Page 2, 12th December 1952

12th December 1952
Page 2
Page 2, 12th December 1952 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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Locations: Exeter, Cardiff, Montreal, Oundle


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It came from I ant surprised that no reader has gratified Fr. Hogan's wish to enjoy "the fun of wondering who will hit upon" the authorship of the long excerpt which he quotes (Toe Como L1C HERALD, November 21). I remember reading it many years ago in Charles Reade's "The Cloister and the Hearth."--PaTarce LANGFORD, Many readers identified the quotation-Editor, CATHOLIC HERALD.

Devotion to St. Joseph

We have been requested by the "Centre de Documentation sur Saint Joseph," of Montreal, Canada, to make a survey for them of devotion to St. Joseph in Ireland and the United Kingdom. We would be very grateful if your readers would send us whatever they can about the following: 1. Shrines in honour of St. Joseph, or sanctuaries. 2. Confraternities, sodalities, organisations of any kind erected in his honour. 3. Periodicals, books. pamphlets or publications of any kind in his honour. 4. Congresses or novenas or special devotions or gatherings held in honour of St. Joseph at any time, however far back the records may go. 5. Any miscel laneous information on devotion to St. Joseph. in Ireland and England, that may be available. 6. Names and address of persons or groups to whom we may write for the above informa tion.-Bao. ALPHONSE M. MOONEY, Our Lady of Benburb Priory, Benburb, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.

B.B.C. misrepresentation Whilst agreeing regarding the misrepresentation of history on the radio when applied to the Catholic Church, surely those capable of coherently assimilating the true facts should write to the B.B.C. who, like other public bodies informing the general public, are just realising that Catholic opinion is a power to be reckoned with.-C. L. J. HACiERTY, 23 Tennyson Walk, Tilbury, Essex.

Picture books for children

As a Catholic and as an artist interested in the production and illustration of books, I write to draw attention to my experience in providing books for my two young boys, If I want simple stories or fables, I can get them in plenty and at a moderate price. I can get crazy trains. delightful rabbits, wicked foxes and clucking fowls, all first-rate in design and colour and presentation. But if I want the story of Our Lord for small children, a book OD Christmas or on the Mass, or on Our Lady, the Rosary or the Saints, or on the simplest presentation of the doctrines of our Faith, then I have the greatest difficulty in finding-sometimes I cannot find-anything so technically excellent, so artistically sure. so appealing. Could one or two of the leading Catholic publishers set about remedying this serious weakness in the publishing world?-GronoE W. ADAMSON. 46 Bridge Road, Countess Weir, Exeter.

Mixed marriages

One point in Mr. Humphrey's letter seems very timely. At first it might seem unfair to speak of the colour bar in a country like this, which is much more enlightened than many. However, there is a widespread prejudice against mixed marriages between British and coloured people. Is it possible the time has come for the Church to give a lead towards a still more enlightened outlook?PETER LAVERSUCH, 60 Lessingham Avenue, Upper Tooting, S.W.I 7.

Lilford Polish Technical School

I appeal on behalf of the boys of the Polish Technical School at Lilford, Oundle, Peterborough, Northants. We have 267 Catholic boys, 25 of whom are orphans, brought from India, Palestine, East and South Africa. They are taking a course at this school to fit them for positions in British industry. Their ages are from 14 to 19. We are anxious that the orphans and those boys who, though having parents in this country. still have no home of their own and cannot enjoy family life, should find hospitality with British families during their Christmas vacation. All the boys speak a little English.

The vacation commences on December 18 and ends on January 7, 1953. Railway return tickets will he issued to the boys. They will bring their Emergency Ration Cards.-H. STASZEWSKI, Technical School, Lilford, Oundle, Northants.

Record library

I have recently bought a gramophone and wish to build up a small but select library of records. I like liturgical music and would like to have guidance as to choice. as one gets about books, so that my family (five children) can hear and appreciate the best. I would very much appreciate any suggestions your readers could give.-Lzo F. M. ACKWRIOHT, 20 years an F.C.H., I Allendale Avenue, King's Estate, Wallsend.

Sellers Wanted

I would be grateful if, through your columns. I could ask anyone who is in any way interested in the selling of Catholic newspapers in the shopping centres of Cardiff. to contact me at the address given below.-Rnaear DORAN, 8 Lon lsaf, Rhiwbina, Cardiff.

Books for a Convert

The following are among the books for a convert recommended by readers:

The Thing, Orthodoxy and The Catholic Church and Conversion (G. K. Chesterton); Progress and Religion, The Making of Europe and Understanding Europe (Christopher Dawson); True Humanity and Scholasticisn2 and Polities (Maritaini; The Spirit of Catholicism (Karl Adam); God and the Supernatural (various writers); Now I See (Lunn); Radio Replies (Rumble and Carty); Catholic Controversy (Dudley Rider); Woman Today (Fitzsimons); Rebuilding a Lost Faith (Stoddart); The Everyday Catholic (Harrison); Recent Thought in Focus (Nichol!), End of Controversy (Milner); Roman Catholicism (Corbishley); The Divine Pity (Vann); Pardon and Peace (Wilson); Christ and the Church (R. H. Benson); Letters to a Niece (von Hugel): Jack. Jock and the Corporal (Martindale); I Relieved (Hyde).

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