Page 5, 11th October 1974

11th October 1974
Page 5
Page 5, 11th October 1974 — WCC hand-out to North Vietnam

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WCC hand-out to North Vietnam

Miss Jemmett (October 4) is so eager to defend the Communist regime of North Vietnam that she overlooked the fact that I hadn't attacked it. I was merely pointing out (September 27) that for the WCC to give $3 million to the Communist North and only $150,000 to the South is, to say the least, inequitable. The question I was posing is this: why is the WCC giving so generously to a regime which is hostile to Christianity?

Instead of attempting to answer this question, Miss Jemmett indulges her own private fantasies about Vietnam, She is entitled to these of course and they are usually better ignored than debated.

But when she says that the Provisional Revolutionary Government is "co-equal" with the government of South Vietnam, I really must protest. The PRG is nothing but a Communist propaganda myth: it has hardly any existence, let alone legitimacy, How can it when it has none of the attributes of sovereignty? It has no capital, no currency and no definable territory. The areas over which it claims to rule were captured from the legally constitued government of S Vietnam by the Vietcong just before the cease-fire.

To support her idealistic notion of the PRG Miss Jemmett cites the 1973 Paris "Peace" Treaty. But the treaty was a diplomatic abortion. The proof is that the war in Vietnam is still going on. Why'? Because at the time of the treaty the Corn

munists would not admit that they had 150,000 troops in tfic South.

For this reason the treAty could not require them to withdraw them. There are ndw double that number in the South, still attacking the South Vietnam people with the utmost savagery. Miss Jemmett calls upon tbe

government of the South 1,0 hold free elections. Why doesn't she call upon tete government of the North .1u withdraw their invading troops and end the killing?

Bernard Sm'ith Secretary, Christian Affirmation Campaign 124 Heath Park Road,

G Park,

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