Page 5, 11th May 1935

11th May 1935
Page 5
Page 5, 11th May 1935 — Shorter Notices

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Shorter Notices

Apeinfictici: for the Pulpit. By Alnysius Roche. (Burns Oates and Washbourne, 6s.) This book is exactly what its, title describe it to be. Fr. Bode, himself SI Waits of it us " the outcome of only a working knowledge of apologetics. It is written chielly for the 11 Se or parish priests mho, \vita little time fur ('lm.suiting eneyelopiediuts, treatises, etc., have at the saute time to preach sernicets and give talks on many subjects Tor wheel a fairly wide range of knowledge is required.

In about 250 pages the author covers as much ground U.S could be found in a whole library or specialized works on religious and moral questions.

The TIOse of China : Marie TherAse Wang. By E. Castel. (Ouseley, as. 6d.) This is the history of a young Chinese girl who until she was twelve years old did not know of the existenee of God. Many wilt be both touched and, -impressed by the wonderful faith and. piety of this young girl after her conversion and during her last terrible illness.

Silver Tares. fly Dorothy Carus. talethuen. 7s. 6d.)

This not particularly convincing elory Is alleged to have taken plaoe in the Tyrol but, in spite 'of its author having Lived "among, the peasants of the Tyrol on terms of the closest intimacy" and its having therefore, we suppose, a surface resemblance to it, the Tyrol Miss CallIS writes of is in reality the nebulous country of inurictical sentiment discovered by the class of novelist to which she belongs. A. well-intentioned but meretricious book.

Diary front a Dustbin. By H. B. CressTaber and Faber, 7s. 6d.)

It is to be hoped that scavengers enjoy and take it pride in their proles510[1. Mr. Cresswell's publishers, we are to behean, are proud in sponsor this Mary from a Dustbin and it is to be presumed that the author enjoyed writing it, so all is for the best in a world where dirt, anyhow, is plentiful and cheap. The humour of the book might have been amusing in small doses, but at full length it is unbearable.

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