Page 9, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 11th November 1938 — BELGIAN PREMIER'S BLUNDER Government May Be Represented at Burgos

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BELGIAN PREMIER'S BLUNDER Government May Be Represented at Burgos

From Our Own Correspondent ANTWERP.

The Belgian Socialist Prime Minister, M. Spaak, astounded Belgium by his unconstitutional declaration at the Belgian Socialist Party Congress.

He said:

"/ will remain with you even in the faults and follies you may commit."

Stupefaction dominated the whole political atmosphere. M. Spaak recognised his blunder and told his Cabinet colleagues he would resign.

M. Spaak's attitude is constitutionally

unfitting for a Prime Minister. He has submitted to the dictatorship of his Socialist International party over the Belgian Executive.

The point that has raised the storm is the question of Belgian representation at Burgos with the Spanish Nationalists.

Went Back on his Word

A parliamentary majority has long insisted on Belgium being represented at Burgos. But M. Spaak long resisted the majority wish. Finally, however, he acceded so completely that on Sunday at the Catholic Federation Congress, the Catholic Minister of Justice, M. Pholien, referring to the Burgos matter, was able to declare that the Cabinet was " unanimous in thinking as did M. Spank."

But at the Socialist Party Congress, the same day, M. Spaak went back on his word, and submitted to the Socialist Internationale will and ukase, i.e., that Belgium must not at any price delegate a representative to General Franco, not even a commercial representative in the economic interest of Belgium.

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