Page 9, 12th January 1962

12th January 1962
Page 9
Page 9, 12th January 1962 — 36 parishes in U.C.M. scheme

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36 parishes in U.C.M. scheme


SEVERAL thousand Catholic mothers in the Salford diocese have been told how to put over "the facts of life" to their children. The talks, in a scheme which is being run by the diocese's Union of Catholic Mothers, were started a year ago and have been given in 36 parishes so far. It is planned to give them in every parish with a U.C.M. foundation where the parish priest welcomes the team.

Says Mrs. Nel Dalingwater, a Catholic marriage guidance counsellor and founder-president of the U.C.M. at St. Anne's, Stretford: "There was some opposition at first. Some parents did not like the idea. They thought that talking about sex would make their children more interested in it.

"But TV is bringing sex into the home whether these parents like it or not. Children, watching a TV film, say: 'Mummy. I thought you couldn't have a baby until you were married,'

"They have to know the facts. No-one wants to hurt them."


The suggestion to run the course came at the national committee meeting of the U.C.M. from Bishop Pearson of Lancaster, who is the U.C.M. spiritual director. Salford is the only diocese to put the idea into full effect so far. Bishop Beck of Salford has given the scheme his approval.

Two hundred invitations are personally delivered by U.C.M. members to mothers in parishes. Young mothers are particularly welcome. Attendances of between 20 and 150 have been recorded. The average number is 50.

Mothers are told it is their duty


TN the New Year's Honours, the M.B.E. was awarded to Miss Margaret C. Hayes, sister of Dom Clement Hayes, the headmaster of Ealing Abbey Junior School.

Miss Hayes is an executive civil servant in the National Assistance Board in Manchester. She was for 28 years in the choir of St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Waterloo, Liverpool, and her father, Alden-min Walter Hayes, was the first Catholic mayor of the borough, 1943-44.

Also in the Honours List, receiving the CB., is Mr. Gerald MacMahon, Under-Secretary Board of Trade. Educated at Clongowes Wood, he served as ,adviser to the U.K. Commissioner in India, 1952-58. He lives in Putney.

Good Friday films

An application to the Southend Watch Committee for the opening of cinemas on Good Friday was opposed by Mr. Cyril Clancy of the Southend Catholic Evidence Guild at a meeting last week in the Southend Council offices.

to speak to their daughters and advised to tell their husbands to talk to their sons. "The fathers Lend to jib at the duty", commented Mrs. Dalingwater.

Mrs. Maureen Lee, president of the 6,000 member diocesan U.C.M.. said many parents did not know what to say to their children.


In Middlesbrough diocese, 30 people have been trained to give similar talks. Bishop Brunner, says in a foreword to a book, Sex and your Children.

"Sex education is an integral part of a child's religious and moral training. The right to give it belongs to parents as part of their right to form their children's.

characters in virtue. If parents give this right to others to exercise for them, those to whom they give it must teach the children exactly in accordance with the parents' wishes.

"Instruction about sex must always be given privately, never_ to a group of ohildren."

Mrs. loan Bradley, secretary of the diocese's U.C.M., said: "Some parents have been dodging the. issue. Their children arc growing up ignorant in sex and going out in the world with wrong ideas. This scheme might help to reduce the number of unmarried mothers."

Mrs. Bradley has five children, aged eight to 21.

The author of "Sex and Your Children" is Fr. David Quinlan, of Egton Bridge, near Whitby, formerly chaplain to the diocesan. Catholic Marriage Advisory COtineil's pre-marriage training centre. Five thousand copies of his book --which is for parents of children. up to the age of 14-have been' sold at 3s. 6d. and a second edition is being printed. Fr. Quinlan is now writing. another book for parents of children between 16 and 18 which includes some pre marriage training.



Archbishop Grimahavi of Birmingham.Sunday: Confirmation and Pontifical Benediction, .Ss. Joseph and Helen, King; Norton. Birmingham, 3 P.M.

Archbbhop Heenan of Liverpool. Today (Friday); Attends nativity mune given by children of Si. Winefride's School,' atom le .

Bishop heck of Salford. Wednesday: Presides at meeting of diocesan Finance Board, 10,45 a.m.: Attends Irish Association Dinner at Belle Vise, 7.30 p.m. Friday (January 19): Presides at meeting of Allen Hall Bnard of Governors, 3 p.m.

Bishop Dwyer of Leeds. Sunday: Attends Byelo-Russian Mass, St. Patrick's, Bradford, 1. 9 a.m. Thursday: Church Unity Octave, Mt. St. Mary's, Leeds, 8 p.m.


Liverpool.-The following parish priests have been appointed: Canon Maguire to St. Austin's. Thatro Heath: Er, Gerard Mitchell to St. Brendan's, Liverpool, The followjug assistant priests have been appointed: Fr. Ambrose Hickey to Our Lady's, Wavernee: Fr. Alexander Jonea, S.T.L., L.S.S.. to be Chaplain CO St. Vincent'a School 101 the Blind Children, Liverpool, 12.

Papal Concert Pope John last week attended a special concert of Christmas music presented by the Sistine choir ie the Vatican's Celementine Hall. Also present were the cardinals and other officials of the Vatican administrative staff,

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