Page 3, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 11th November 1938 — CATHOLIC WOMEN RESOLVE Important Convention Settles a Few Points

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People: Wagner
Locations: NEW YORK, Biloxi


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CATHOLIC WOMEN RESOLVE Important Convention Settles a Few Points

From Our Own Correspondent


At Biloxi, Miss. (U.S.A.), the National Council of Catholic Women have adopted some important resolutions at their annual meeting.

The following action was approved: Co-operation with the Bishops in their nation-wide campaign to stamp out salacious literature.

Endorsement of the American policy of neutrality Approval of programme of adequate national defence.

Opposition to any amendment of the National Labour Relations Act which would impair its value to the workers.

Significant Support

As the Council is composed of prominent Catholic lay-women, and is regarded as representative of informed Catholic female opinion, its support of the Labour Act is of importance.

The Act, introduced in Congress by Senator Wagner, a veteran champion of the rights of labour, has lately been the butt of criticism, while its administrators, the National Labour Relations Board has been charged with favouritism in administering the act.

Arms and the Women

The Federal Neutrality Act, supported by the Catholic Women's Council, has had the effect of withholding American war material from both factions in Spain.

Supporters of the Reds are demanding repeal of the Act, on the ground that the Spanish Loyalists are legitimately entitled to import war material for the suppression of the Franco revolt.

It is freely predicted that the Neutrality Act will be one of the first items up for consideration on the agenda of the next session of Congress, in January.

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