Page 10, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 10
Page 10, 11th November 1938 — Interest in the Cinema Stirs

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Organisations: US Federal Reserve
People: John Grierson


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Interest in the Cinema Stirs

about making and renting the Catholic amateur film.

At present, since the publication begins a little quietly, I can't help feeling that the amateur section does the most practical work, by tying together the loose ends of information about Catholic educational films and by indicating to those organisers of parish shows how much and where film material is available.

This may sound only a secondary work, but I, as an outsider from sub-standard films who receive telephone calls and letters of enquiry weekly for such information, know how necessary it is that such signposts be put out for public guidance.

Concerning the public cinema and the general public, I think more subtlety and more shop

Smile, Please window dress is re quired before C.F.N. can hope to be an extensive influence. A film magazine to the general reader (even a Catholic one) means something rather gay. And I'm afraid it must have been finance that prevented C.F.N. giving us at least a picture on its cover. Its liiliput size is pleasant, but its too, too solid blocks of print inside its primrose covers are a little hard on those fed by the facile Fleet Street Press. Good material is buried this way.

It seems, too, that the methods of C.F.N. exactly fulfil just those remarks of John Grierson which it quotes on page 22: " I don't know why it is that church people, like the advertising people, should make so much of the brand mark on their product. They don't need to. Inspire people in those values on which religion properly insists, and you do religion's job." Without necessarily emulating World Film News by calling itself by a monosyllable such as " Look," it is perhaps possible that a less obvious title than Catholic Film News would lightly help matters along.

However, all these things are just my thoughts. Appreciation, again, ranks higher than criticism, and 1 still recommend very sincerely Catholic Film News not only to those specialising film addicts who can talk learnedly on mixes and dissolves, but also to the weekly 116-in-thestalls man. The nuts of C.F.N. may be hard to crack, but the kernels are soundly worth the effort.


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