Page 15, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 11th November 1938 — THE L.C.C. DEFINES STANDARDS Accommodation For At Least 160

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THE L.C.C. DEFINES STANDARDS Accommodation For At Least 160

From Our Educational Correspondent Standards have been set by the London County Council for the accommodation in senior non-provided schools to enable them to qualify for grant under the 1936 Education Act.

These standards are the same as laid down for the Council's own schools, and have been approved by the Board of Education.

Minimum of 160 Children Normally, no non-provided school will be approved for grant unless it provides accommodation for at least 160 children, and this figure is taken as the mini..;um in laying down the requirements.

For a school of this size the Council requires that the following accommodation shall be provided:— Requirements (a) A combined hall and gymnasium of 1,800 sq. ft., with showers, changing roe' store and teacher's cubicle; (b) One room for woodwork, metalwork and science of 900 sq. ft., plus store; (c) One room equipped for cookery, laundry and needlework, of 750-900 sq. ft., plus store; (d) One practical workroom of 750 sq. ft., plus store; (e) Two classrooms of 520 sq. ft. each.

In addition, the schedule includes a head teacher's room, assistant teachers' room or rooms, staff kitchenette, medical inspection room and schoolkeeper's quarters. Other items of equipment are included, and the requirements cover various sizes of schools up to 480 pupils.

Special mention is made of the fact that the proposed planning should he regarded as providing a standard which can be varied at the Council's discretion " where consideration of site and other factors make it impossible to adhere closely to standard requirements."

In view of the difficulties due to the price of land in London, and the extreme difficulty in finding adequate sites, the Council is wise in promising to exercise discretion where the full standard cannot be met.

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