Page 6, 12th July 1946

12th July 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 12th July 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


The Pope has appointed Mgr. Riberi, Archbishop of Dara, acting PAPAL INTERNUNCIO IN CHINA. Mgr. Riberi was Apostolic Delegate for the Missions in Africa.

A report that the Pope was going to intervene indirectly with THE BIG FOUR on behalf of Italy has been denied by Vatican Radio, which describes it as entirely without foundation.

Special honours were shown to MGR. CORTESI. the Apostolic Nuncio to the legitimate Polish Government, recently, on the occasion of his episcopal jubilee. The Bishop received a letter of congratulation from the Pope. Mgr. Cartesi is listed in the current Annuario Pantifko, together with Mgr. Godfrey, as Nuncio and Charge d'Affaires, respectively.

Mgr. Aloysius Muench, Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, whose Vatican mission to Germany has been widely publicised, has been temporarily appointed APOSTOLIC VISITOR to Germany. The duties of Nuncio are being covered by Mgr. Carlo Colli, the Charge d'Affaires.

Osservatore ROIllatiO has described as "DIABOLICAL CRIMINALITY" the campaign against priests which resulted in the recent murder of two priests near Bologna.


CARDINAL VILLENEUVE has recovered after a sudden attack of illness considered serious enough to cause the Last Sacraments to be administered.

COLOMBIA Mgr. Giuseppe Bellrami, Apostolic Nuncio to Colombia, has been named PAPAL LEGATE to ths thrifts'

Marian Congress, which will take place at Bogota, Colombia, July 12 to 16.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA The Pope received DR. SCHWARZEBURG, new Czechoslovak Chargé d'Affaires at the Vatican, on Wednesday of last week. Dr. Schwarzeburg conveyed to the Holy Father the thanks of the President of Czechoslovakia for greetings sent to him on his re-election.

According to Vatican Radio, the Catholics of Czechoslovakia, numbering about two-thirds of the populadon, have opposed the decision of the Government to nationalise education in Czechoslovakia. The Catholics demand that the 1,823 schools remain under their own control.


The Church in France has collected and SENT TO POLAND some millions of francs in assistane.:. It has also been responsible for the collection of books, classical and scientific, for Polish students, especially in seminaries.


More than 1,000 B.A.O.R. men and women left Iserlohn last Saturday on a pilgrimage to LOURDES. They were led by the Rev. C. P. Crean, Senior Corps Chaplain.

Mgr. Landersdorfer, Bishop of Passau, has forbidden his priests to take office in POLITICAL PARTIES. He also states that priests must not discriminate politically between their parishioners. They have a right to form their own opinions and vote accordingly. These opinions must not be expressed in the course of their public Mission.

The famous ST. RAPIIAEVS VEREIN for the assistance of emigrants in Hamburg. which was dissolved by the Nazis in 1941 and its property confiscated, has resumed work.

HOLLAND The Dutch Catholic paper De TO is CRITICAL of the formation of the new Government, particularly with regard to Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Dominions. The paper states that these represent only a compromise between the Labour and the Catholic Parties.

The Catholic Party of CURACAO has sent a telegram to the Catholic People's Party of the Netherlands accusing the Curacao delegation, now in Holland, of representing the worst type of autocracy.


" Annamite priests and native bishops are subject to the vilest vexations and BLOODIEST PERSECUTION." This statement was made on Vatican Radio this week. It formed part of •a Fides Agency report of Communist persecution of Catholic missions in IndoChina.

The bido-Chinese Communists, it was asserted, are attacking French and Spanish missionaries in the hope that thus they will create the impression that these are Nationalists. All these missions were founded by Europeans.


The Rev, Peter Macsweeny, wellknown Irish sacristan and guide to the tourist-loved, catacomb Dominican church of SAN CLEMENTE in Rome,

has died in Rome.


The Bishops of Buffalo and Columbus have reached Tokyo in their PAPAL MISSION to study post-war problems of the Church in Japan.


MGR. KOCLOWSKI, Bishop of the Ruthenian diocese of Przemsyl, has returned to his See after being released by the Polish Secret Police. The police tried to make the Bishop sign a declaration that he was, as a Ukrainian, prepared " voluntarily," to go to the Ukraine. He refused: " Rome sent me to Przemsyl and only Rome can recall me." The diocese is partitioned, part of it being in the new truncated Poland and part in the areas taken by the Russians.

RUMANIA The French Agency reports that MGR. O'HARA, Bishop of Savannah, U.S.A., will be sent to Bucharest to take charge of the Nunciature in place of Mgr. Cassulo, who is a persona ingrate to the Rumanian regime. This appointment would be a parallel one to the situation in Belgrade, where Mgr. Patrick Hurley is in charge.

or King,


The Chief, Papiti, was baptised before his recent death. He had come into contact with missionaries during his youth and when he felt the end near he sent for a priest

THE PHILIPPINES A message of congratulation from General Franco, on behalf of the Spanish people, was received by the President of the Philippines on the occasion of the Filipino DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. The message reaffirmed the ties of affection based on a common culture which tho

Spanish people feel for the Filipino'.

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