Page 9, 11th November 1938

11th November 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 11th November 1938 — Two Brave Cardinals Speak Out

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Locations: Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Vatican City


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Two Brave Cardinals Speak Out



• Within a short distance of the Brown House, the centre of Nazidom, intrepid Cardinal Faulhaber told 5,000 Catholics they must resist the deprivation of their religious and civilian rights by the State.

In a dramatic broadcast on Tuesday evening, the Vatican broadcasting station reported an interview with Cardinal Innitzer —the first since the raid on his Palace—in which the Cardinal asked that the world should be told that he is no coward.

From Berlin it is reported that an extraordinary meeting of the German hierarchy will be held at the beginning of December.

In Austria, the technique of " immorality trials " is being used in the Nazi attack on the Church. Nine Servite monks have been arrested on immorality charges at Innsbruck.


From Our German Correspondent.

A great number of arrests have taken place in Austria this week.

Herr Barckel, the Reich Commissioner for Austria, has ordered the closing of the Servite Monastery at Innsbrilck. Nine of the monks have been arrested on charges of immoral offences. Nazi authorities say the facts arc " too shocking to be described."

The same reports are appearing again and again to create the impression that the Austrian clergy is, as Rosenberg himself has said, " a swamp of immorality." At the same time the Nazi press publishes sensational " revelations " about the case of a priest of the Archdiocese of Salzburg.


Against this diabolic propaganda the German and Austrian Catholics are helpless. Any attempt to call the lie a lie and defamation defamation is considered as an expression of " political Catholicism."

" Remember this : when the individual leaves this life and faces the Last Judgment, his party membership card will be of no use to him."

5,000 Catholics in Munich Cathedral last Sunday heard their fearless Archbishop, Cardinal Faulhaber, deliver a slashing attack against Nazi paganism and ruthless persecution.

" Citizens not only have duties to the State, they have their own rights," he proclaimed.

Four rights in particular were cited by the Cardinal: The Right to Believe 1. The right to believe in God. " 1 am obliged to mention this right, today," the Cardinal said, " even though it is so evident."

2. The right to practise one's religion. On this point Cardinal Faulhaber condemned as sacrilegious Julius (" JewBaiter ") Streicher's statement that one serves God by serving the Stale.

3. The right to obey the dictates of conscience, and the rights of the person to develop his own character, within certain limits.

4. The right to co-operate with the State. and not to be prevented on account of religion.

Not a Zero The Cardinal vehemently denied that a human being is a Zero compared with the State.

He also noted that barely 40 years ago the Pope had to make a stand against exaggerated Liberalism. The pendulum had swung back, and now it was individual rights which were endangered by the allpowerful State.

After this sermon, which has had a marked effect on Catholics throughout Germany, the packed congregation watched in silence their Cardinal leave the Cathedral. They had been asked not to demonstrate their loyalty, for obvious reasons.

" I AM NOT A COWARD" Amazing Interview With Cardinal Innitzer Broadcast from Vatican

In an English broadcast from Vatican City on Tuesday evening, an amazing interview with Cardinal lnnitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, was reported.

Three weeks after the sacking of his Palace, Cardinal Innitzer invited the interviewer to visit him. The latter got into the Palace secretly as the Cardinal is virtually a prisoner, and the Nazi guards allow no one to enter the Palace who has not an official order from the civil authorities.

His Only Mistake

Cardinal Innitzer earnestly pressed the interviewer to convey to the public that he was not the coward some would have him to be. The only mistake he made was in trusting the word of responsible authorities.

He said he would rather die than budge an inch from any detail of Catholic doctrine.

He Would Not Have Been Spared The interviewer was a witness to the destruction wrought in the palace.

The Cardinal was convinced that, if he had been recognised by the rioters, neither his age nor his dignity would have been respected.

There was nothing in his sermon against the civil government. It was not the sermon itself but the enthusiasm with which it was received which roused the fury of the Nazis.

GOEBBELS'S NEWSPAPER ALLEGATION " Bishops' Conference Inspired by Pope"

It is reported from Berlin that the German Bishops will hold an extraordinary meeting either in or near Berlin at the beginning of December.

It is presumed that the increasingly bitter warfare of which the Church in Germany is the victim, is the reason for this meeting.

Eleven Bishops See Pope In this connection it is not without interest that, according to Dr. Goebbels's Angriff, eleven German Bishops have recently visited the Pope. It may be because of Papal advice or direction that the conference has been called.

Angriff states that the Pope discussed his Christmas message with the German Bishops, and evidently expects further Vatican fulminations.

It is not yet known whether the Austrian Bishops will attend the meeting. According to the interview with Cardinal Innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, broadcast from the Vatican, the Cardinal is a prisoner in his own Palace.

Cardinal Innitzer Denies Charges

From all the pulpits in the Vienna diocese has been read a reply by the Archbishop, Cardinal lnnitzer, to the Nazi press attacks on him.

The Cardinal denied using " inciting terms " against Hitler or the Nazis.

He said the Bishops had tried to collaborate with the Nazi Government, but measures were taken "which were hound to hit the Catholic population gravely."

Catholic Youth International Movement

The General Headquarters of the Catholic Youth International Movement have recently issued the programme of the Congress, which will be held in Rome from April 11 to 14, 1939, and which will terminate by the Papal Audience, and by the Way of the Cross in the Coliseum. The three Study Days will be devoted to the following subjects: " Training for the Apostolate," " Fields of Apostleship." The various countries represented will give a brief glimpse of their leagues' activities. and the President, Mademoiselle Christine de Hemptinne, will speak on "The World-wide Action of the International Youth Movement."

His Eminence Cardinal Pizzardo will close the Study-Meetings by a lecture on " The Apostolate of Charity."

The Italian organisation is inviting the Congress members to a social evening of "Fraternisation in Joy."

Nazis Thank Sudeten Abbot

The German Minister, Dr. Frick, after a tour of inspection of Sudetenland, visited the Premonstratensian monastery of Tepl, where he congratulated Abbot Gilbert Helmer for his activities in maintaining the cause of Germans in Czechoslovakia.

Dr. Frick assured the Abbot that National-Socialism would not in any way oppress the Church, but would, on the contrary, respect their great traditions. Konrad Henlein himself had paid tribute to the integrity of Abbot Helmer.

The Monastery of Tepl is renowned throughout Sudetenland for its scholarship.

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