Page 3, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 11th November 1938 — " VETERANS " RETURN HOME International Brigadiers' Welcome in New York

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Locations: New York, Barcelona


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" VETERANS " RETURN HOME International Brigadiers' Welcome in New York

From Our Own Correspondent


Fourteen American volunteers in the Abraham Lincoln Battalion of the Loyalist Army landed in New York, to receive a special welcome arranged by Spanish Red sympathisers.

Despite promises of huge welcoming crowds, as forecast by the Daily Worker, only one hundred or so turned out to meet the returning warriors.

" Otherwise, No Interference "

One of the veterans, a mid-western Catholic, told reporters that he had not been able to attend Mass since there were no provisions for services at the front, but otherwise he had not found any interference with Catholic worship. He was the only Catholic in the group; others made no comment on the status of religion in Red territory. All spoke highly of the Barcelona regime, which was confidently expected to emerge triumphant. The veterans will very probably be sent out on lecture tours.

Agitation has been started for the " rescue " of several Red army veterans, who are now confined to Ellis island immigration depot, because they are aliens.

Baruch, the Banker

Sympathisers are carrying on fund-raising drives, to defray the expense of repatriating penniless and wounded Americans who fought for Barcelona.

One large donation, made by Barnard M. Baruch, the international banker, has aroused much resentment among Catholics. Critics of Mr. Baruch charge him with aiding and abetting the forces which plotted the destruction of the Church in Spain.

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