Page 4, 12th December 1958

12th December 1958
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Page 4, 12th December 1958 — HERE'S THE ANSWER

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Organisations: Council of Trent
People: Christ, Chirst His


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He descended into

WHAT Is the explanation of the words in the Apostles' Creed: "He descended Into hell?" THIS statement means that

Christ's divine Person and His human soul (which was always united to His Person from the instant of the Incarnation) went to the place of waiting where the souls of the just in the Old Law were detained until heaven was opened by Christ at His Ascension. The term "hell" here means that place. From the middle ages it has been termed "Limbo"—from the Latin limbus, or fringe.

The Catechism of the Council of Trent explains the matter thus: "We profess that immediately after the death of Chirst His soul descened into hell, and dwelt there as long as His body remained in the tomb; and also that the one Person of Christ was at the same time in hell and in the sepulchre ... Hell here signifies those secret alsodes in which are detained the souls that have not obtained the happiness of heaven." The souls in Limbo went to heaven when the Redemption was accomplished.



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