Page 8, 12th December 1980

12th December 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 12th December 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: CAPOD Guidelines Committee, Finance Committee, ReSCile Council, Archbishop's Council, Cathedral Social Centre, SC Club, St Gils's Church, Attends Christmas Party for Handicepped, Board of Administration, St John Vianney School, AFICIC Sub -commission, Rescue Society Council, Attends Lancaster University Court, Mutat College, Schools Commission, South East London Caribbean Catholic Organisation, St Mary's Secondary School, Ushaw College, Deanery Attends Carol Service, Carol Service, Bishop Vaughan School, Blackheath Luncheon Club, M. Polish Church, Mayfield Club, Highfield's Catechetical Centre, College of Further Education, Parish Centre, Attends Senior Citizens Christmas Party, St °Hound's School, Christmos party, Siinday• Gives Guild of Ransom Day of Recollection, Loreto College, Justice and Pain Commission, National Cacholic Fund, Good Shepherd Church, JYriliGO and Peace Committee, St Joseph's Church, St John Almond School, Mobberley Boys' School, St Peter's Church, Bishop Douglas's School, St Joseph's School, Charity of Jesus and Mary, em_ Monday:Carol Service


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Bishops' Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

A-Presentation of Award C-Conflrmetion M-M..


VVisitation Cerdinal Hume, Archhiehop of Westminster: Fricley. V. YMCA Indian She:lent Hostel. Fitzroy Square, 6 prn. Prizegiving. Bishop Douglas's School, East FInchley. 7.30 om Siinday• Gives Guild of Ransom Day of Recollection, Damescus House. Monday M. and blesses parish centre. Chiswick High Road, 6.30 pm Tuesday: Christmas celebration. Westminster Cathedral, 7.30 pm. Wednesdey. Meets area bishops. Archbishop's House. am. Thursday Praeciteb at Sheller Carol Concert. St George's Hann., Square. 12 IS prd: Archbishop Bowen of Ararthwerlt: Friday. M and V, Wiroblerion ComMon, 7 30 pm. Monday. Meeting with Directors Catholic Herald. 12_45 per Tuesday: Diocesan University ChapleIncy. Lunch, 12.30 poi Archbishop Warlock OfUverpool: Saturday: Mewing of National Cacholic Fund, Archlushop'S House. Westminster Sunday/Monday: V end C. St Robert Bellermine, Bootle TualldayMeeting of St John Almond Deanery. St John Almond School. 7 30 Pr" Wednesday. Meeting g Archbishop's Council. Curial Offices, 10 am Thera:her Meeting of AFICIC Sub -commission ttem St Katharine s Colle. p. Bishop Alismender of Clifton: Sunday M. Polish Church, Bristol, forlowed by Blessing of Polish Convent. 10 sm. M. Vocations exhibition, St Joseph's Perish Fishpond/I. 3.30 pm, Tuesday: Attends Salisbury Catholic Schools Carol Service at Salisbury Cathedral. 2 30 pet Wednesday: Attends School production of "Aloddin. at St Joseph's School, Marshfield, 2.30 pm Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Saturday Mimday V and C. St Joseph& Upton Wednesday Carol Service, Mobberley Boys' School. Thursday. M, Pool Clare Convent. Ellesmere M. of thanksgiving for Bishop Grew, St Vincent's, AllfIncham 7,30 pm.

Bishop Burka, Auxibery of Salford; Friday: Board of Administration. 10.30 ant. Sunday: Y. Our Lady of the Assumption. Little Harwood. 10 am. Monday, M of Thanksgiving. St Mary's Secondary School. Stretford, 11.15 ern. Wednesday Schools Commission, 10.30 rm. Thursday: ReSCile Council, Didsbury, 11 am

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: Friday: MS Monday...Thursday: ARC1C

B ishop Emery of Portemonth: Saturday: 0, *Inv A Day to the priesthood, St Thomas Mom Ilford, 11.30 ent. Sunday. C, Our tidy Queen of Peace, Southbourne. 10.30 am Ch•rminster Annunciation. 4 per. Wednesday. Priem' Deanery Meeting, Shanklin B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: M, foe Sisters of Cross end Passion. Lytham. 4 pm. Saturday' Attends Lancaster University Court. 1030 am. V, Yeinand Christmas Fair. 12 noon. M. for Dominican Sisters. Preston. 2.30 pro Attends Christmas Party for Handicepped, Sacred Henri. Parish Centre. Preston, 3_45 pm. Sunday: M. for Sisters of Mercy. Wigton. 11.15 are. Tuesday. M. for Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary. Ansdell, 2 30 pm, Attends Senior Citizens Christmas Party. Cathedral Social Centre, 5 pm Wednesday M. for Salesian Sisters Brintergh Holt, 2.30 pm. Thuriday: AGM of Housekeepers' Fund Bishop's House. 11 am M. for Daughters of Holy Ghost, Preston. 6 pm. B ishop Gray, of Shr•webury: Friday. %anon, advent M. St Joseph's Stockport. Saturday. KSC Youth Competition, Chester. Tuesday: Meets priests of St Warburgtra Dear-trey Attends Vocations or-sop dinner Wednesday: Meets priests of Si Mary s Deanery Attends Carol Service. Shrewsbury Prison ThursdayMeats Priests of Sr Margaret Ward Deanery. M of thanksgiving for Bishop Grew, St Vinainfa AltdrIcharn, 7.30 P..

B ilthop Ousassel, Bishop M East London: Friday Allen Hell, 6 pm. Saturday Governors' meeting of Syori House, 2.30 pm Sunday: M. Thomas More parish. 5 pm. Tuesday: Deanery conference, lelingtun Wednesday: COA M. SI Aloytius'. Sornerstown, 8 per Bishop Plants of Mkkflesbrougit: Sunday. M, St Chad,. Kirbymoorside. 10.30 ern Monday: Attends Prizegiving, Maria, College. Hull. Tuesday Attends Governors meeting, Mutat College. Hull. 4,30 pm. Attend. Hull Luncheon Club Dinner. 7 30 pm Walsall Hervey, Bishop In North London: Fades. Our Lady of Lourdes school. New Southgate. 9,30 pm. Paoal Award_ Wambiey Preston Road, per Sunday: Council meeting. Catholic Doctor* Guild. 0.45 ern CMAC Barnet Delusory DWI/MU& House. 2.30 peer Tuesday St John Vianney School, Was' Green, 9,30 pm Wednesday: CDA 10 am. Thursday: St Catherine's School Barnet, 9.30 am. Sarre meeting 7 pm B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday_ M, for St Lucy s Day for the South East London Caribbean Catholic Organisation with social afterwards, St James the Great. Peckhem Rye. 7 per Mondey. Prealtlea or Diocetan Finence Meeting, 11 em. M and induction of pansh priest, Clapham Park. 7 30 pm Tuesday. V. Corpus Christi Junior school. Briktnn. 10 am-3 pm. &warn Citizens' Christmaa Dinne,. Mayfield Club, Moitingharn. 6 30 pro. Thursday. Area Bishops meeting. Archbishop's House, Southwark, 10 am-12 noun Blackheath Luncheon Club. 1 pm. M end A, St Mary's, Clepham, 7 pro Bishop Panchen, Auxiliary of Uverpool. Sunday' V. Sr Tense's, Penworthani Mondey M and Christmos party for handicapped. St Matthews, Clubrnore. 7 pm. Tuesday V. St Tonnes Penwortharn St Alphonsus Deanery meeting M. 7.15 pm. WednesdayCarol Service, Sinn, Store. Lrverpool. 5 30 am Meeting of Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices, 10 em. M. Holy Anuuls, West Vale, Kirkby, Pm.

Mahon Holland of Belford: Friday: Board of , Administretion. 10.30 ant. Sunday: V. Good Shepherd. Blackburn, 11 am Wednesday: Schools Cornminion, 10.30 ern. Thursday. Rescue Society Council. Dirtsbury. 11 am B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Bouthwerk: Saturday: 0, Kenn' Green, 11 arn. Sunday M. West Norwood end presents Serie Murmur medal. 12 noon B ishop 'Convent, Bishop hi Central London: -Friday: Adult educative Committee meeting. Twickenham. 5.30 pm. Saturday: G., Allen Hall, 12 noon. Sunday: M. for Catechomenate Group. 3 ere Monday Deans' Meeting. 3 pm T tiearlayi Deauem mooting, Chelsea. 11 ant. Distribution of Prizes, Loreto College, 7 uln Wednesdey. CDA Meeting. Archbishop a House. 10 ant B ishop Undsey, of Mixhom and Newcastle: Friday. Finance Committee. Bishop's House, 2.30 pm Saturday. M for Deaf. St Dominic's, Newcastle. 5.30 pm B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Fridetf Memorial M. for Mrs Kerr, Melbourne. 11.30 am. Opens new Highfield's Catechetical Centre, Derby. 4 pm Sall/May: M arid Commissions Spacial Ministers of the Eucharist, Cathedral, 12 noon. Sunday: V and C. Mother of God, Leicester Monday: Meeting at Bishop's Lodge. Leicester. 2.30 pm M and present Papal medal. Stepleford. 7 pm. Tuesday: Attends Church Leaders meeting, Lincoln, 2 pm bishop McMahon of Broniwood: Friday: Meets priest of Barking Deanery. SS Mary and Fthelburga. Barking. 12 noon. Saturday; Initiatee candidates as lay ministers of Holy Communion, Cathedral. 4 pro

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and

B righton: Friday: Meets diocesan education teem. Crawley. Saturday: Att•nds meeting of Dioce W ri Justice and Pain Commission, Storrington Sunday: V. Uckfield Parish. Tuesday M and bl new hell, FrImloy Dinah,

Ilishop,O'Connor, AtralHary of Liverpool: Friday C. St Wilfrid's. Ashton in Makerfleld. 7.30 pm.

Bishop O'llrion, Mahon in Hertfordehire: Saturday: JYriliGO and Peace Committee, (SC Club, B pm. Sunday. Dleconote 0. st Good Shepherd Church. Shentey, t045 em_ Monday:Carol Service al Our Lady Oueen of All Creation, Hemel Hempstead. 7 30 pm. Tuesday' CAPOD Guidelines Committee at Bishop's House, Northampton. 4 pm. Wednesday. CDA Archbishop's HOU5e. Westminster. 10 am. Thursday: Youth M. at Letchworth, 7 30 pm.

Moho, neetiall■AN of Plymouth: Sunday: V and M, St Joseph's Church. Weymouth. 11 am. C. 3 pin Mondify, Attends Notre Dame Prizegiving, 7.30 pm Wednesday Bishop Vaughan School. Cerol cancer], St Peter's Church. Crownriel, Plymouth. Thursday. Attends Christmas concert of St Bonifece's Coilege. The College of Further Education, Devonport. 7 pm

Bishop SwIndlehuret, Awaken/ of elexham and Naniveautle: -Friday: Finance Committee. Bishop's House. 2.30 pm. Tuesday. Carol Service. YMCA. Stockton on Tees, 7.30 pm. Wednesday. M for admission to candidature, Ushaw College. 5 30 Pm

B ishop Tripp, Ausiliary of Southwark: Friday / Monday V. Battersea Park, Wednesday: Attends St °Hound's School. -Christmas Presentation" at Barrow 7 pm

B ishop Ward, Coadjutor Bishop of Mianavis: Sunday: V and C, St Asaph. Tuesday: Sermon at St Gils's Church, Wrexham. 2 pm.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds: SaturdaY Addresses Nuns of the Diocese. 10.30 am. Sunday. M end C, M Hendon. Wednesday: Re opening Of Si Theresa's Cam-notes, pm Thurschni Meeting of Church Leaders, Sheffield,

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