Page 2, 11th May 1956

11th May 1956
Page 2
Page 2, 11th May 1956 — Men versus

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People: Bernard Wall, Hearn
Locations: Surrey, London


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Men versus


Sir,-The highly appreciated article in last week's CAI-1401.1C Hrftai n on the strike at the Standard Motor Works bore the subtitle " Rights and Duties of Workers and Employers." But it said nothing of the duties of workers. though much about those of employers and of the State. Surely the workers will he the main agents in solving the acute problem of combining industrial modernisation (automation, re-tooljog, etc.) with lust consideration for those thrown out of work ?

A brief postscript to the article might be offered from the "Code of Social Principles." as published by the Catholic Social Guild. "Social organisation should he such that men out of work should he able to subsist in times of involuntary unemployment, thanks to a system of social insurance or industrial provident funds, established for instance on a vocational basis or by means of resources that come from a small-holding system " (sect. 95), and again: " Labour is not merely a ' chattel ' to be bought and sold, or moved about at will. It is personal. . • ." (sect. 96).

The eminent Catholic authors of the Code appear to propose two tasks in which workers should at least share. First. to resist all avoidable lay-oils of employees, and second to prepare for lay-offs that are unavoidable through schemes of insurance or by personal savings. (I am presuming that these last are our nearest parallel to " the resources of smallholdings ").

Further, insurance " by industrial provident funds established on a vocational basis" seems to imply that workers as well as employers are expected to contribute to the compensatory payments which can partially relieve the distress of men displaced by machines.

(Rev.) C. Somerville, Si. Manresa House,

Roehampton, S.W.I5.

Places for L.E.A.s

Sir,-In reply to your correspondent Mrs. Hearn, there is only one Catholic school in Greater London in membership of the Head Masters' Conference. and that is St. Benedict's School, W.5, which does, I believe. have arrangements by which it offers a limited number of places annually not only to the L.C.C.. but also to the L.E.A.s of

Middlesex. Hertfordshire . and Surrey.

Bernard Wall.

12, Marchwood Crescent, Ealing, W.5.

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