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11th May 2007
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Page 14, 11th May 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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May 13 to May 18

Cardinal MurphyaO'Camsor laaa mahatma S Ckh,tes Conserratien cif the Churob lathe Holy Farnila %ahem Garden City.Hertfordshire. 10arn. Mon haerviews and Engagements. Tue. Cele/macs Mass for 400 Yew, Anniversary of the Company of Marv, Notre Dame School. B uswood Homo. Cobbam, I lareallw Fri. Meeting of Bishops of die Meamptilitan Area, Archbishop's licese.4pm.

Archhiahop Kelly riaivelpoo0 Sun, M.. of Thwasagiviog on. the 40th Anniversary of the Come

erasion of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpeol, 11A111, Comfit-maim for the Sameyrtoft PMVaital Area, Metropolitan Cal:eared of axial the King. Liverpool. 3pm. Mon: North Wort Triang.k Ciroup meeting, Glasgow. The: Mau St FraneiS Xavier College, Liverpool. N 313am. Thu Archbishop's Council. Liverpool Archdioccsan Centre for Emungefisation, 10.15arn, meets with Vicars General, Liverpool Archthocesan Centre be Evangelisation, 2pm Fri: Maw and Reflection, St Mary, Queen of the Apt-vales. Skelmersdale, 730pm. Sat Visitation Mass. Si Ambrose. Spear. 7pm.

Archbishop aitaloarald (Soushawk) ?slow eagothg formation main committee meeting. Arch',tamp's House. pre Toes education committee meetiag, Archbishop's House I 030atri, education atemaive meeting. Archbishop's House pm: Maw for KSC deceased brothers of peoxioce 35. Worcester Palk, apen.Wed: meeting Archbishop's House.11m: Archbishop's counal roecang,Anithishop's Home, I 1.30am. Frilaity commission meeting. Archtishop's House. 7pm. Sat: Mas.s for env Caimans. St George's Cabraira loot.

Arrithishap Meads ritioningbarn) Sum Choral Eventuate. Matalalene College, Cambridge Too: ',emelt with Nests , Archbishop's House, 1230aan. Wed, Catechcsis for Teachers.St Gregory the :Great School, Oxford, 7pm. Thu. National meeting of CI:tetrad-Chan Pewertion Commissions, Cathedral House; mess to Celebrate 60th Arairtersary of Chards of Shad End, 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's Hour-e.9.30am.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westinim ster) Sun. Ctitairmaram. Harrow School, 10.30am. Moo: Confirm:atonal:mow Weak:Stow. 7.15pm Toe: Confirmation. Hamm Wealdstone, 7.i 5pm. Thu: Confirmation.Bomt Oak , 7.3137:a. Fri: Archbishop's Coma. Archbishop's Home, 930aest Confirmation, Baena, 730pm. Sat: Contlimmion. Finner,6pm.

Bishop Beals (Safford) Suit: celebration of Mass and Confirmation , Stonyhtust College , Clitheme 10ants celebration or Mass mid Confirmation, St Mary's. Bomber Bridge 230pm. celebration of Coafirrnahon.St loseplas.Acaington 7p10. Wei celebrairsi ref Confaanaliora St Mold= Baprist.Paliham 7prn. Thit. visitation of St Mary a primal), school, Hardtop:lea 1030am; viaimian of Si Veronica's primary ached, Hehoshoie, celebration of Confirmation. SI Cuthbert's, Withington /pm. Fri: private appointments. Wardley flak, Sat: celebration of Confirmaricer, Guardian Angels, Bury 10.30am

Bishop Bodd (Plymouth) San: Confumaion. Holy Trinity, Dorchester. 111.30am; Confirmation, Wool and Wareham 5pm. Mom Confirmation, St Mary 's, Poole. 7pm. Toe: Caritaa Confmesme, London_ Wed: Council of Priests meeting, Bishop's Howe. 10.30ani: Consecration of Altar, Most Precious Blood, Sidmouth, 630prn_ Thu Retired Clergy Maw and Lunch, Bishop's House. 12pm. Fri: Confirmation, Our Lady of the Angels, Sahash. Tpin, Sat: CWL Mass, Buckfast, 3pm, Carifamation, St Mary's, Buckles! Abbey, pm.

Ilishop Burns (FLM Fames) Sum International Military POLO rrage.Lourdes. Thu Royal Air Force Hutton, Regimental dinner. Fri: reception Bishop's Oak.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Guil(ord Deanery Confirmations. Arundel. Cathedral. Toe: arkthannivetsary. Note Dame.Cohharri.Wal Clergy Da...Worth Abbey; Btighton deanery Confirmations. Sr John the Baptist. Brighton. Thu: 12515 anniversar. y of BogoorRegis parish. Fri: Easamonie Deanery confonnations.astboume, Sat. Si Leonard's Deanery coofirmations. Hollington and Bexhill.

B ishop Boyle (Northampton) Sun, Confirms, Lions. cathedral, 5.15pm. Tuts: Confirmations , St Martin de Perms. Lubin. 7.30pm. Wed: Mass anti AGM, friends of the Holy Father,Weaminrter cathedral. 5.30pm, mu: Mass for jubilee of Fr Brian Geddes. St Ethelberas Slough, I 2noon, Fri: Confirmations, Holy CatosaLuton, 730pm. Sat., service for friends of All Saints tharch,Brixworth. 12 noon.

Blatop Dunn aleabam and Newcastle) Sun, Maas fat Catholic Deaf Associative Awareness Week, St Anne's. Sunderliad.10am Toe: Finance Committee ineetingaBisboVs House,4pm, Diecesun Pastoral Council meeting,13ishi9's House. lpm_ Fri: Episcopal Council and Trustees meeting, Ilishop'a House. 930am. Sat. Mass and Diocesan Ready Rally, S t Joseph's, Little Sisters at the Poor. Newcastle. 2pm Blahop Hendricks (Auxiliazy in Southwark) Sun: Imeniationa Md.. St George's Cathedral. 4prn. Mon: finance alerting, London llaria. wean with ongoing Townlition team. Archbishop's House, 2.15pm. Wee: meeting in Catholic initiatives on London Olympics, Striefonartootallat archhishop's council. Archbishop's House lthim; Merton &slaw,' meeting. 'Wimbledon. km. Fri: meeting of Churches Together hi Engirds& London. Sat Mass for new Catholics, St George's cathedral. llarn.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: visitation. Westerham. Mom attends AGM of ongoing fommion of priest 2.15am: attends Maidstone deanery consultation meeting on the diocesan plan. Tim, attends diocesan education committee meeting.Archbishom's House. II am; Meads Edam [ion Emma-tar Group, Southw-ark,2paa,Confornatinns at St Justus Paddock Wood, 730pm. Wed: moan& Catholic chilthon's society directors' meeting. Purley, 230pm. Sat: Concelebrated Mass for new Catholics in Southwark cadoetaraLlIam: Archbishop's counod meeting , Archbishop's House, I .30pm. 56110P Hoped (Westminster) Son: Coaftmia60110 arThe Holy Ghost and St Stephen, Sheplexch Bush 123apro, aka pm Confirmations at St Thomas of Canterbury, Fulham, preSentation of certificates fre the coarse in. careehesis and evangelisation for parith ministry,Heythrop College 730pm_ lima attend.s Kensington and Christie deanery ineeting, Our Lady of Victories, Kensington; 730 pi:afro-Wit-mations at Oar Lady of Sorrows and St Bridget of Sweden, Isleweith. Wed: 6.45 pm Mass on the Asniversary of Don Orion's Canonisation. Sow of Divine Providence. Hampton Wick Thi: Ithan, visit to Si Charles 6th Form College; pm engagements Archbishop's House: 403 pm provincial meeting (until lunchtime on Fri). Fri: Tom. Confua mations at Our Lady of the Holy SouLs, Kemal New Town. Sat Confirmations at Yeadirtg 3pm;. Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Dons Hill am.

B op Kenney (Birmingham) Sun: Confamatons (Adults) Ss Mary anti Benedict. Coventry, 1130am. Mon Meeting. Holy Land CoordinatiOn, Rome, Toe: Stafford Deanery meettng, Aston Hall, 11.1.30am. Wed: Blessing of School, St Gregory, Oxford. 230par Thu: School visa lailingtort,2pm. Fri: Archbisthip's Council meeting, Amhbishop's House, S ,300m, Bishop Lang [Clifton) Mon: Cumberlege Commission. London, Itlam, Wed: Confirmatioa for Weston-super-Mare Deanery, Corpus Christi. West on-super-Mare„ '730pm. Thu: Reception, Catholic University Chaplaincy, Bath, 6pm. Fri: Betirocnical seminar, Bristol, 7,30pm. Sat Confirmation, St Mary's School, Shaftesbury, II am.

Balboa Longley Mean:Writer) See Mom Cultural viii in Lithannia, Tae: Co' °celebrates Maw, Notre Dame School. Cobham. marking 40015 anniversary of Conmany of Mary Our Lady. I lam. Wed: Catholic Children's Society meeting. St Narrates, Carlisle PI, Salai I Own; visit to Cale Home, 6 Fanfold Street, Maryiebone, 2pm; celebrates Confirmation. Immaculate licart of Mary and& Dominic's Church. Homenon,7.341pra Thu: Heralds of the Gospel meeting, Ipm, Provincial BiShaps meeting, laartnainster, 3pm. Fri: ProverWO Bishops meeting continued; celebrates Confirmation. Our Lady of Hal. Camden Town, fipm. Sal: Castrates Confamesion,St John the Boma Church. Harimey. artnen.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Mon: AGM of the ongoing formaion team. L 15pm: naming of the laity and ciergyof the Bromley dealtery,Orpington, Bpn.Tue: eckmation coneninee mening,Archbithop's House 10.30aim adoration nem olive meeting. Archbishop's House, pin; Coraianaliona at St Edltalnd of Cameshury, Beckenham . 7 30pm. Fri: meeting of the clergy and laity alibi Lambeth dcaaera Brixton Hill, 7aan. Sun: Conatanationt, SS Sonar and Jude. Streatham Flit 6nm.

Bashop MeGough

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Son Pastoral visitation and coufirmaiion, Collier Ross. TarMeet

ingsanterriews, Cattedral House: attends Animal General meeting of Friends of E-ssex Churches. Tooling. 3irra. Wed Attends meeting regarding O(ympics. Stratford. Ham: visits Anchor House, Cawing Tows, pot flu Attends Provincial H illtops' meeting. WesMuirstea. Sat: Celeerates Baptism. Stock. 12prn, amend. Orgm Barad of Prof Margaret Phillips, Cathedra, 730pm

&haw MtMahott (Nottingham; Sun: Neophyte Maas. Holy Trinity church. Newark, 3gera Mon, Confirmatiou.St Patrick's. Freest Town..7pm. Golden Jubtieer Maas. Francigcsn Convent.. Melton Mowbray, 12 noon. Wed: celearams Mass for the 501h Aamiverratry oldie Scunthorpe Catenians, Holy Sail,, Scunthorpe, 630pm. ThuFri: Province meeting, Archbishop's House. Weamoister. FriOmfinnation. Oar Lady of Liacoln. fancoln, 7pm Bishop Midonc (Liverpool) Sun Mies with tom attending the Liverpool University Chaplaincy 3116t Anniversary Reunion, University Charch of St Philip Hera Liverpool, 1230pm. Mon: Confirmation. St Teresa. Si Helens 7.30pm. Tom Cola-emotion. St Joseph, Blundelhailds, 7.30pin. Archbishops Council, Liverpool Archdiceesan Centre for E,regclisarion 1015am; Confirmation,

O ur Lady mid All StintS, Paitold, 7pm. Fri: Mass of Thanksgiving for the Ruby Jubilee of RV, ChrOn,Our Cunningham, Si Alia., Warrington, 7.311pro.

Bishop NobleiSlrewsbaryl Site Mass of maidaty. Ushaw College 5.30pm. MooTuesday latergy,Spirilmdity and Life ConversationaAmpleforth. lho: Confirmatioa, St Amos, Rock Ferry with St Jam's, New Party 7pro, Mass, St Columba's, Cheater ?pr. Sat Eucharist to mark CWL 50th AGM. Merseyside Community Centre, Shiro:dairy 12 coOn.

Bishop O'Dontaghne (Lancaster) San Mon: visitzien.St Mary's and The Good Shepherd. Morecambe. Toe: Rural Affairs meeting, Aaiun Lam, 3.30pra; Mgr E Gould, Jubilee, Wert Confirmation. Blessed Sacrament. Preston. Tpra. Thu: Bishop's es:moil meeting, 10.30ana Permanent Mantra?, interviews , 2pm. Coutirmation. Sacred He art . Preston. 7pm. Fri: Council meeting and election of Mayor, Town Hat, Lancaster. 12 naon, Confirmation, St iohn Vannes.. Blackpool. 7pm. Sat, Bishop's Ruby Juhilee Maw , Cathedral, 12.15pm.

Bishop Reamer [Birmingham) Sun, Birmingham University Chaplaincy AM., 1030am. Fri, AiuthLoltopr Canned meeting, Archbishop's Howe, 9.30mn. Sat: Interviews for Pdesrhood, Oscott. 930arn.

Bishop Rawrthoroe (Hallam) Sun Wilberforce walk Hull to Pockliugtnn. Mon: Rainbows Trustees. St Mary 'S Convent. Birmingham, 12pm. Toe CAFOD, London, 10am, Makers' Feast, Stierfield.7.15pm. Vied, Election of Mayor. Sheffield Town Hall. 1130am, committee for Mission cod Unity Spring cower Wickersley.730pm. Thu. Mee. ina of Deans. Pastoral Centre, 11 am; mass with the Deaf. St Mary's, Ethington. 7pm. Sat: Wasinghirn Pilgrimage with the Deaf.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Mass for the Deaf Community, Leeds Cathedral. 1 lam, Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Confirmation. St Edo:ma's College, Ware, l am; coofirrnabon „ Our Lady and St Andrew, Hitelan, Spot. Wed_ Confirmation , St Joseph mid Toe English Martyrs. 7pm Thai BBC Celebration for ASCLI3Si01113 Day. Si Giles. Capplegare, Spot Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. 9.30am.: Confirmation. Waltham CrOSS, 7.30pm,

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) San: Mass of Thanksgiving on the 40th Anniverany of the Comecordon of the Metropolitan Cathedra of Quit the King, Liverpool. 11 am; Mass with Deaf People. Dolton's. Greer_ St Helens, 4.30prra Mon: Finance mating, tallow College.Dartuma 2pm. 'Me Confirmation, Si lames. Oriel!, 7pm. Wed: Celebrates Moor. Don Otione Centre, Upholland, 12pre. vastfoams , St Thomas. of Calaterhury. St Helens. 3pm: Confirmation, St Jude. Wigan, 7pm. Thu: Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Arebdiortaim Centre For Evangelisation, 10.15am; meets with Headte ache rs of Widnes Primary Scheols.Chir Lady of Perpetual Succour, Widnes, 3.45pm; Governors' meeting , Our Lady Immaculate RC Primary School, Liv-mpool. Spot. Fri: Celebrates Man. NNW None Catholic College. Liverpool. lOarn; celebrates Mass, Parish Chinch of Our Lady and St Nicholas. Liaezpool. 1.05pna Sue: Wain& Loyola flail, Rainhill,9,30ain, visitation Mass, Corpus Christi, Ftainford. 730pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Can:Ufa Sun: BBC terearloast from St David's Cathedral, Cardiff Sam; Clinton associations annual conference Mass on Se David's Hall, Cardiff. 1030am. Mom Ecumenical service for visit of Syrian delegation to Wales, 5.35pm. Ties diocesan strategy meeting in. Archbishop's House. 2pm: Confirmation in the parish of All Llantrisand, 7pin. Wed: meeting of the imeefaith council in Boma College, Cardiff , 10arro Confirmation for the potash of St .Mary Max Angels, Canton, Cardiff, 730pm.ltat meeting oldie college of consultors in pastoral centne. Cardiff, 11am. Confirmation in Blessed Sacrament church, C.ardiff, 7pm. Fri: UNIFEM annual lunch. Bridgend. 12.30pm; Cardiff Uiliversita Chaplaincy chimer, 7a0pm. Bishop labala iMezevia) Mom ecumenical service for final farewell to Syrian delegates, Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Sr David's, Cardiff, followed by dinner, Park Houae Club, Cardiff The Wed: meetings at curial office. Thu; Mass or Bishop Vaughan School, Bishop Regan (Wreakaan) Mon: Diocesan Eclucaann ltam needng.Tue Welsh Bishop' rotating .Cardiff. Wed: Maaings. Biolaxpi House. Thu Fri. Visitation Cannel, Dolgellau. Sat: Deacons' Discernment Day. Lien cludno.


Cardinal O'Brian t St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: first Communion and Confimurtions.St Andrew's. Livingstone apro Tut: MASI arid Vitit to St Benneas of Si Patrick's primary school., KiLsyth, 12 aeon. Wed mondar mind Mass for Mgr Tbny Mealy, St Columba's, Edinburgh, 7pm. Thu: feast day Mass and beginning of Novena to the Holy Spirit. St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh with Mgt UriOSte., formai Vicar general of Archbishop Romero, 12.45pin: talk regteding Archbishop RUIDCIO and El awdor, Lewiston lima Centre, Edinburgh, 720pin PO: mass aid national AGM of Union of Catholic Mothers , Mount Gomel, Glasgow.3pm. Sao Cameral Assembly garden party, liolyrood Palace. Edinburgh. 3.30pm.

FILehop Logan (DOrikeld/Dtiathel Mon: Charles Trotter Trust meeting, Bishop's House. Gordon. 5 .30pm, Tue. Sr Ursula's Golden Jubilee Mans, Wellbern House, Drindee, 12pm. Fri: Fabric and Planning meeting, Diocesan Centre, Dondee 11.15sum AGM of Fabric and Planning Board. Pastoral Centre, Dundee, I2.15pm.

Thar faring was compiled by Gabriel Communications Lid and also appears in the linivetsc and Catholic Times

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