Page 5, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 5
Page 5, 11th November 1938 — W.F.A. GOES AHEAD

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Enthusiastic readers are already " getting on with it." The CATHOLIC HERALD Work for All through National Service for Peace is catching the imagination, A Priest's Effort

The Rev. J. L. Dove, rector of St. Hugh, Letchworth, writes: " We are giving practical effect to your W.F.A. scheme. Our temporary church needs to be underpinned at its north-east angle, alarming cracks, admitting daylight, having appeared in the sanctuary walls. Our architect has given me directions as to the procedure and materials required, and I have engaged three unemployed Catholic men at local rates of labour to do the work.

" We hope in the not too distant future to commence building our permanent church on a magnificent site which was purchased thirty years ago by Cardinal Bourne.

If some charitably-minded person would only lend us, say, £7,000 at 21 per cent., we could start tomorrow."

A Layman Writes " We have brought the matter to the people of Kent. The Kent Messenger has placed their letter at the head of its correspondence columns, with the effective headline : ' Terrible Peace-time Scourge.'" This writer throws out a direct challenge to Kent M.P.s.

"Kent M.P.s will be in the forefront in their demands for sacrifices since the county is of great strategic importance. They are the county's representatives of a people who look with concern on the high figures of unemployment. What are their views on the subject? "

" A great number of critics have skipped over the greatest failure of all, an army of nearly two million unemployed.

" Man-power is acclaimed as a vital necessity, yet two millions of our people have been thrown on the waste-heap.

" If we are to make sacrifices is it too much to ask leaders of industry to make sacrifices on behalf of our wasted manpower?

" What of those demoralised by unemployment? What have they to defend? Glories of our common heritage is for them an empty phrase."

Future Plans The CAntotic HERALD is preparing concrete plans for the effective launching of the scheme, but it is determined that this shall not be another mere " talkie " effort. Action is wanted. Every action, however small, writing a letter to the press, finding employment for one man, demonstration of practical feasibility in any one business, or trade or even shop, writing to your M.P., putting it up before candidates in a by-election—any one of these is worth a dozen abstract resolutions or paper plans.

The usual procedure is talk, schemes, grandiose organisation—and then nothing MOM. In this case it must from ACTION to PLANS and ORGANISATION. That is how the dictators succeeded.

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