Page 6, 11th October 1974

11th October 1974
Page 6
Page 6, 11th October 1974 — Useful for teachers of religion

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Useful for teachers of religion

by Fr F. M. MARTIN Christianity On Trial, Book Two by Colin Chapman (Lion Publishing, paper £1.25)

This is the second of three books in which Colin Chapman deals with the basic religious questions. In this book three questions are considered: (I) Who or what is God? DoesHe exist? (2) What is man? (3) What kind ()fa universe do we live in?

To answer these questions the "evidence" for and against the question is presented by means of an anthology of quotations from a variety of authors ranging from George Harrison to Leo Tolstoy. These quotations are arranged in groups under various headings Modern Theologians, Atheism, Primal Religion, Science, etc,

While attempting to he objective and allowing the various positions to present themselves through the quotations the hook is firmly and openly cornmitted to the Christian point of view. Occasionally this creates the impression that certair viewpoints are included simply to be knocked down. On the

other hand this may simply be the result of the extreme brevity of a number of the extracts, The fact that it is basically an anthology is both the book's strength and its weakness. The variety of material presented will make it very useful as a basis for discussions of the questions among young and intelligent people.

On the other hand the very variety of opinion could he bewildering to the solitary reader. The author does a great deal to avoid this danger by means of a very clear plan and a novel use of signposts. Many teachers of sixth-form religion will Find this book a useful tool

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