Page 8, 11th March 1983

11th March 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 11th March 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Bishop's Committee for Deaf, Justice And Peace committee, Oratory School, Harlin Centre, St Stephen's PeSIOrel Centre, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Consecrates St Patrick's Church, C. Ecclesloa School, Emmans Centre, Centenary Committee, Salford University Court, Themes More School, Education Council, Werth/Hider Board, Lenten Station H. Notre Dante School, Cotton College, Cortirrionwealth Day Obsereance Service, Tuesder Visits St Patrick's School, Hoiy Cross Church, Harts Area Advisory Council, Pastoral Centre, Congress, Primary School, Thureday Ministry, Piccadilly Hotel, Televon Centre, Ecumenical Service, County Council, Office Trairmiu Centre, St Patrick's Society, Diocesan Finance Committee, Rotary Club, St Mary's Centre Lower House, St Patrick's Day Luncheon Irish Embassy, St John Vranney's School, NA St Patrick's Primary School, Management Committee, Cardinal Newmen School, Barrew Court, Free Church Federal Council, Council of Dior.esan Aliens


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Bishops Engagements

CConfirmation. M Mass. 0 Ordination. V Visitation.

Archbishop Bowen ol Southwark Saturday, AGM Cathohc Radio end Televon Centre, Hatch End. 10 30 a.m. Sunday: C. Plurnstead Common. 10 am. Monday: Schools Commiss,on Lunch, Arch. bishop's House. Rector's Moabite, Seminary Wonersh. Tuesday: Meetings, Archhishop's House. C. Peckham Rye. 7.30 pm Wednesday. Cathedral Deanery Station ServIces. Vail:era ki pm Thursday: All day, meetings, ArchteshopsNouse

Archbishop Couve de Murville ol Birmingham: Sunday: V. Goring.on.Tharnes. Tueetley: Governor'a Meeting, Cotton College, 11 am. C, St Francis, &Aware!, 7 pm_ Wednesday. C. Ecclesloa School, 10.15 am. Luocti, Free Church Federal Council, 12.30 pm Consecrates St Patrick's Church. Coventry, Thursday: St Nitrides Day M, St Chad's Cathedral, 12.45 pm St Patrick's Mehl Banquet, Edgbaslon. 8 Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Friday: Meeting with Chairman of County Council. Metropolitan House, 12 30 pm. Addresses Serra Groups, St Mary's Centre Lower House, St Helens, 7 pm Salurder. Trustees meeting, Hatch End TV end Harlin Centre, London 10.18 am. SundayMondity: V and C. St Bartholomew's, Rainhill. Merseyside Enter. prises Forum Parthi. Archbishop's House. 3 pm Tuesday: Priests of SI Mary's Deanery, Archnishop's House, 12.30 pm. Attends Course on Social Teach. Ing of the Church. Upholland Norteern institute 7.30 pin. Wednesday: Formal opening ol Advisory and 1 raining Unit, Boundary Street. LIverpooi. 10.30 am. Open Day at Office Trairmiu Centre, Upper Parlia. reent Street, Liverpool 8 Thursday: Northern Church Leaders' Consultation, Sternal House. Yorkshire

BisSop AlexantMr of Clifton: Friday: Presentation of Bane Merenti Medals, St Osmu, rd's, Saliahury. 7 pm. Seturday‚ÄĘThuraday. Home, meeting at Secretarrat tor Non-Belrevers Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary ol Shrewsbury. Saturday: AGM. Cathnlic Neediuwork Guild St Anne's, Roca Ferry. Sunder V. SI Pius X. Alderley Edge Tuesday: Srahop's Governing Conn/ellen, Up holland Wednesday: Meeting of Deans. WI nslord Thursday: Management Committee. Dutton House, Little Sutton Deanery Lenten Station 54, St Laurence's, Birkenhead Bishop Burke, Auxiliary ol Southwark! Frklay: Speaks to contirmends, Longeght Sunday: C. Sr Jnseph's, Longeight 3 pm Tuesday: Governing Committee, 0;3110110nd. 2 pm Wednesday: Board al Ariministratron 10 30 am Lenten Station, SI Joseph-s. [newer,. 7.30 pm Thursday, Cleruy Recoi lectIon, Genet le Convent, mancheslei, 10.45 am Bishop Clerk of East Sunday: V. St Mark's_ Ipswich Monday: C. Grantham.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Fridoerym: MaryarfirCes.,SwtoMfieri.pUmtto.rx.e.1.1.yer PA:ondayE.c.:tM.anotry,C..

Mittee. Friends Of Cardinal Newman, 4 15 pm_ Wednesday: M for Sixth F0fre of St Thomas More %arm!. WIllenhall, g la am. Thither*: COncelebrates M tor Feast of Sr Patrick's, New Cross, WOlver hampton, 11 am Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Biehope House, Centenary Committee Meeting. 10 30 am. St Michaei and All Angels, Leigh Park, Centenary M for Havant Deanery Saturday. Park Place. Wickham, conterriN the Ministry ol Reader on Candidates tor the Perrnenent Diaconate, la noon. Sunday: SI Joseph's, Graysholl,C and M. 10 45 am St Colman's, Cnahern, C and M, S pm. Tuesday: Centenary M Winclthster for Winchester Deanery Wednesday: Centenary PA al DOuai Abbey tar Kennel Valley Deanery.

Bishop Foley ol Lancaster: Friday: Deanery Station M, Sr Teresa',. Preston. 7.30 pm. Sunday: V end C, St Wulislane, Fleetwood, 10.30 ant. Tuesday; Deanery Coolers/floe. Thursham. 11 am Wednes. day: Deaner!? Stance M, Our Lady at the Well. Fernyhaigh, 7.30 prn Thursday: NA St Patrick's Primary School, Morecambe, 11 ton. Sr Patrick's Day Dinner. MOrecambe, 7 30 pm Bishop Gray, Bishop of Shrewsbury: Monday: Rotary Club Lunch, Castle Hotel, Warn, Salop, 1 pm. Tuesday: Meats with Clergy of 61 Ambroae Deanery, and is Principal Concelebrant at Station M, SI Vincent's, AltrInchare S prn. Wednesday: Meets with Deans. St Josephs. Winslord Thursday: Church Leadersmeeting, Scarg,ll, York.

Bishop Guime111, Bishop in East London: Fri. day: Deans' rrwrtlnp 1 am Sunday-. SI Anne's. SOuth Weed/0rd Monday: Meeting, Kingaland 8 pre Tuesday: SI Bernard's Schaal. talk 9 urn Tower Hamlets an0 Hackney Deanery Meeting. 11 am CDA. 5 prn Wednesday: CDA. 10 am. Lunch, CIIR, 1 pm. Mile End, 8 pm Thursday: St Joseph's H asthma M AnBra PC14hifflurcihatilArgiddthblarpStrullOh.30am. Tuesday; MsdaSyl:

Grave/no/a' mooting, Lipholland Nerthern institute Thursday: Ecurnaneal Consultation Northern Churoh Leaders. Surge'.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: M, Our Lady of Dolours. Heerlen, 7 pm Sunday-. C. St Alban, North Fire:Hey, 12 nuon. Tuesday: ',Won Voluntary Service Couricil CDA 0 pm Wednesday: CDA, 10 ain. Thursday: Our Lady 01 Lourdes Schwa. Finch/ey, 9.45 am. M. St Patrick's. West Fiendon.

Ilehup Hendenton, Auxiliary al Southwark: Friday: Congress Continuation Group Conference at Emmans Centre, West Wickham, 8 pm. Saturday: Attends same conlarence. 9_30 urn. Lewisham Festival of Religious Education, 2 Del. Sunday: .Crnon HI I n nadt ocn, 0! Stcsownittohrian7Berot ecnosmCmeonnt r 03, Op.:.

Monday: Diocesan Finance Committee, a am Cornresaioning of Special Minister Of the Eucharist, Black. heath S pm. Tuesday: M and C. West Wickham, 733 Pm Wednesday: Preaches at Ecumenical Service. Hoiy Cross Church, Catfore, 8 pro Thursday: Addresses Sixth Formers. SI Michael's. Bermondsey. 1.30 pm SE Juatice and Peace Commissien, 6,15 pm Bishop HitcNn, Auxiliary of Liverpool; Friday: C, St Mary's, Northwood. 7.30 pan Monday: C. SI Laurenee's. Kirkby, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: C, St Joseph's, Kirkby. 7.30 pm. Wednesday C. Holy Angels. Kirkby, 7_30 pm.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Speaks to Contirmands, Withinglon, 11 am Bishop's Committee for Deaf. Greenbays. 2_15 pro, Tuesday: Salford University Court, I I .30 am. Lenten Station, Sr Jrareoh's. Helene 7.30 Pre. Werth/Hider Board 01 Ad ministration, 10.30 am. Thursday: Clergy Recollection, Cenacle Couvent. stanches ler, 10.45 am St Patrick's Society, Piccadilly Hotel. Mae Chester, 7.30 urn Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary at Southwark: Friday: Turiteidge Wells. C Saturday: C at Dockhead. 11 are Sundae: Penitential Semite at St 'theatre's School, Canterbury, 4 pm. Wednesday: Meeting at officiating chaplains at West Malting. Thursday: V. Dover.

Bishop Konsiant, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Meeting, Central London Area Team. 10 am.

Bishop WWII*, Auxiliary at Birmingham: Fri. day: V and C, Our Lady of the Assumption. Coventry. Saturday: C, Oratory School, Woodcote, Sunday: M at St Chad's, Birmingham. 10.30 arn. Monday: Shire Hall, Warwick, ¶ pm. M and C, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Bulkington, 7.30 pm Tuesday: Governors' meeting, Cotton C011ege, 11 am. C, St Jude. Maypole, 7.30 pnl. Wednesday V. School and sick. St Mary. Harborna Thursday: Catenian Dinner, Barrew Court, B'Ialrme:hlipimiMet3 S uplmniterts of Nottingham: Sunday: V end C, St Philip Hen, Mansfield Monday. Station PA, St Eloabethai Primary School Hall, Beiper, 8 pot Tuesder Visits St Patrick's School, Mansfield. 10.30 ern Station M, Our Lady of the Angels, Fast Leaks. pm Wednesday: Station H. The ImmaCiliate Cunception and St Norbert, %tattling, 8 pm_ Thursday: AA, Our Lady and St Patrick. Nottingham. Governors' mooting. T011erton, 5 pre. Station r AA, St Francis of ASSISI, Long Eaton, IS pm Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: ClergyDay ol Recollection, Chigwell COnvent. 10 30 am. Celebrates M for Papal Knights of St Gregory, London, B pm Sunday: V, SI Helen's. rancor Tuesday Meeting with Priests of Waltham Parent Deanery and Concelebrates M. St George's. Wal the nietuw, 7.30 pro. Wednesday: Addresses Diocesan Secondary Head Teachers, Allington Cealle, Kent. Thursday: St Patrick's Day Luncheon Irish Embassy, 1 pm Bishop Melton, Bishop in West London: Friday: Social and Pastoral Action Development Group. Campion House. 8 pm Saturday: Sr Edmund's House. Cambridge_ Sunday: U, Greenford, sao larm MOnday: Cortirrionwealth Day Obsereance Service, Westminster Abbey, 3 pm. CommOnwealth secretary General's Reception Marlborough HouSe. 6 pm. Tuesday: Council of Dior.esan Aliens. 5 pm Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, 10 am. M, St Vincent's, Pinner, 6.15 pm Thureday Ministry to Priests Group. The Grail, Pinner. 8 pm.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary Of Liverpool; Friday: HOly NI, Convent of Our Lady of the Apostles. Leigh, 11 am Sunday: V, Our Lady Of VVaisingham. Netherton Monday: V connnued, Our Lady of cLaro,,nebv. W1corsalmoys71-3,40aPyll Walethpham. Netherton. C. Holy Family. Chacldock WCrecteyid. 18.30y: etc, rTehdursdaHeact: wStrcinheesr.1.10.30190-ramreineu Deanery meeting, St Plus X. Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton; Sunday: Returns nom Rome. Monday: Council or Administration, Storriegton. Tuesday: Meeting of Deans and COunoll of Priests. Storrington. Wednesday: Clergy Conference, Vtlickenden Manor. Thursday V. Weybridge Deanery Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Justice And Peace committee, Ecciastith &Ware, 3 om Saturder V at Wheatttamstead Sunday: V at Wheathematead Monday: Harts Area Advisory Council at All senls Pastoral Centre. Tuesday-Wednesday: CDA. Archbishop's House.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien, Auxiliary Bishop at Middlesbrough: Tuesday: Visit and address. York Deanery of Priests Wednesday; Speak at Central Methodist Hall, Hull. 12.30 pm. Talk ort St Luke's Gospel at St Stephen's PeSIOrel Centre, Hull. 7.30 Pre Thursday: Meeting of Church leaders at Scargill, Dinner Dance. Willerby Manor, Hull. 5.30 Pm Bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria! Sunday; v and C. St 13ernadette's. Lancaster. 3 30 pm Tuesday: Clergy Conference, 11 ant. Whitehaven Deanery Staliun M. St Mary's. Egreittont, 7,30 pm Wednes. day: Visits St John Vranney's School. Blackpooi Bishop Rewathorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Fri. dar Ministry ot Acolyte, All Saints, Antield, 7.30 Plh Saturday. Address Catholic Governors, Carlisle. 9 Bel.

Bishop Realities ol Plymouth: Sunday: V and M, St Cuthbert Mayne, Latin:Alston. 11 am Dincesan Conlerenee Of PfieSIS, Ca1hodral House, Plymouth 30 pm Wednesday: Pastnrai Visit, Cuthbert Mayne Setthol. Tor quay. /0.30 am.

Bishop Swindlehursi, Auxiliary ol Hearsam turd Nowa/Mir Sunday: C. SI John Banana, Sunder land 3 pm Tuesday: AA, St Leonard's. Durham. 1 pal Wednesday: Consecration New Altar, St Oswald's. South Shielas. 7 pm Thursday. Northern Church Leaders. Scorgie Bishop Thomas Of Northampton: Saturday: Mooting with OWL. Aylesbury. Sunday: M oh polish COMMunity, meets Private and Laity concerned will: youth at Branop's House, 3.30 pm. Monday: Visits Cardinal Newmen School, Luton, 10 am Lenten M. WellinisorOugn. Tuesday: Visits St Brendan's Cerby Meets Church Leaders, 4 pm. Wednesday: Fool Education Council, Bishop's House Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark; Friday. Monday: V to Rotherhithe Sunday: Preaches ar Newington, 10 am. AGM, Southwark Diocesan Catholic Handrcapped Children's Fellowship. 3.30 pin, Tuesday: Themes More School, Purley Croydon Deanery Lenten Station at Waddon, V pm Wednesday: 'Kingston Deanery Lenten Station al Kingston.

Bishop Word of Menses: Sunday: V. Anewch Tuesday: Deanery meeting and Lenten Stellon M, Hayerfordweal Wednesday; Deanery meeting anii Lenten Station M, Bangor. Thursday: Deanery Meeting and Lenten Station M. Dulgellau Bishop Walmslay, Bishop of the Forcer Sal. Orasins Benedict Wright and Stephen Darlington 055 to the Preathood, Farresuruugn Abbey.

Bishop Wheeler of Leed17 Friday: Lenten Station H. Notre Dante School, Leeds. 10.30 urn Sunday: V and C, st Anthony's, Bradford. Monday: Lenten Station M, St Mary's Schaal, Menstone, 10.30 am. AGM, Wide Chaplaincy. 7.30 pm. Teenier Lenten Station AA, All Sarnia, Huddersfield, 11 15 are Wednesday: M, St Wilfrid's, Ripon, 7 pm. Thursday: Church leaders' meeting, Sca

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