Page 4, 12th December 1947

12th December 1947
Page 4
Page 4, 12th December 1947 — LATHOLIC WORKERS' NOTEBOOK

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Locations: Melbourne, Dolled


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RED ELEMENTS THE National Union of General I and Municipal Workers, has suspended various Officers of the Catering Section of the Union, as a result of the findings of the Court of Inquiry into the Savoy dispute. My remarks as to the Red Elements " exploiting the situation, seem to be substantiated, by the statement of Mr. Tom Williamson. M.P., who is General Secretary of the Union.

I am glad that the union had the courage to suspend even Mr. Arthur Lewis, M.P.. who seems to bq getting sympathy only from the Commun

ist'sfhe Daily Worker. of course. presents the news in a very different fashion to the other papers. " Poor old Lewis " is the line. and they try to say at the same time that the majority of the catering workers are behind him. I know this to be wrong.

TRAFALGAR SQUARE TRAFALGAR SQUARE TRAFALGAR Square has seen many demonstrations in its time. but 1 think it will be agreed that Sunday's attempt to show that the British working class. is in support of the French Communist inspired riots, will go down as one of the most feeble. The mistake the Comrades at King Street make is to think that numbers mean complete agreement.

The majority of spectators were people who normally go for a walk on Sunday afternoons. and the square is quite good entertainment for after lunch. The usual gang led the cheers. and most of the speakers were the same old reactionary hirelings. I was speaking to a Frenchman at the week-end and he tells me that the strike has been kept going only by many workers being threatened with violence if they went to work. Of course. according to the Comrades. that is the spontaneous expression of the workers.

FIGHTING FACTS A LEAFLET on "Communists .1-3-in the Unions" published by the Catholic Worker in the " Fighting Facts " series. is now available. It seems a pity, however, that it should be admitted to be negative.

I feel that the paper could have been utilised to give a snore positive approach. The leaflet contains a mine of information about certain top ranking Marxists, who plough their trade, within the unions, and may betiseful u hen considering some action.

DUST DISEASES IWOULD suggest that eorkere become familiar with the rules concerning Dust Diseases. Far too

many workers suffer unduly through such diseases simply because they are ignorant of the ways of prevention. and the laws which bind employers to safeguard their workmen. We should act right away. in order to equip ourselyesewith such knowledge, as to be of service to those who don't know. It is through these little actions that we create a sphere of influence and conquest.


A NOTE on the recent elections in " Victoria State, Australia. Ralph Gibson. Secretary of the State Cornmunist Party was the sole representative of his party in the elections. He stood for the industrial Port Melbourne and Dolled 1,500 votes. He was not elected. The significant point is that two years ago, he stood for the same seat and polled 5.177 votes. Australia seems to be much more awake than we in England.

T.U.C. AND FILMS T.U.C. AND FILMS I AM glad to sec that the Trades Union Congress and spokesmen of the technicians and other workers in the film industry are having discussions designed to lead to the improvement of output and quality in the making of British films.

It is a good opportunity for the Catholic representatives to urge straight Christian lines of entertainment and education, not eternal triangles of bogus love and divorce,


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