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12th February 1937
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No School Left in Nazi Stuttgart

From Our German Correspondent In spite of the declarations of the Fulda Episcopal Conference last month, and of the urgent exhortations of the bishops, Nazi terror made this year's school campaign in Southern Germany a complete success for the so-called German Common School and a catastrophic defeat for the Catholics.

Matters are worst in Stuttgart, where not a single Catholic school is left.

Stuttgart has 422,000, among whom almost 100,000 are Catholics. Before Hitler came to power, practically all Catholic children went to Catholic schools. A few secular schools of Socialist inspiration had been opened in 1919, but had little success.

The " Plebiscites"

In 1936, the Nazis started their " plebiscites " of the parents, to which the Bishops referred in their declaration of January 14, 1937, in the following words: " The suppression of denominational schools was achieved by means of so-called plebiscites for which there was no legal basis and where, in many cases, the freedom of vote did not exist. We leave it to the justice of history to examine impartially how those alleged majorities were reached and to judge the procedure accordingly."

This year. the final blow fell. In the whole of Stuttgart, a city of the size of Edinburgh, there remained 57 children whose parents wished them to be educated in a Catholic school. This number was considered insufficieht to guarantee efficient working of the school; the school administration decided not to open any Catholic school.

In the official communique to the press, it is said that the decision is absolutely in agreement with the Concordat which pro vides for the existence of Catholic schools , only where there is a sufficient number to guarantee an orderly functioning of the school.

In Munich, from 55,000 school children attending the elementary schools, only 2,143, i.e., 3.89 per cent., have been booked for the Catholic and Protestant schools. Protestants are few in the Bavarian capital, so that out of approximately 50,000 Catholic children only 2,000 go to a Cathcs lie school.

Statistics of pupils attending Munich denominational schools during the years in which the Third Reich has been in power are as follows: 1933 .. 49,000 1934 .. 47,500 1935 36,464 1936 .. 19,266 1937 .. .. 2,147 The Nazis have good reason to hope that next year Munich will be where Stuttgart is now.

Cardinal Faulhaber, who conducted personally the defence against the Nazi aggressors, has protested in Berlin against the scandalous methods used to force the hand of Catholic parents.

Berlin Starts

In Berlin, where until now little propaganda has been made for the abolition of church schools, the Nazis have just started their campaign.

Several " community schools" will be opened after the Easter holidays. There is little doubt that everywhere in Germany the fight will be conducted in the same way as in the South.

Arrest of Danzig Editor-Priest.Page 9.

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