4. We hope people will keep him in their prayers for his health, safety and intentions. We will say the Holy Rosary for the success of this pastoral visit to his native land. May the people of God advance.

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