Page 10, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 10
Page 10, 11th November 1938 — On the Verge of Getting Things Done

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Organisations: Catholic Film Society, army
People: Grierson


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On the Verge of Getting Things Done

JOHN GRIERSON'S few and timely remarks about the moribund condition of the religious cinema has caused just the right kind of stimulation everywhere.

Perhaps we are on the verge of getting something done. Anyway, it's nice to feel optimistic. This week's post has brought me an assortment of constructive plans. At least they show that there are people alive to possibilities and willing to give themselves to make them actualities.

From S.W.r comes a pleading for a central cinema for Catholic shows with " chairs of a less rigid structure " than those of the average church hall.

From Strawberry Hill comes a vigorous application of Mr. Grierson's theory that those who once built cathedrals can now build cinemas if they have the imagination to do so.

From two sources, a private one in Wimbledon, and a Catholic amateur production unit, Pctrus Films, comes a very similar plan for the centralisation of the existing amateurs and the setting up of one professional unit.

From the Catholic Film Society, a new monthly publication called Catholic Film News,

main line station lowers purchase costs. Premises should consist of office, storeroom and studio. The office could be partitioned off to form cuttingroom. Studio space need not be great as small sets are quite sound for work on substandard stock. The storeroom would be for projection units. A garage for a van should be added to the premises. A building of the army but type would be suitable.

If the offices were situated in a place without Catholic facilities it is suggested, that with diocesan co-operation, it could become a Mass centre.

Staff difficulties are the hardest. It is recognised that key-jobs will necessitate full-time workers. Secretarial work and the charge of exhibition bookings and programme arrangements must be properly organised. Help, no doubt, would be available from volunteers to Catholic Action. " As this proposal is to work on substandard, sound film, a fairly novel thing, it should have an Two-hour immediate novelty Programmes appeal, especially as for 6d. it would be very cheap," writes Petrus. " After all, a two-hour programme of attractive sound film for a maximum of sixpence is a good proposition and the time should not be far distant when the parish without its prospering monthly show would be considered rather backward in Catholic Action.

" To ensure financial covering, each

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