Page 8, 12th December 1975

12th December 1975
Page 8
Page 8, 12th December 1975 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lancaster University, Essex Court, Council of Clergy, Newiands School, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Schools Commission, University Union, Christmas Party, Marist College, Moorfield Eye Hospital, University of Essex, St Augustine School, Carol Service, Council of Administration, Institute of International Affairs, Wade Street School, Serra Club, Blessed George Napier School, University Chaplainacy Centre, St Joseph's College, Ecumenical Service, Church of the Assumption, Mary Ward College, Salford's Handicapped Children's Party, Pastoral Council, Margaret Whitehead School, Diocesan Chapter, Rotary Club, Finance Board, Cardinal Godfrey High School, St Hugh's College, St Boniface's College, Campion School, Diocesan Youth Commission, Lady's Church, St Joseph's Hospital, Senior Citiaens' Party, Christ's College of Education, Upholland College, Christ, St Mary's Church


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Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmations, St Benedict, Atherstnne, 3. Monday: Visits St Augustine School. Redditch, 2. Tuesday: Downside Abbey. Wednesday: St Edmund s House, Cambridge.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Monday: Concert, Christ's College of Education. Wootton Road. Liverpool, 7.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass. Upholland College, 11. Wednesday: Meeting In Curial Offices, am; visits Convent of Daughters of St Paul. 7. Thursday: Meeting in Curial Offices, B ishop Alexander of Clifton Sunday: Mass for Hungarians. St Mary-on-theQuay. 3.30. Tuesday: Celebrates Mass In honour of St Oliver Plunkett, Downside Abbey, 2.30. Thursday: Attends Cathedral Parish Social Evening, University Union, Bristol, B.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and BrightonFriday: Consecrates Altar, Poor Glare Convent, Arundel, 3; visits the Parish 01 Rye, Mass and Confirmation. St Anthony of Padua. Rye. 6.30.

Bishop Brewer Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday: Celebrates Mass, St Edmund's Bebington. Saturday. Attends meeting of Faith and Light Pilgrimage, Manchester. Monday: Attends Carol Concert. Free Trade Hall, Manchester.

Bishop Burke Auxiliary of Belford Begins Visitation of Schools and Sick. St Ethelbert, Deane. Sunday: Visitation II, Contlrmation 3, St Ethelbert. Deane, 3, Wednesday: Finance Board. 10.30 B ishop Casey of Brentwood Friday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Dominic a Harold Hill. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Enallsh Martyrs, Hornchurch. Monday: Attends University of Essex Court 2.30.

1 uesclay: Visitation and Confirmation. Holy Redeemer, Harold Hill. Thursday: Carol Service, Chelmsford Prison, 7.

B ishop Clark of Elmham Friday: Confirmation, St Francesca Cabrini, Bedford. 7.30.

B ishop Cleary Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday Saturday: Attends Rectal Justice Conference. Spade House. Sunday: Cletebrates Mass with the Serra Club. St Chad's Cathedral, 3; Confirmations and Benediction, Holy Name, Great Barr. 8.30. Tuesday: Celebrates Mass followed by prize-giving. Convent of Mercy. Wolverton, 7.30.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Mass and Blessing of new school. St John's, Banbury. 10.30: Mass at Blessed George Napier School, Banbury. 2.30. Sunday: Mass and Confirmations. St Joseph. Witnash. 3.30. Tuesday: Consecration of Our Lady's Church, Cowley, Oxford, 7.30. Wednesday: Attends meeting of Assessments Sub-Committee, Olton, 10.45.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Consecrates St Mary's Church, Morecambe, 7. Saturday: Attends meeting of Pastoral Council, University Chaplainacy Centre. 10,30. Sunday: Mass. Sistere of the Cross and Passion, Fleetwood, 11; Mass. Sisters of Nevers. Preston, 3 Tuesday: Visits St Joseph's College, Blackpool, 6.30. Wednesday: Clergy day of Recollection, Thanksgiving Shrine, Blackpool, 11 15: Mass, St Joseph's Hospital, Preston, 5.30: School Play, Layton Hill, Blackpool. 7.30. Thursday, Attends Cathedral Senior Citiaens' Party. Priory Hall, 5.30: Attends Nativity Play. St Joseph's Ye, Lancaster. 7.46.

Bishop Fox of Mersey!. Saturday:

Opening and Consecration of new church. Knighton. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St David's, Dyfed. Tuesday: Talk on Charles de Foucould. Prestatyn. Bishop Grant of Northampton Friday: Meeting of Diocesan Chapter. Sat Urrlay•SUnday: Visitation. Towcester. . Tuesday: Visits Diocesan Students. Alien Hall Wednesday: Attends AGM St Edmund's House, Cambridge. B ishop Chaser of Shrewsbury Sunday: Blesses Stations of the Cross Holy Spirit. Mamie, 2.30. Tuesday: Carol Service, Shrewsbury Prison, 7.

Bishop Gray Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Carol Service. Metropolitan Cathedral, 2.30. Saturday: Attends Christmas Concert by Cathedral Choir. Cathedral Hall, Liverpool. Sunday: Mass. Sr Stephen's. Warrington, 9.30: parish visitation, St Stephen's. Warrington, 11; celebrates Mass there, 6. Monday: Attends meeting at Curial offices. 10.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass In Upholland College, 11.15: Mass. Si Anseim's Chorley. 2.16. Wednesday: Mass, St Michael's, West Derby. for staff and pupils of Cardinal Godfrey High School, 7.30. Thursday: Biasses offices of the Catholic Pictorial, 5.

Bishop Harris Auxiliary of Uverpool FridayAttends meeting of Catholic Social Services, Liverpool, 2.30: Conflr. mation. Campion School. Liverpool 7.30. Sunday: Attends Christmas dinner for Senior Citizens. St Elizabeth's, Litherland: Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Liverpool. 4. Monday: Council of Administration, Liverpool. Friday: Council of Clergy. Canada Convent, Liverpool. Saturday: Carol Service, Lewis' Store. Liverpool.

B ishop Holland of Salford Saturday:

Salford's Handicapped Children's Party, Margaret Whitehead School. Salford, 5. Sunday: Confirmation, St William, Great Lever 3. Monday: Carol Concert, Free Trade Hall Manchester. 7.30. Tuesday: Clergy Conference, Canada Convent, Manchester, 11 30; blesses and opens Si Mary's Primer,/ School, Swinton 7.30. Wednesday: Finance Board. 10.30. Thursday. Clergy Recollection 10.30.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham

Friday: Retreat, Sacred Heart Convent, Rearsby. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Church of the Assumption, Beeston. Monday. Visits St Augustine a School, Nottingham. Tuesday-Wednesday: Study day for Priests, Mary Ward College, Keyworth. Thursday: Luncheon. St Hugh's College. Tollerton Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough -Monday: Prize Night. Marist College. Hull. Tuesday: Governors and Head Teachers' Meeting. Newiands School, 2.30 Wednesday: Mass, Sr George's School. Middlesbrough. ii. Thursday. Schools Commission 2.30.

Bishop Mahon Auxiliary of WestminsterSaturday: Ordinations. isleworth. Sunday: Confirmation. Kingsbury: reception, Diocesan Seminary, Beaufort Street. Monday: Mass, Beaufort Street Clergy Day. Tuesday: Institute of International Affairs, Diocesan Youth Commission, MEW 8.30. Wednesday: Council of Administration, Addresses Civil Service Guild Course,

Bishop Pearson Auxiliary of Lancaster

Friday: Mass and visit, Silverdale. 3. Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council, Lancaster University, 11.30. Sunday: Visit and Mess, Larkhill Convent, Preston, 10.30; visit and Mass, liNton Hill Convent, Blackpool. 4. Tuesday: Meeting. Rose Castle, 11.30. St Joseph's College, Blackpool. 7. Wednesday: visit idt awin da ma, a sus t, I Cearsmi se:0. rsp r e Ps troens t, n1 .1;,3vi3soit Thurs day: Education Meeting, Carlisle. 11. B ishop Restleaux Of Plymouth Saturday: Ecumenical Service, Vaimborne Minster 3; Mass and consecrates Altar, St Catherine's, Wimborne, 6.30. Sunday; Mass and Visitation, 10.30: Mass and Confirmation In the afternoon, St Catherine's. Wimborne. Monday: Christmas Party, Christ the King, Plymouth, 2.30; Christmas Concert. St Boniface's College. 7. Tuesday: Concert, Stoodley Knowie Convent, 2,30; Carol

Concert and St Joseph's House. Plymouth.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Ilkley.. Tuesday: Harrogate Rotary Club, 1. Wednesday: Confirmation, Ettofts. 10.30. Thursday: School, Mass, Sowerby Bridge, 11.

B ishop Warlock of Portsmouth Friday: Sixth form lecture, Sanriown, Isla of Wiuht, 2.45. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Edmund's Horndean. Monday: Mass, and bestows Papal Awards. Windsor. 7.30.

B ishopGuaztelli Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Christmas Week, Westminster Conference Centre, 8. Sunday: Ordination of Deacons, 10: Mass and Annointing of Sick and Commissioning of Ministers of Communion, Hoxton Parish, 4. Monday: Stella Marie House, Ealing 2.30. Tuesday: Wade Street School, Poplar, pm. Thursday: Mass for Nursing Staff, Moorfield Eye Hospital, 2: Evening News Festival of Carols. Westminster Cathedral, 8.

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