Page 11, 11th October 1968

11th October 1968
Page 11
Page 11, 11th October 1968 — APPOINTMENTS

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Keywords: Environment

Fr. butes AsniSnualifi°13 .1Chaplaln to WM. Prison. StrangerwaSS 10 be Parish Priest of St.Marie's, Bury; Donates Burke, Sacred Heart, Darwin, to be Parish Priest of St. Catherine's, Didsbury; Fr. Anthony Carpenter, St. Anne's, Aceripgton. to be Parish Pries of St. John Fisher, Kearsiey, Bolton: Fr. Thomas Falkner, St. Dunstan's, Moston, to be Parish Priest of St. Mary's. samiesbury: Fr. John F. Hennessy, St. Mary's, Samlesaury. to he Parish Priest of St. alalachs's. Collyhurst: Fr. Bernard Heseltinc, St, John Fisher, KearsleY, 'Boa ton. to be Parish Priest iif St. Anne, Accrington; Fr, James Meteor., St. Mary's. Radcliffe. to he Parielt Priest ut St. Bede's. Fairfield. Bore; Fr, Peter Pessagno St. Bede's. Fairtarld, "Bury, to he Parish Priest of Sacted Heart, Darwen: Fr. Denis Sheeran Sr. Catherine's. Didsbury. (Cl he Parisb Priest of St. Gilbert's, Itrookhouse. Eccles: Fr. Francis Tetiow. M.A., St. Michael's. AneOats. Manchester In be Palish Priest at St. Dunstan's', Fr. Joseph Barrett, Si., Chaplain to H.M. Prison. Strangeways.

Fr. Richard O'Connor. 'Si. Kentincrn's. Fanowncid, to be Assistant at St. Anne's, Ashton-under-Lyne; Fr. Cyril Sephton, St. Anne's. Ashton-under-Lync, to be Assistant at St. Mary's, Spring Lane, Radcliffe; Fr. Selortirner Stanley. St. Marie's. Bury, to he Assistant at St. Kentigern's, Fallowlield: Fr, Michael Collins. St. Kenligern's, Fallowfield. to he Assistant Chaplain at 'Hopwood Hall; Fr. Robert Morrow. St. Wilfrid's. Hulme, to lee Assistant at St. Kerma gem's, Fallowfie(d; Fr. Patrick McMahon rnevity ordained), to be Assistant at St. Wilfred's, Holme.

NOTTI NOM al Parish Priests: Canon Grycc from Workstm to Stamfard: Canon Adams from Stamford to tartan; Fr. Kilkenny from New Olkirton to Leicester. Si. Patrick's: Fr. Sullivan from Leicester, St. Patrick's to Marple Bridge: Fr. NIcGhic From Assistant Priest, Worksop. to New Onerton: Fr Quigley Irone Assistant Priest. St. Bernadette's, Scunthorpe, to Dronticlele Fr, nimmins helm St. litigh's College. Tollerton. to Soadlincole: Fr. Tierney from Swadlineote, to St Peter and Paul's, Lincoln: Fr. Hudson (Turn South America, to Worksop.

Fr. Carts from South America, to Grimsby. St. Peter: ar. Collins from Grimshs, St. Peter, I ii Buxton: Fr. fasan from Bit mini • to Cheater field. Annum. iatMn: Fr. Dolan trom Sandi Winton. to Ripley: Fr. einoodon !Tom Riplee. to South Wigston, Curates: Fr. bell from Derby, St. Maryae. to Holy Spirit, West Bridgeford: Fr. Walker from Holy Spirit, West Bridgclaird. to Grantham; Fr. Phelan from Leicester, Sr. Peter. to Cbesterfield, Annunciation; Fr. Kitchin from Glossop, St. Mary, to Worksop; Fr. Keogh from St. Mary, to Worksop; Fr. Keogh from

Chesterfield. Annunciation, to Glossop, St. Mary; Fr. 1.alle from Marple Bridge, tn Leiccsier, Si. Peter:Fr. O'Harslon from Grantham, to ST. /1114.11.S College,


New Priests: ar. lennoth to Si. Bernadette's, Scunthorpe: Fr. O.Riterclan to Derby, St. Mary's: Fr. Caine in r.eiCeS1er, Sacred Heart,


WEDNESDAY: Radio 4 (7.50-7.55 a.m.): Ten to Fight. Holy Places-Lourdes as remembered by Malcolm Muggeridge.

FRIDAY; Radio 4 (7.50-7.51 a.m.): Ten to Eight. Meditation. led by Bishop Langton Fox of Meneyia.

Third Programme 11,10.35-11 Pinta: Palestrina: Missa Brevie.

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