Page 3, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 11th November 1938 — EXTREME FASCIST OUTBURST Attack on Catholic Left and Vatican Newspaper

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Locations: Paris, Barcelona


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EXTREME FASCIST OUTBURST Attack on Catholic Left and Vatican Newspaper

From Our Own Correspondent Row,.

That relations between extreme Fascists and the Church are strained is borne out by an attack on L'Aube, the Left-wing Paris Catholic newspaper, in the Regime Fascista—which is edited by Roberto Farinacci.

The article appears on the front page tinder the headline " Beloved Sons."

" L'Aube," says the writer, " publishes an article in which hopes are expressed for the victory of the Reds in Spain. Never before today has the organ of the French Catholics taken up such a decisive stand in favour of the Jews, Communists and Atheists who fight under the flag of Barcelona.

" The public—which understands little of politics—will ask : How is it possible that the Pontiff and the Spanish Bishops want Franco to win, and the French Catholics want his defeat?'

" Always Ready to Falsify . . ."

" The reply should he given not by us, but by others and above all by the Osservatore Romano, which is always ready to falsify the course of events when looking for some pretext to defend the politics of the Vatican from certain criticisms of ours.

" For some time now the Catholics of the French Left have been making cornrnon cause with the Communists and Freemasons. . . That is why these Beloved Sons ' hate the Fascists. .. .

" Perhaps ... Don Sturzo ..."

" But what surprises us is the immunity which the group of Catholics represented by L'Aube enjoys. We have read encyclicals, we have read pastorals; we have not discovered any which would put these pseudo-Catholics to shame. Why?

"Perhaps because Don Sturzo, who must know much, would be displeased."

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