Page 2, 12th January 1973

12th January 1973
Page 2
Page 2, 12th January 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Butler. Auxiliary of Westmlnster—Sunday: Garston Visitation. Thursday: Westminster Cathedral: preaches at opening at Unity Week. Friday: Chatloner Club, SMC Conference.

B ishop Guaraelli, Auxiliary of Westminster—Sunday: Ukrainian Cathedral, 10.30. Monday: National Conference of Priests Working Party. Tuesday: National Conference of Priests Working Party. National Council for the Lay Apostolate, 5.45, Islington Deanery. 8. WedneSdav: St. Mary of the Angels. Bayswater. Conference, 11. Mount Carmel School, 7.30. Friday: Laity Commission.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster—Saturday: Pastoral visit, Grove Park. Sunday: Pastoral visit, Grove Park.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham—Saturday: Ordains Fr. G. Byrne. St. Patrick's. Coventry. 3. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Sac,ed Heart, Coleshill, 10.45. Wednesday: Visitation of sick and schools: Holy Cross Parish. Lie hfield.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham — Tuesday: Attends meeting of Schools Commissioners, 11. CEC executive meeting, 7.30. Meeting of Governors, Plater College. 6.15, Friday: Visits schools and sick. St. Anne's, Coventry.

Archbishop Beck of LIverboot — Friday: Official opening St. Andrew's/St. Veronica's Comprehensive School at Hunts Cross.

B ishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool —Saturday: Meeting for Handicapped Children Sunday: Annual Judges' Service, Anglican Cathedral. Tuesdas, Celebrates Mass. St. Andrew's School, Liverpoel. Wednesday: Visits Maricourt Comprehensive School. Maghull. Thursday: Meeting of NeW Parish and Boundaries Commission, Friday: Attends UCM dinner. Southport.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool —Friday: Meeting of centre! Coordinating Committee for "Call to the North" at St. Andrew's Hall, Bishopthorpe, York. Sunoay: Presides at Mass and preaches, St, James', Orrell, on occasion of parish visitation, 10.20. Peptides at Mass and preaches. St. JAMS', Orrell, 11.20. Celebrates Mass arid preaches. St. James'. Orrelt, 4. Tuesday: Meeting of local co-ordinating committee for "Call to the North." Central Hail, Renshaw Street, Thursday: Day conference conducted by Christian Education Centre on "Liturgy in the Secondary School." 10.30. Friday: Building Office meeting, Curial Offices. 2.30.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth— Friday: Visits camp for Ugandan Asians, Greenham: celebrates Mass, 5. Sunday: Attends Ukrainian Liturgy, Ukrainian Cathedral, London. 10, Tuesday: Island Group amenities meeting, Guernsey. Wednesday: Presides at meeting. Catholic Social Services Council. Southampton. 2.30. Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of NorthamPtGoonr—i esStioi nnd a y ha: oCnodn4 m aTtal ol kn , oSnt . ..PAegter eer Peter'

Statement on the Eucharist." Black

II as. Coadjutor of Nottingham — Saturday: Presents Silver Jubilee Medals. Pioneer Association, St. Peter's, Leicester. Tuesday: Meeting ol Diocesan Finance Committee, Bishop's Ho""e11 he eeti"9ol Lenten Stations a%I on s SusCemMnte. St. Paul's, 2.30. Wed. nesdav: Meeting of Catholic Regional COBmismhiottpeeH.*Hand of Salford — Sunday: Visitation. 11. Confirmation, St. Bernadette's, Whitefield, 3. Monday: St. Joseph's Hospital Ball, Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester, 7.30. Wednesday: Begins Tv ihsultrastdlceayn:. Ss% hPoloillistirsc.omLomwiesrsioKnersa110. 11. .30. Friday: United Service, Manchester Caters h or api, 07.0 ur3ke..

Auxiliary of Salford-Sunday: Visitation, 11. Confirmation, St. Michael's, Whitefield, 3. Thursday: Schools CommISSIOn, 10.30. Friday: Completes visitation, St. Michael's, Whitefietd, 2.30.

B ishop Restleaux of Plymouth--Friday: Holy Hour, St. Augustine's Priory. Newton Abbot. Sunday: Mass and consecration of altar. Cathedral. 6. Thurs. day: Mass for Unity, Christ the King, 12; BUillotyp mcaettying.f. Brentwood—Sunday: Attends Liturgy. Ukrainian Cathedral, London, 10.30. Preaches for Unity Week, Chelmsford Cathedral, 6.30. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Edmund Of Canterbury, Loughton. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Vincent's, Bet ontree.

B ishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of mayhem and Newcastle-Friday: "Call to the North" Meeting, Bishopthorpe, York, 11. Saturday: Attends dinner Teesside Newman Association, Queen's Hotel, Stockton, 7.30. Monday and Tuesday: Meeting of Joint working Party on Pastoral Strategy, KkC Club, London. Friday: Laity Commitslon, ksc Club, London, B.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds--Wednesday: Sub-Commission of Pastoral Council meeting. Eltotts. 3, Thursday: Finance meeting, Curial Offices, 11.

Malmo Grasar of Shrewsbury—Sunday: Ordinations, St. Joseph's. Malpas, 3. Tuesday: Meeting at Runcorn, it. Thursday! Meeting of Administration Boaeridsh. opCrewe.

Brewer. Auxiliary of Shrewsbury—Tuesday: Meeting at Runcorn. 11. ThurStiar Meeting of Administration Board. Crewe.

B ishop Beware of Arundel and

Brighton — Friday: Communications course, Catholic Radio and TV Centre. Hatch End. Monday: Meeting, Hierirchr Education Commission's Department for Ciaantedcohtellcs. Corpus Christi College.

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