Page 9, 12th April 1968

12th April 1968
Page 9
Page 9, 12th April 1968 — Gen. Gowon replies to peace plan

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Gen. Gowon replies to peace plan

FROM A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT THE Christian love of truth should persuade all Church leaders that the only road to lasting peace in Nigeria was for the rebel leaders to give up secession, said General Gowon, head of the Nigerian Governmnt, last week.

RNL1 deficit in record year

RESCUE craft of the Royal National Life-boat Institution saved the lives of 1,099 people in 1967 the highest figure recorded in peace-time since 1852. when full records began.

Launches by rescue craft totalled 2,I41--an all-time record. Life-boats were called out on service 1.044 times, saving 644 people, and inshore rescue boats were called out I ,037 times. saving 455.

Income. which all comes from voluntary contributions. was £400.084 less than expenditure.. One of the main reasons for this. states the report for 1967, was a fall Of approximately £200,000 in receipts from legacies and large gifts.


Cardinal Heenan of Westmlnster-Good brides • Presides at Altermien Liturgy, Cathedral, 3.00. Sunday: Presides at Mass and preaches, Cathedral. 10.30.

Bishop Casey Auxiliary of Westminster -Good Erldas: AtiendS Afternoon [intro. Cathedral, 3.10, Saturday: Cdehraics Easter Vigil end Midnight Mass, Cathedral, 10.30 0.m, Bishop Butler Auxiliary of 'WesOnInster

-Good Friday: Addtesses Unity Meeting, Sawhrideework t p.m. Tuesday Ihtli-21st • Presides at and Addresses Bibreal Reunion Conference, Abbey of Si. Paul's. Rome.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmineharn

Good Fridali• Afternoon Liter*. 3.011. Stations of the Cross, 6.00. Holy' Saturdas7 The Easter Liturgy. 11.1,45, Pontifical Sung Slams, 17. midnight. Faster !Monday: Mass and General Communion for Men and Youths of clie' Archdiocese, 9.01.1.

Archbishop Beck of Llserpool-Good

Celebrates Afternoon Laura), Cathedral, 3.00. Monday: Concelebrates hiass for the C.Y.M.S.. Cathedral. 9.00.

Archbishop Cowderoy of SouthwarkGood Fridas. Afternoon Liturgy. Cathedral. 3.00. Stations of the Cross, 7.311 Hols Saturday: Solemn Faster Vigil and Solomn Concelebrated MaSS of Faster. 10.30. Easier Sunday: Concelebrates High Mass, Cathedral, 12.00.

Bishop Wall of Brentwoods-Liood Fridas : Afternoon liturgy, Cathedral, 3,00, Hols Salurdas: Mass of the EaSter Vigil, Cathedral, i0.30.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton-Good Friday: Afternoon Litman, 3.00. 1-101Y Saturday: Faster Vig:I, lIi3il. Pontifical Dials Mass, midnight. Easier Sunday:

Hinh Mass ilfl Papal RiesSine, II.1111. Presides at Low Mass. 111.30.

Bishop Cunninuham of Hexhant and Neweasfle--Good Friclip.: Afternoon I Mugs. Cathedral. 3.1111, I V .1%12S from Cathedral for United Procession of Witness. 6.1111. Faster Sundas: Solemn Pontifical Macs s% ith Pa pal Cathedral, 11.30,

Bishop Foley of Lanctister--Good

Fridas: Afternoon I Moto. Catheciral. 3_00, Holy Saturdas: Th, Faster Vigil and Midniehl Mass, Cathedral. 11.611, Easter Sundas. Preaches at Cathedral. 6.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leedt.Good Fri Afternoon Littlrea. Cathedral, 3.11(1.

P reacheS at United Scrsice. Oxford Place rhanel. 7311. Holy Saturday: Solemn Faster Vete, Cathedral. 11.01). Faster Sontlas: Stslemn Pontifical MASS, Cathedral, 11 on. Monday 7 .Snnual Dinner. the Krytthis of St. Colitmha fOtles) Porkway Mika 7_45. Wedniredar.: Ad

' dresses Conference au Up Holland Collette, VVinan, Thttrsdavt Attends C.s.t I. Con fc•n•nce. Swanwlek.

Bishop McClean of Middleshroueh-Good Friday: Afternoon I i'orgy, 3.011. Prussehes a, Feumenleal Sersiee. SI Thrnahas Chureh, 7.30. Flols SatlIrday•

I Feeley and Mass of the Faster Vigil, II 1111. Faster Sundae: Freekles. nrexelles and tines Amniotic Blessing. 11.311.

Bishop Grant of NorthamPlon-Good Fridas: Afternoon tattiruv. Ceittedrel. 3 00. Faster Stinday: Pontifical Nigh Mass, Cathedral. 11.00. Tuestlas*: Leeds Catholic Schools' and Handicanned Children's Trost Pilgrimage to Loonies Bishop Resitenint of Plynionlb--(Thod Fridat: Afternoon I Mires. Cathedral. 3.00. Hots Saturday: Officiates at Faster Veil and Sines MTN Mass of Feeler. Cathedral, Tam. Faster Sendav: Sines Pontifical High Mass. Cathedral. 11.(10. Gives Pontifical Benedierinn. Cathedral, 6 30. Mondav: Officiates at Wedding and offers Shintial Mass, Ljahrooke, 2.30. Tuesday; Profeesiong and Silver Jubilee. Su-Indica' Knowlo Convent. Torquay. Wednesday! One-n Day for Clergy at Warm trf Thursday: Attends CICITY SHUN Coor.e. Winslade School. Feeler. 'Bishop worIoek of Portsmoserh-Onnd Friday: Afternoon 'Moray. Cathedral. 3 WI. Preaches at Service of W;tness, Winchester Cathedral, 6.30. Holy SpearOat : Faster Vigil and Midnioht Ma's. Cathedral. 11)45. Fastor Sender:: raster Oas MASS, 111.311, MOrldaS! Coneelehralcs Mass, Ferhorormh Hill Convent. Tries(lay to Thursday: Attends F.S.A. Confcn.ticc. St. Mary's Collette, Strawberry

Bishop (leaser of Shrewsbury-410nd Friday: Afternoon latrirey. Cadtcdral. Oft, Ato-roa Unity Serrice. The Snow, S ne. Holy Saturlav: Mast of all` FAULT Vigil, Monday: Ordinations. Hawkestone, 11) In.


The sets Reverend Canon C. Walsh has been appointed teeter canon to the Metromslitan Cathedral Chapter.


The following appointments of Parish Priests have been annorneed.

Fr. R. Ressler. from SI. Mars's. High Green. Sheffield, to St. John's. Bradford: Fr. W. Bryson, from St. John's. Bradford. to Dewily Main: Fr. F. MOverleY. from St. Bernard's. Halifax. to St. Mary's Mph Green: Fr. A. G. O'Kanc. from St. Alban's. Denaby Main. to St. Bernard's, Halifax.


Fr. Lawrence Doyle, C.SS.R.

Fr. Lawrence Doyle. C.SS.R., at dustenburse, South Africa, aped 60. He was born in Darlington, studied at Glossop, thc seminary for late vocations, and entered the Redemptorist nos itiate in Scotland. 1.ater he went to the major seminary at 1-Tawkstone Park, Shropshire. 1-to was ordained In 1937. After parochial mission work he was on the Redemount,' magazine Noteno. He was then appointed to work on the traveitinP mission team of the Rexlemptorist Fathers Wales, In 1960 he went to South Africa. serving at Rustenburg and Pretoria. When he died he was on a tour of Redemptorist houses with the Provincial, Fr. George nc.os, C.SS.R.


Faster Sundayl BBC-1 (11.55 am,12,2(1 p.m.)-Urbi et Orbi. Pope Paul tires his Easter Blessing to the city and the world. Fr. Patrick McEnroe describes the scene ill St. Peter's Square. 2.153 p.m.-Stabat Mater, by Pcrizolesi. 7/.25 p.m.-Sons of Praise, from St. Bernadette's. Belfast.

Radio 4 (7.55-8 nm.)-711c Week's Good Cause. Appeal for St. Rose's Special School, Stroud, Glos.

Radio 2 (8.30-9 p.m.)-Sunday HalfHour. Community hymn singina from Farm Street, with combined choirs conducted by John Hoban.

BBC-2 (9.20-11.115 p.m.)-"The Dream of Gerontius". by Dear, words by Cardinal Newman. Performance by the 1 ondon Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra from Canterbury Cathedral, conducted by Sir Adrian Bonk,

Easier Monday: Radio 4 (3.15-4.45 p.m.)-Afternoon Theatre-Inquiry at Lisieux. Le Proces de Sainte Therese de l'F.nfant Jesus, by Marcelle-Maurette. English adaptation.

Tuesday: Radio 4 (4.4.45 p.m.'t-Mass from St. Cuthheres Withinelon. Manchester. Celebrant Canon William O'Leary; preacher Fr. Joseph Davis. He was replying to the joint appeal by the Vatican and the World Council of Churches to end the fighting between Nigeria and Biafra.

Fighting broke out in July last year after the former Eastern Region declared its independence as the Republic of Biafra on May 30.

The Vatican-WCC appeal, issued last month. urged

"governments a n d international agencies in a position to act effectively in this matter to secure a denial of external assistance to both parties, an immediate cessation of hostilities, the necessary assurance to both sides on the laying down of arms. and a negotiated peace."

Gen. Gowon's comments came in a broadcast on the occasion of the assumption of responsibility for their own administration by the states that he created in a decree of May. 1967. That decree announced that the country would be divided into 12 states. It sought to break the hold that the Ibo tribe had on the Eastern Region by dividing that region into one lb° and two non-lbo states.

In his broadcast, Gen. Gowon said the Vatican-WCC peace initiatives had been given so much "sinister publicityof late that he felt compelled to mention them in passing.

He added: "The WCC and the Roman Catholic Church have jointly appealed for a cease-fire. I respect this appeal . . Bishops and other leading church dignitaries in Nigeria went to Enugu (Biafra's capital) on several occasions to persuade ((len. C. Odumegwu) Ojukwu (the Biafran Head of State) not to try to break up Nigeria. It was all to no avail. "The difficulty in a cease-fire without any agreement by the secessionist leaders to retract and to remain part of Nigeria is that Ojukwu and his foreign backers will certainly use the cease-fire pause to rearm and prepare for a bloodier conflict.

"I must say with all sincerity that some Christians are, through their one-sided activities in the Nigerian crisis, doing incalculable damage . . . The real needs of the people in the East Central state are being ignored because of the activities of a few supporters of the secessionist leaders."

New chairman

SIR JOHN NEWSOM, 57, has resigned as chairman of the Public Schools ('ommission now that it has finished its first report, on the integration of independent boarding schools, to be published in the summer. Prof. D. V. Donnison, 42, the present vicechairman, has been appointed chairman from May I.

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