Page 4, 11th September 1981

11th September 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 11th September 1981 — Destroyed from within

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Destroyed from within

I DON'T KNOW if the religious atmosphere of the Catholic Herald frightens the devil hut it certainly shatters me. From the news reported I am utterly puzzled as to the function of the Church in the world today. Is it no longer to teach us the way of Christ and help us to save our souls but rather to advance political attitudes and actions calculated to bring about a 'liberated' leftist society?

Bishops say we must slow down the gap between rich and poor. Worthy sentiments which would be even more worthy if religious bodies survived at subsistence level only. so that surpluses could be given to the poor. Let us first set our own house in order.

The governments of Mexico, Guyana and Guatemala all complain of the clergy interfering in politics. If clerics have so much time that they can afford to interfere in political matters, who is giving the populace the message of Christ who said "render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's".

Mgr. Buckley calls for an end to double standards and suggests that the decay of inner cities contributes to rioting and looting. Does it also contribute to the crime rate and the mugging of the old and defenceless who live in these areas?

One does not read of deprived old age pensioners attacking the better off young.

Liverpool was a far more deprived city in the 1930s — when children begged for bread, but there was no rioting and looting.

Children didn't 'then throw stones at the police, simply because they got better example and training than is given today, when anything goes and all bad behaviour must be excused.

Archbishop Worlock says 'policing is certainly one of the causes of riots in Toxteth.' The police exist to maintain law and order so that ordinary citizens can safely go about their business.

Is he saying the police should not do this in Toxteth and different laws should apply?

Benedictine nuns in Erie. Pennsylvania, complain (for reasons of their own) that Mobil Oil has shown 'distaste for human rights' by dealing with South Africa. I do hope that when these nuns rake in the profits from the oil on their land they will share it all between the deprived blacks in South Africa and the deprived and dispossessed American Indians in the United States.

The clerics make wholesale condemnation of the possible use of .nuclear weapons in the west but address no reproof to their possible Ilse from behind the Iron Curtain.

Where is the condemnation of slavery in Mauretania or West Indian exploitation of children in Jamaica?

Where is the vocalised anxiety about the Christians in the Lebanon or the Soviet Christians who have taken asylum for the last three years in the American Embassy in Moscow?

No wonder Yasser Arafat and the PLO have now taken to praising the Vatican.

This week students at Lancaster University report on the plight of factory wives who work 17 hours a day between the workbench and home duties without any help from husband or children.

These women are dehumanised, deprived of human rights, and worse off than many in South America or South Africa but their position will not merit a peep from our politicised clergy who are unlikely to speak out in their pulpits in defence of these wretched English slaves.

The Church is getting away from ordinary, innocent, simple good and the encouraging of spiritual riches. in favour of the acquiring of material wealth and position.

Our Lady of Fatima is reported to have said that the Church could be destroyed from within. That would now seem to be a distinct possibility. (Mrs) E. Rodgers West Sussex

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