Page 3, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 11th November 1938 — TOTALITARIANS TOGETHER

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Locations: Milan, Rome


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Nazis, Fascists, Falangists, in Milan Cathedral Ceremony

From Our Own Correspondent At the Cathedral in Milan on October 28, the anniversary of Mussolini's march on Rome (1922), a Mass was offered for the men who fought and died for the Fascist Revolution, for the Italian Empire and for Spain.

The German Nazi flag was borne into the Cathedral by a group of Germans led by the German Consul.

A group of Falangists from Spain was also present, as well as the Spanish Consul.

All the Milanese Fascist authorities were in places of honour.

Many thousands of people who were unable to enter the cathedral awaited the end of the Mass outside, and then a procession headed by bands was formed to go to the Fascist Headquarters.

Over the west door of the cathedral was draped a notice written in huge letters and decorated with the Italian colours. It read: " May God in His mercy receive into His Kingdom those who fell in the cause of the Revolution, of the Empire, and of Spain, who with Christian faith and Italian valour fought for the imperial greatness of Italy, and for Christian civilisation. May He protect and enlighten the Duce that he may guide the Fatherland towards ever more glorious goals."

Falange and Fascist Guard In Rome on the same day a Mass was celebrated for the same intentions at the chapel in the buildings of the Fascist headquarters, and the day following a Mass was celebrated at the large church of Santo Andrea Della Valle.

On the facade of the church a large crucifix was in evidence and a Falangist and a Fascist were on guard throughout the day. Throughout the country the celebrations of October 28 were begun with a Requiem Mass.

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