Page 8, 12th April 1985

12th April 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 12th April 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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M = Mass, V = Visitation, C = Confirmation, 0 = Ordination.

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o Ordination: C = Conlitmetton; V Vislhdlore Ue Mass Cardinal Hums. Archbishop el Westminster — Benday; Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage to London Colney Monday-Thum:ter Hieramhy Low Week Meeting Friday: M for St Mary's Convent, S Ascot Cathedral 2 30 pm Seturday: Interviews candates tot priesthood 10 arn Archbishop Couve de Mursille of Birmingham — Menday-Thursday: Hierarchy Lew Week Meeting, London Saturday: V & C. St Thomas. Tat ienhal I archbishop We'd of Cerdill — Sunday: St Mary's, Canton, Cardiff SVP Annual Party tor Sick & Elderly, 7 30 pre. Monday-Thursday: Low Week Meeting of the Hierarchy at England & Wales, West minstet Friday: Westminster Cathedral. 2 30 len Blehop Alexander of Clifton — Sunday: M 41stals ol Christian Instruction at he Convent Aintnerrlown. 11.30 are Monday-Thursday: Attends Low Week Meeting Westminster Firittey• Concelebrates M at Veristminster Cathedral On the occasion ol the centenary of the birth of Mary wart the leundrelis of the IBVM, 230 pm Saturday: M it Charitoe Park School. Cheltenham an the occasion of the 25Ih anniversary of the Introduction at the Teems 01 Our Lady to Great Britain V. St Benet'S. Kw/teflon, 12 noon Bisleap Kahn Brewer (coadjutor al Laneashial — Monday' OPenice Seeeien 01 Low Week Meeting 01 the Bishop's Contereece. Archbishop's House, Westminster Tuesday, Meeting ol Department 01 Christian Doctrine and Formation. Archbishop's House. 10 are WednesdayrThuraday: Low Week meeting contd Friday: Concelebraleu NI 01 Thanksgiving on OccaSien of the Mary Ward Fourth Centenary Celebration Westminster Cathedral, and attends Receptiori ei Westminster Cathedral Hall, London, 2 30 pm Saturday: Begins V. St Joseph's Cockeritiouth Illation Clark of East Anil. — Monday: Opens and dedicates new Church of the Holy Family, King's Lynn. 7 pm. Wednesday; cwL tbalderi Jubilee M, Newmarket, 7 30 Pm Thursday: Meets Diocesan Youth Council and all ievolved in diocesan youth work Newmarket Church Hall. 1.30 pm Saturday: Kies M Ely Cathedral Begins V of SI Etheldreda's parish. Ely Blehop Cleary. Auxiliary for Birmingham — Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy Low Week Meeting London Saturday, Meets proseentive Church Students. Cisco!' College 9 30 urn Bishop Foley of Laneathla &MOW Blesses and OpOild nee Parish Hall Windermere 13 pm Monday-Thursday. Meetings el Bishops' Conference vVesiminsier Wieder Commissions Extraordinary Ministers. Millom 5 pm M, Haverigg Prison, 13 par Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury — Sunday; M for Church students and their bunnies St Colombo's Chester, 3 corn Monday-Thursday: Attends Hierarchy meeting London Friday; M for ete centenary ol death of Mary Ward Westminster Cathedral, 2 39 Am Bishop Hannigan of Mined. Sunday, Return tram HPCT Pilgrimage to Lourdes Monday-Thursday: Hiniaruhy meeting Friday: Weshumster Cathedral. 2 30 Dm Bishop Augustine Carrie of Middlesbrough — Mranday-Thursday: Hierarchy Meeting London Fridev 400111 Aereversary Celebrations. Westnenstet Cat Mach al Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster — Sunday: C St Edward the Conlessoi Goldeis Green 10.30 are Youth M, London Coiney 4 pm Suesday-Yhursday: Bishops Contemn. Frisby: M Westminster Cathedral, 2.30 pm C. St Luke, Pinner 7 pm. Saturday: Symposium. Guild of Catholic Doctors. Oxford. Eve B ishop Henderson. Auditory for Southwark — Sunday: Commences Low Week Meeting ot the Bisheee' Conference. e pm Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy Meeting continues Saturday, M and attends AGM of the Catholic Women's League Tent-mega Wells. 10 30 am.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary tor Southwark — Monday-Saturday, Deans' Meeting al West Mailing 11 urn Low Week Meeting of Hierarchy

Bishop McCort* Auxiliary for Birmingham Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy LOw Week Meelmg London B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunday: Civic M Cathedral, Nottingham, 11 15am. Lourdes Rally Croons Christi Clifton, NG. 3 pm Monday-Friday: Bishops' Meeting London Friday, Loreto Celebrations. West • • ter Cathedral, 2 30 pm Saturday; 40th Anniversary UCM, WhIlwick, Leics t am Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary for Westminster — Sunday: Youth Walk and M. tniiiir,ri Coiriey Monday-Thursday: Bishops' Low Week Meeting Archbishop's House Friday, Meeting ol Diocesan Finance Committee 10 am Bishop Moverley of Hallam Monday-Friday: Attends Bishops' Carderered at Westminster. Saturday: AGM of UCM at Mike* School Doncaster B ishop Mullins, Area Bishop in Swansea — Sunday: hi el SI J0301>h's. Greenhill Swansea 3 pm Monday-Thursday, Meetieg ol Bishops and Principals at Catholic Colleges 12 30 pm Low Week Conference of the Bishops of England and Wales 5 Bishop Murphy O'Connor of kende! A Brighton — Sunday: V Send Parish, am Monclay-Theredey: Attends Bishops' Conference London Saturday: Thanksgiving Service lor 700th anniversary ol the birth al William of Ockham All Saints Church, Ockham, 11 am ACM, Diocesan Covenant Organism, Haywatds Heath, pm. B ishop L O'Brien, Atudllary for Middlesbrough Sunday: M or vocations at Mount Grace Monday-Thursday: Low Week Meeting of the Hierarchy at Westminster Frithiy: M Cr Westminster Cathedral tor Me loud h Centenary ol inn death el Mary Ward

Bishop lierdliews ol Plymouth — Monday. Meeting el the Bishops' Conference of England arid Wales. Westminster

Bishop SwindishuraL Ausitiary in 14extum end Moncley-Thursday: Attend. Bishops' Conlerence Meeting London Saturday: Province 5 Catenian Diener. Code Centre Newcastle. a SW Blohap Tripp. Auxiliary for Southwark — Sunday: M and makes Presentation ol Papal Award to Margatel Voile! at Kew 11 are Friday-Saturday: V to Flotherhithe B ishop Walmaley (KM Forces) — Monday-Thursday: Attends Bishops' Conference Westminster Saturday: OWL Study Plater College. Ordord Bishop Wheels, of Leeds — Sunday: M, TASC for Musical Commission Cl Diocese 2 30 pm MOnday-lhurtdayl Low Week Meeting el Hierarchy, Westminster Saturday, Receives Purses Iron, the Schools for the Good Shepherd Collection. Cathedral 3 pm

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