Page 10, 12th February 1965

12th February 1965
Page 10
Page 10, 12th February 1965 — New review on theology issued

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New review on theology issued

Catholic Herald Reporter

THE first number of a new theological review edited by some of the best-known theologians of the Vatican Council has just been published in seven languages in eight countries.

It is Conciliuni, the result of the work of a Dutch publisher supported by internationally famed scholars. Each of its 10 issues a year will deal with a particular theological topic.

Handling the themes will be Edward Schillebeeckx,

Dogma; Johannes Wagner, Liturgy; Karl Rahner, S.J., patoral theology; Hans Kung, ecumenism; Fraz Buckle, moral theology; Johannes Metz, church and world; Roger Aubert, church history; Teod or o Jimenez Urresti and Neophytos Edelby. canon law; Christian D u q u o c, 0.P., spirituality; Ronald Murphy, O.Carm, and Pierre Benoit, 0.P., scripture. Among the executive editorial committee members is Fr. Charles Davis, professor of dogmatic theology at Ware, Herts.

The purpose of the review will not compete with the existing theological journals, a general introduction by Fr. Rahner and Fr. Schillebeeckx states. It adds: "A new theology is taking shape which may have much more to say . . to those who carry out the pastoral tasks within the church . . . than the theology they learned years ago in the course of their education and training."

The introduction states that the title, Conciliunt, "in no way aims to arrogate any definite official claims to itself. On the contrary the choice means that the review will take cognisance of what the Church's pastoral authority-so remarkably expressed at Vatican II-has laid down as guidance for the faithful".

The title also was a tribute to the initiative of Pope John XXIII which has been so successfully continued by Pope Paul.

Mindful of the problems facing review readers, the introduction makes note that one section "will provide informative articles (short enough to have a chance of being read) on points on immediate interest in present day theological problems", The section called "Chronicle of the Living Church" itself describes the feature as one which the editors would have liked to make "a kind of Bar Jonah where tired readers could take a break". However, it had to maintain the fact that theology is not something separate from ordinary daily

life. •

The feature, therefore, would have to settle for drawing "the attention of theologians and those interested in theology to contributions on topical aspects of the living Church, or, if you like, to provide 'flashes' to light up a contemporary `biography' of the living Church. to act as distress signals, or reconnaissance symbols, or beacons, or simply as hopeful and encouraging signs.

"It is not our intention to compete with the daily press, the radio or television, in 'hot news' or 'scoops'."

In the main articles the theme for the month will be continued in the same month each year and "studied afresh". The first issue, dated January, 1965 (there will be no publication in July or August) concerns Dogma.

Among the contributors are Fr. Schillebeeckx, and Dutch, German. Belgian, French and Polish theologians, and the American layman Michael Novak. Publishers in Britain are Burns & Oates, and the magazine sells at 12s. 6d. an issue.

Pope may attend Marian Congress

Pope Paul told 50 journalists from 20 Latin American countries on Monday that he might attend the Marian Congress in the Dominican Republic from March 18-25.

Asked by one of the reporters if he would come, the Pope answered, somewhat enigmatically: "It could he, it could he".

Rome reports say the Vatican Secretariat of State has been inquiring about charter planes.

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