Page 15, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 11th November 1938 — ADOPT A PRIEST

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Total Still Far Short of Requirements

A suggestion that a number of parochial congregations might be induced to adopt a student in a manner somewhat similar to that whereby certain towns adopted certain parts of the distressed areas is made in the Report of the Westminster Ecclesiastical Education Fund for the year 1937, just issued.

According to the scheme certain parishes, where the congregations are large, would do their very utmost to raise £100 during the course of every 12 months. This could be done by means of dances, jumble sales, etc., or a small percentage being deducted from • all parochial efforts and applied to this fund; this would supplement the annual collection made in Advent.

One obvious advantage of this scheme seems to be that twelve months will be devoted to raising the money, instead of concentrating the effort, as at present, into a few weeks round about Christmas.

Already five parishes are giving £100 or more per annum, and it is felt that there must be other congregations, who, if they felt they were educating a student all through his course, would be only too keen on making some extra effort to fulfil this laudable object.

The students adopted would be asked to promise a daily Memento in their Masses for all those who had enabled them to pursue their studies and reach ordination.

The details of a scheme of this sort would, naturally, be left to the parish priests, but perhaps a small parochial committee of three or four persons could be formed to undertake the raising of the fixed sum per annum that is aimed at.

An outstanding feature of last year's report is the generous example of the priests themselves, who contributed over 10 per cent. of the whole amount, their 316 donations amounting to £446.

It is also reported that unless the annual contributions to the fund can be nearly doubled, the reserves already drawn upon will soon be exhausted.

About 25 priests are needed each year to maintain the supply for the diocese; during 1938, fifteen priests were ordained in Westminster Cathedral and three in Rome for this diocese.

About 134 students are being maintained by the fund.

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