Page 2, 11th November 1949

11th November 1949
Page 2
Page 2, 11th November 1949 — GRADUATES IN CATHOLIC ACTION

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Organisations: Legion of Mary, Grammar School
People: Tay, Harold Taylor
Locations: Liverpool


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Sre,-At the recent C.E.G. Conference in Liverpool, Mr. Harold Taylor commepted on the absence of University graduates and Grammar School students from lay apostolic work in this Archdiocese. All he said is very true, but, as a graduate, he must know that such people have very varying tastes and the answer to his query can be found in the small number of well-organised Catholic Action groups in this Arch

diocese. I do not think that his words would apply in other parts of the country.

He will find some graduates in the C.E.G., an extremely important work,

but obviously not suited to all. A few more work with the Legion of Mary, but after that-what is there?

The Y.C.W.-excellent in itselfis not intended for the graduate and makes little appeal to the Grammar School student. The Sword of the Spirit, a movement of much more interest to the graduate, is not allowed to work in this Archdiocese. (Why?) It would be interesting to know whether any really practical preparation for lay apostolic work (other than the Legion of Mary) is given to our students in the Grammar Schools. Froro my experience of Convent schools, I feel that Mr. Taylor will find part of the root of the trouble in this department.

All will agree that Catholic boys and girls should be able to compete, academically. with non-Catholics, but is this aim in Catholic schools tending to oust the more important one of training pupils who will leave school capable of accepting responsibility wherever they work, just as the young Communists do. Will they " hear wanes to the truth." not simply by airing their knowledge of apologetics but by putting into practice in their everyday lives the truths of their faith?

When young people arc shown at school how each one (with or without scholastic honours) can he helpful, they will respond. But it is too late to capture their enthusiasm when, at 18. they leave school and become absorbed by too many interests of their new surroundings.

E. Loser, B.Sc.

14 Chelsea Road, Walton, Liverpool, 9,

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