Page 10, 11th October 1985

11th October 1985
Page 10
Page 10, 11th October 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Pewits' Eucharistic League, School of the Sacred Hearts, Finance Committee, St Cuthbert Mayne High School, Catholic Scout Advisory Committee, Archbishop's Council, Finance Office, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Youth Assembly, Area Senate, Church of the Resurrection, Cambridge Chaplaincy Committee, St Louis Primary School, Christian Unity Committee, Committee for Christiamjewish Relations, Ecumenical Commission, Wolverhampton Catenlan Association, V St Bernard's Comprehensive School, Home Mission, East Hill Council, St Mary's Priory School, Kent Ecumenical Council at Rochester, Church of the Trantifiguration, University of Manchester Students Union, Dl5by Stuart College, Oscou College, Diocesan Schools Commission, Cotton College, St AnSelm'S Institute, National Housing and Town Planning Council, St Paul's School, Guiding Movement, Newman College, Bishop Unalhome School, Springboard Housing Association, Bishops Committee, St Wilirld's School, International Committee for Christiana, Ecumenical Service, National Liturgical Music Committee, Annual Service, Parish Centre, WhIslon Hospital, V St Joseph's School, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Churches Main Committee, Plater College, Ogwr Borough Council, Hartley Parish Church, St Richard Gwyn School, Ayissford, SW Area Ecumenical Commission


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O= Ovdination, til Mess. V a Vighation, C


Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Wersholnster Sunday: Goon'', of European Bishops' Conferences Rome. Monday: Opening institute of St Anslem. 11am. Tuesday: M at SI Margaret Clitherew. Grahame Park, 7.30pm. Wednesday. Council of Droceean Affairs, 10ani. M at St Edward's, Goiders Green, 7.30pm, FridayiBeturday: Dioces an Pastoral Conference London Colney.

Archbishop Bowen of Sault-wak Sunder C. Borough, 3pm Monday Diocesan Finances AGM. Finance Office. 12 noon. Churches Main Committee meeting. Millbank. 2.15pm. Tuesday. Area Bishops' meeting, Areebishop's House, I Oarn. Presentation of Papal Awards, Arcbbishor. s House, 4.30pm Friday Consecration, Hartley Parish Church, 7.30pm, Archbishop CO,,. de Mende. ot Birmingham Sunday: V. Weoley Castle Wednesday: Bishop Unalhome School, Slam. 50th Form Conference. Newman College, 2pm. Oscou College evening. Thursday/Friday Oecuil College Saturday: URC Synod, Oxford, 10 30arrr. M, Plater College, Oxford V. WhIlnash, 12 noon.

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Sunday: C, St Anne, Newport. Tuesday C. St 1111yd, °owlets. Wednesday C, St Benedict, Merthyr Vale Thursday: Guild ot Catholic Doctcre. SI Wihrtredie Hospital, Coolie 30pre Friday: M for 10th Anniversary of Opening. SI John Lloyd. Garde!. 7.prn, Saturday: Commences V. St Mary. Din. Puters. 7.15ern

Archbishop Wortock of Liverpool Sunday St Edward's Day M, Metropoirtan Cathedral. 11am. Tuesday: Addresses Housing Conference, (National Housing and Town Planning Council), Wolter Gardens, Blackponi. am Addresses meeting on Christians In Poems, University of Manchester Students Union, 6pm. Wednesday: Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial Pieces. 10am. Merseyeide Churches Ecumenical Council AGM. Friends Meeting House, 7.30pm. Thuredey: Catholic Teachers Federation Liverpool Association M, Lowe House. St Helens, 730pm Friday. Pardoral V, WhIslon Hospital, 10.30am. Cheirley Council KSC Diamond Juhilee, St Mary's Cheney, 7.30pm.

B ishop Alexander el Clifton Saturday V St Dunstan's, Somerton.

B ishop Brewer, Coadjutor of Lenc.ter Monday M and Official Opening and Blessing of The inetime or St Ansalei, Damascus House. London, 11.30am Wednesday: V Lancashire Polytechnic, 11am,

.Chaplaincy Centre Trustees with Regienal Church Leaders, Bishop's House, Blackburn, 4pm. Thursday. V St Bernard's Comprehensive School, Barrow. Friday V 'I he Ehts SC/1001'. Moor Park, Preston, 230mn M lot First Year Pupils & their Parents, St Cuthbert Mayne High School. Preston, 7.30pm. Saturday: Aeelets in official Opening of 'One World Week', Lancaster, 10.30.1. Presides at Youth Assembly, Bishop's House, Lancaster, 2pm. V, St Joseph's, Blackpool. 7pm Bishop Burke, Auditory ler Salford Tuesday: Deanery Conference Wednesday Meeting of the Committee for Christiamjewish Relations, Cathedral , House, 12 noon Thursday: Chaplet M, Calhedtal. FridayV, St Teresa's Little Leaver.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sunday Continues Pastoral V of Newmarket Parish Monday: M, St Louis Primary School. Newmarket, 9.30am Thursday CI M lot the Confederation 01 Perishes, Our Lady of Lourdes, Peterborough, 7.30pm, Saturday, Pastoral V nominees Parish, Downharn Market.

Bishop Cleary, Austliery for talrmatithem Monday: Concelebrates M for SI Wiltrid's Day, Cotton College. Wolverhampton Catenlan Association, Clergy Night. Spm Tuesday: Meeting at Archbishop's Hee..

Bishop Grey of Shoerebury Monday Chapter at, St Joseph's, Sale. 11am. Tuesday AIDC meeting, Telford, lOarn. M, SI Theresa's, Wilmslow, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Deans' meeting. Curial Offices. 1 lam. C, Holy Name, Birkenhead, 7.30pm Thursday: Meeting of Monastic Superiorly Hawk:Orme Hall. Friday: Golden Jubilee celebrations of Scouts, St Joseph's, Sale. 7 30pm Saturday: Meeting of Ecumenical Commission. St Columba's. Chester, 10.30am.

Bishop Hannigan of Munevie Sunday: Pilgrimage In Honour of St Richard Gwyn. Procession at 3pm from the Beastrnarkel followed by M at the Cathedral, Weexham. Tuesday: Menevla Clergy Conterence, Pantasaph Wednesday. M ai St Richard Gwyn School, Flint, 10 Mem_ Menevia Clergy Conference, Pentasepri, continued, pm. Thursday: C...IEPC, London, 11am.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: WeisInghaM. Tweedier: Concelebrates M of Thanksgiving 1150 years) SS Peter S Paul, Leyhom, 7.30pm. Wednesday, Chairs Meeting of Diocesan Schools Commission, Bishop's House. Middlesbrough, 1 tarn. Chaos Meeting at Diocesan Properly 8 finance Committee, Bishop's House, 2.30prn Thursday: C, Holy Nome of Mary, Middlesbrough. M, 7pm. Saturday: 0 lu Priesthood Rey Mark Mahon, SI Hilda's, Whitby. 12 noon

Bishop Harvey, Auxillary let Waffetinater Sunday: M. St John Vianney, West Green. 10.45am. Tuesday Area Senate. Damascus House, 10.30am. Wednesday CDA, 10am. Friday: M, St Mary's Priory School, Starelord Hill, 9.30am. 0 to the Diaconate, Church of the Trantifiguration, Kensal Rise, 7.30pm Saturday: Diocesan Youth Conference, London Goiney.

ilfehop Henderson, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday: V Thameemead ecumenical Comm for meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury. 2.30.730prn Monday: Diocesan finance meeting, I tam. Tuesday/Wedielliday S Thursday: Participates m Cloroy Study Week. Ayiesford, from rpm Thursday: Meeting of SW Area Ecumenical Commission, Made Reparaince, SW20 7.30pm. Friday/Salted.: Meeting of the Committee for Christian Unity, Turvey Abbey, BodlOrd, until 5pm.

B ishop Jukes, Auditory for Southwark Sunday. Poole. at Ecumenical Service for 75 years of Guiding Movement, Ayissford. 3pm. Meets Chairmen of Deanery Natural Councils at West Melting. 5pm. Monday Meeting of Kent Ecumenical Council at Rochester. 10.30em M for UCM, St George's Cathedral, 7pm TweaderThuradey Clergy Study Week, Ayiestord Fridayrflaturday: V to Waiderelede parish.

Bishop Kelly of Salford Tuesday V St Joseph's School. Norwich, 10.30am. M at SI Joseph's, Longeight AGM Ladles of Charily. 7pm. Wednesday Catechelicat Meeting, 9.30em Hoard of Administration, 10.30am. Meeting with NW Lance. Church Leaders, Blackburn, 2 30pm C, Sacred Heart. Westhoughlon, 7pm. Thursday: Deanery Conference. 10am. FridayiSaturday V 8 C, St Mary's, Norwich.

B ishop Mondani of Leeds Sunday: C, Immaculate Conception, idle, I lam. Tuesday: 61 St Wilirld's School, Featherstone. t tam. Dinner, Leeds Calanian, 8.30pm. Wadnesiley. IN, St Brigid's Middle 10ien. Thursday: Meeting WM:icemen Claw. Hatiewood Castle. Friday York. Consecration ot Bishop ot Wakefield, I lam Cambridge Chaplaincy Committee, Magdalene Cottage, 5.30orn Saturday: Opening of Parish Centre. Si 13enedicPa. Oarlorth, 2pm Bishep Lindsay of Hach., and NeerceMie Sunday C, St Teresa's, Newcastle, 3.30pm. Monday: Civic Dinner, Mayor's Parlour, Hartlepool, Bpm. Tuesday 75th Anniversary Dinner, Catenian Chicle No 5, Newcastle. 7.30pm. Wednesday: Golden Jubilee M. Si Joseph's. North Shields, 7pm. Thursday M and AGM, Diocesan Branch CWL, St Edward's, Whitley Bay. Stem Bishop Whorl, AU:111111y ton Wesimlneter Sunday: Peeloral V, Our Lady of Lourdes, Acton. Monday Meeting Of Deans and Area Workers, 10 30ant Tuesday: International Committee for Christiana 8 Jews. Belgrave Square, Spof. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Arcliblahop'S House, team. V Epetelha Open Day for the Deaf, 2pm Thursday FA for Sixth Forms Cardinal Newman/Cardinal Newnan Schools, 4.30pm. Friday Anion Fraternal, 12 noon.

Attends Youth Weekend, London Coley. Saturday. First 111 of Mission Sunday, Westminster Cathedral. 5 30pm.

Shade McGuinness of Nottingham Sunday VIC SI Alban. Chaddesden, Derby, 3pm. Mond.: Committee Ice Young People, Cathedral Hall, 11 15em Tuesday Finance Coinfidtlee, St Hugh's Collage Tollarlon, 10.30am IOC Holy Spirit, Sintin, Derby, 7pm. Wednesday Weasel. Extension, St Paul's School, LeIceeter. ?pm Thursday: Pewits' Eucharistic League, AGM. EyMard House, Breunstone, LE, 10 30am Bisbee McMahon of Brentwood Sunday: Presides at IN fOr Diamond Jubilee of Scouts, Gliwell Park, 11.30arn. Presides at Annual Service for Springboard Housing Association. Cathedral, 3pm Tuesday Meeting with Diocesan Headieenturs, Cathedral House, Brentwood, / 30pm Wednesday: Pastoral V & C, Our Lady of Fatima, Harlow. Thursday: Seminar on Reconillation, Cathedra) House Brentwood, 10.30am Presides at National Liturgical Music Committee, Brentwood. t2 noon. Meeting with Diocesan Headleachers, Cathedral House, Bmntwood, 7.30pm. Friday: Meeting with recently Ordained priests, Bishop's House, Stock, 1pm. Dedication of Altar, Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford, ken. Saturday. Diocesan Enocallon Day, Ursullne Convent, Brentwood 'bebop Moterley of Helton Sunday: C at Hackenthorpe. 11am. Tuesday to Thursday: Communications' course al Hatch End, Friday Meeting of steering committee of Dluceean pastoral council at Bishop's House, fipm.

Bishop Mullins, Ares Bishop in Swansea Tuesday: Meeting of the Swansea Deanery. Addressing Me Newman Circle, Swansea, 745pm Witdrusdey: MeelIng with Ogwr Borough Council. epm. Friday M at St David's Pr-nary School, Swansea. 10.30em. Melees Murphy.O'Connoe Of Arundel I Brighten Sunder V, Leffler:ahead. Chains EcuenenIcal Meeting, Thamesmead Christian Community, 2 30prn Temdse•Thursday Bishop's Media Course. Hatch End, pm. Thursday Addreear. Meeting of E Suedes Branch, Ecumenical sne.lety nt the Blessed Virgin Mary. St Saviour's, Eantbourne, pm. Friday: Christian Unity Committee. Turvey AODey, pm. Saturday. Christian tinily Committee, Turvey Abbey. am.

bishop O'Brien of Herffordshhe Sunday M at St Michaels, Gershon, 6 30pm Monday St AnSelm'S Institute, MIII Hill, 11 30am Tuesday, CWL Sliver Jubilee NI at Maryland Convent. Si Alban.), 7.30pm.

W edneedey GDA at Archbishop's Hoe., 10am, Thursday Herta Area Education Team meeting. 5pm. Friday: Diocesan Youth Weekend al All Saints Pastoral Centre. Saturday: C at Church of the Resurrection. Grovehirt 5pm.

Blimp e O'Brien, Aueltlary for Middlesbrough Monday Speak to CWL at Collingharn, 830pm. Tuesday. C at St Francis, Middlesbrough, 7pm WednesdaySchools Commission at Middesbrough. I lam Finance Committee, 2 30pm. Thursday: Wehrle of Bishops Committee on Home Mission. SeturdayI East Hill Council of Churches Seminar on Peace, 1.30pm.

B ishop Rawsthorne. Auxiliary for Liestpull Sundaytelonday: V St Aloysius, Roby. Wedneredey Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices, team Thursday: Prizegiving, St Joseph's High Senora, Horwich. Friday: C, St Aldan's, Winetanley. Saturday, Marriage 8 family Site Meeting, Si Haien Crosby, 10.4prn V, Sr Columba, Huyton, 6.30pm.

Bishop Restieux at Plymouth Sunday V IS M, Cu Lady of Fatima Poole, 10.30am, C, 3pm. Tuesday: V Convent and School of the Sacred Hearts, FA, lam

Bishop Swindiehurst, Auxiliary for Hesham A Ilumestla Sunday: V & C. Si Joseph's, Stanley. Monday: Civic Diener. Mayor's Parlour, Hartlepool, • Thersder. C 8 M, St Mery s, Newton Aycilfte Bishop Thom. of Northempion Sunday: V SI Philip a James, Bedford Monday Damascus House Opanino ot the Inetitula of St Anselrn Thursday Hatch End Training Course. Friday Saturday V of Holy Cross, Bedford.

Bishop Tripp, Auden., for Southwark Sunday AGM of Catholic Scout Advisory Committee, Gilwell Park, Chingford, 9.30arn. C at Cheern, apm attends... Friday: Clergy Study Week Saturday: Leads Liturgy Commission Training Day at Dl5by Stuart College and In neighbouring churches.

B ishop WeIrmilley piM Faces) Sunday V RAF Stations, Scotland Tuesday: Community Function, Mt Aherne., Guildford, 5.30prn

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