Page 3, 12th February 1965

12th February 1965
Page 3
Page 3, 12th February 1965 — In Brief . . It f r ont

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In Brief . . It f r ont

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CATHOLICS of Stockport, Cheshire, subscribed for gifts I,' the Anglican vicar of St. Peter's Church, the Rev. D. S. Bennett, who is leaving the town to take up a living at Frampton Cotterell, near Bristol. Fr. J. Russell, parish priest of St. Joseph's, presented him with a cheque from the Catholic Young Men's Society at their club on Saturday evening.

The Union of Catholic Mothers gave him a desk set. Alderman Walter Durr, the Catholic Mayor of Stockport, was also at the presentation.

ENGLISH SUNG MASS.—Mass will be sung in English at a study weekend from February 26 to 28 enitled: "Singing our Prayer, Today and 'Tomorrow" at the Cenacle Convent, Grayshott. It will be conducted by Dom Aldhelni Dean. O.S.B., of Quarr Abbey, who has adapted a Plainchant Mass. Archbishop King of Portsmouth has given special permission for it to be used.

COACH FOR INVALIDS. — A motor coach for the use of invalid children at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Dun Laoghaire, Eire, is to he presented in Dublin next week under the Variety Club Sunshine Coach Scheme. It will be handed over on Tuesday by Sir William Butlin before n lunch at the Metropole Restaurant given by the Variety Club of Ireland.

POLES BUILD CENTRE.—Mans. field and District Polish Catholic Association has almost completed a £40,000 recreation centre whioh has been built almost entirely by voluntary labour. Fr. Z. GLIZOWiCZ, whose idea it was, helped the members, mostly miners, in the work. The centre includes a small theatre, classrooms for children and a club for adults.

BOILERMAKERS' CHIEF.—Mr. Dan McGarvey, a Catholic, and a parishioner of St. }We's, Denton Burn, Newcastle, has been appointed president of one of the most powerful trade unions in Great Britain— the 120,000 strong Boilermakers' Society. He takes over from Mr. Edward Hill.

OF EASE, A new church hall is to be built as a chapel-of-case to St. John's Church, Banbury, to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding parish. It will be next to -41 proposed new primary school. The estimated cost is t10,000. JOINT PROCESSION.—fall ow i rig the success of joint services during the recent Week of Prayer for Christian Unity five churches in Wythenshawe, South Manchester— Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist. and Congregational—arc to hold a united procession during the summer. It is the idea of Fr. Martin Kehoe, parish priest of St. Anthony's.

BISHOP'S SECRETARY.—Fr. F. Rice, of St. Anthony's, Wythenshawe, Manchester, this week took up his appointment as secretary to Bishop Graser of Shrewsbury. He replaces Fr. E. M. Abbott. who moves to Our Lady Help of Christiens and St. Oswald, Oswestry.

CATECHETICAL SCHOOL.—Fr. Hubert Richards and Fr. Peter de Rosa, from St. Edmund's College, Ware, will be the principal lecturers at the National Cetechetical Centre's annual summer school, at the Hopwood hall 'Teachers' Training College, Middleton, Manchester, from July 24-31. The theme will be "leaching the Sacraments".

SINGING FAMILY. — Mr. John Edward Gleason, who has just retired for health reasons after 32 years as choirmaster at St. Patrick's Church, Wigan. has been succeeded by his son, Mr. Gerard Gleeson. Three other sons are in the choir.

NEW SCHOOLS.— Wiltshire Education Committee is planning a new Catholic junior school for 200 pupils at Hilperton, On the outskirts of Trowbridge, Wilts. It would relieve pressure on the existing school in Wingfield Road, which would be rebuilt to take 300 children. A new Catholic secondary school is also to he built in the town.

TALKS ON MARRIAGE, — A series of talks for engaged couple,. began at the Bradford Catholic Centre on Wednesday. Priests, laymen and doctors arc combining to discuss many aspects of married life. Some of the talks will be given by husbands and wives jointly.

LOURDES SERVICES. — Archbishop ileenan of Westminster addressed more than 2,000 children from schools in the diocese at the annual Lourdes service yesterday in Westminster Cathedral. Afterwards there was a procession and Benediction. Canon Guazzelli preached or an. evening service which included Rosary, Procession of Our Lady and Pontifical Benediction.

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