Page 11, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 11th November 1938 — Notice

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Locations: Brisbane


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The Rev. Walter Cain, of the Diocese of Brisbane, is forbidden by the Holy See to solicit alms through the periodical Phillipinas or in any other way, according to a statement issued this week from Archbishop's House, Westminster.

from the deep delight for which we are made, there are these bodily and social relaxations, and rightly so, says St. Thomas, for we cannot always be screwed up. He quotes the answer St. John made to somebody who was scandalised at the spectacle of an Evangelist playing games with his friends. Calling to one who had a bow and arrows, St. John told him to shoot, and keep on shooting. After a time he asked if he could keep it up continually. " No," replied the man, " the bow would break." "You see," said St. John to the objector, " and so would our spirit break were it never relaxed."

Then St. Thomas hastens to explain that such recreation is not, as it were, a holiday from the business of being good, but is part of it, impelled by the very virtues of goodhumour and good-feeling. He goes further, and talks of the viciousness of the kill-joy. His words are the more impressive for being expressed in his own dry style. " It is unreasonable for a man to be burden

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