Page 11, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 11th November 1938 — LORD NUFFIELD IN WALES

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People: Ernest Simon
Locations: Newport


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Sir E. Simon Hears About the " Refugees"

From Our Welsh Correspondent Industrialists are not generally popular in Wales. But Lord Nuffield is an exception. This was proved by the reception he got when he opened a biscuit factory at Llantarnam. near Newport, which was erected with the aid of the Nuffield Trust.

Lord Nuffield said that South Wales must regain its former prosperity. Other exalted persons have said much the same thing.

Unemployment Percentage Rises

Yet, although 23,000 men have found work through such schemes as the Nuffield Trust sponsors, and although 250,000 people have left Wales since 1928, the percentage of unemployment is steadily rising.

Something radical must be done.

It must also be remembered that these " Vkilsh refugees " in England want to come back—as Sir Ernest Simon has just been told in forcible fashion.

Sir Ernest Simon, opening a new unemployment centre at Dowlais, asked the unemployed whether any of the thousands who had left during the last year would return if given a chance.

The answer was unmistakable. " Yes] " said the men, " everyone would return if he could."

" Return to This?"

" Return to this?" asked Sir Ernest, surveying the wretched streets and the silent vista of pits before him.

" Yes!" was the answer, " it's their home I" This attachment to their native land is going to be a factor of political importance in the future of Wales.

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