Page 3, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 11th November 1938 — THERE'S LIFE IN STALIN YET But Disaffection Grows Apace

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THERE'S LIFE IN STALIN YET But Disaffection Grows Apace

From Our Russian Correspondent

The mysterious wireless station working on Soviet territory and spreading antiSoviet propaganda, which was reported to have been discovered by the G.P.U., is still active.

It announced the impending assassination of Stalin so definitely that the press agencies of some border-states hastened to spread the rumour that the dictator had actually been killed.


Disaffection in Russia grows daily. The disaffected are now mainly Communists who have become conscious of the deception Stalin practised upon them: instead of the promised millennium he restored a bureaucratic regime based on the ruthless tyranny of a small oligarchy. Plots, imaginary but often also actual, are being daily unveiled by the G.P.U. mostly among Communists and the youth. The purges continue uninterruptedly.

Latest Dismissal

The latest sensational news is the dismissal of Lazar Kaganovich from the post of Commissar for Heavy Industry. He and his four brothers have held the most important posts in the Soviet administration and were Stalin's closest collaborators.

The temptation to get rid of Stalin himself may soon prove irresistible, but should this happen, a long time would pass before the outward world heard of his death : this will be possible because of his several understudies who would continue to enact his part.

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