Page 8, 12th July 1985

12th July 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 12th July 1985 — 0 = Ordination: M = 'Mass ; v Visitation:

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0 = Ordination: M = 'Mass ; v Visitation:

C Confirmation.

Canithel Hume, Archbishop of Westmlneter Seedily: NI Mr American Bar Associatien, Cathedral, 10.30 on Monday M and OleesIng al ambulance, Holy Apostles, Pimlico. 7 pm Tueadey: Biehops Meeting. 5 pm Wednesday Cur eel or Dloceean Attain. 10 arn. M. Brentwood Cathedral 7.30 pre Saturday: M to Friends of St Thomas More, Cathedral 6 pm Archbishop Michael Benign of Southwark Sunday: O to the Prieerhood Harnsgate Abney. 4 pm. Tuesday: M lot Arnie' Thomae Mort Societe to celebrate bath enrevanary al Canonization of SI Thomas More, St Duestan's Anglican Chteuh. Canterbury. 12 omen. Thursday: Schools' M le ot Saint Thomas More, and eehlbltion of Therein More Memorabilia, Si Geeree's Cathedral, 11 30 ern Friday C Parldorni Wood. El pm Vises Dincesan Youth Camp Ayiesion Friary. pm Arelsbishop Come de menthe el Birmingham Sunday M for School CAntenary . Si Augustine Solihull, II am. M & C Our Lady of Lourdes. Yardley Wood. 6 pea Tuesday-Friday: S or S. Sweeter School, Cainteidee. Archbishop Ward ot CDtii Sunday: V & C, St Patrick's, Cardiff Awards Ceremony Fileelan School. Carrell, 7 15 pen erirksy SA St Clairen Ely Cardiff. 1 pot Blehop Alexander at Cation Sunday: V. St Edmund. Caine Preacheri at ell M Preaches at M Ott the occasion of the retirement of Headleacher and deputy. St Nicholus of Tolonlino, Brietul, we Tuesday: IA al St Joseph's Home, Cotten. on the oeCesion of Sister Elernittielle's Golden Jubilee. 7 311 pm_ V Confirm/elm fa Honeventurc's Primary School. Bishonsion, 10 15 ant id at SI Gregory's comprenensive ecnool. Beth. 7.30 On Thurschir South West Church Leaden Meeting 003101 I a 30 am Concelebrates M of Thankegiving at St Gregory's. Cheltenham 1.30 poi Friday: C. SI Berraventure's Parish. Biehopetoe, 7 30 pm Saturday: 0 Rev Robert Hainbuw 10 the Sacred Priest re St Augushne'e Matson, 7.30 psi V. til Joseph's Nympsf mid Preachet or all M erahop awe at East Angier Sunder Diocesan Youth Rally. SI JeseirOs College. Ipewich Friday: Celebrates M, St Mary's School, Lewintoli. 10.30 are Saturday: SA and C. Blundeslon NEMO. SUIVIN 9.30 bet Consecration of new altar, Church ol Our Lady. Star at the Sea, Lowestoll.6pm

Bishop Emery of Poriamouth Thwectey-Folder Guernsey. Charnel stands. Saturday: Guernsey, M Icr Silver Jubilee of Canon Latium,

B ishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunday: V, Sr Peter (1 Paul's, Newport, Monday: Reception and lunch given by the Mayor of Wirral tor Church Leaclera. Tutelday: C. St Peters, Wythrinehawn. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Coneelebrates H. Whew College, during Grand Week. 12 noon. Thursday. Bishop's Council Meeting, Curial ()feces, I I am_ Pricier Shin Halt, Sereeielkon. 10 15 am. C. St Mary's. Middlawich. 7.30 pm Bishop Guarmill, Auxiliary for Werstmenter Sunday: C, Mile End, man ern Neo.Cthechurnenate. Mile End, B pm. Tuesday: Islington deanery Heeling. 10.30 are Seminar en Mulffeulturea. Avery Elle Collage. 2 30 pm CDA. S pot Wednesday, COO.. 10 am. Celebration M. SI Joseph's, Highgate, Tan pm Saturday: SI Thomas More fd, Cathedral, C pre B tshop namesau I Iihmerla Sunday: V and C. Welehpool. There:by. C. Holywell, 7 pm B ishop tistris of Middlesbrough Sunday: Stelngboard. A mei/done Monday M for St Margaret Chtherow School York. 10.30 am Teeidey: ht for the Bar Convent School. York, 11 am Weethesdny-Ssturday: Ecumenical Meeting of Church Leaden at Ampletorth.

&skip Nanny, Ausilieny For WeMminslee

M. SI Theresa's School, Finchley Church End, 10 am AGM Catholic Children's Society of Weelminster & Crusade nf Rescue. 6pm, Tumble WA. 5 pm. Wartneselay: GOA. 10 ann. M, Convent ol Jeeus & Mary Hien School WIllesdee, 7 the Fridley: M, St Mary's Priory School. Starnlord Hill, 10.30 am Meeting, Notre Dame Chad Guidance Clinic. B pm. Saturday:

N. Cathedral. 6 pm.

Bishop Nendereon, *mitten for Southwark Sunday. Commences Pastoral V. Peckham Rye. 830-1 pm Monday Continues Pastoral V. Peckham Rye, 1-930 pm. Tuesday; Celebrates M for 10th Annlyereary St Peter Chanel RC Primary School. Selcup, 9 am. Saturdm: Commissionine lit Special. Ministers Day. Si Ceorwee Cathedral. 10.15-4 pm.

B ishop Jukes, Smithery for Southwerk Sunday Official V to RaInharn wish. Monday: 0 at Erienbrld0O parish, 7,30 pin Tuesday: V. St Edmund's Secondary School. Dover. C at Breasted parish, B pm

Thursday: G at Westernism parish, 7.30 pm FlItley1Seturday: v to Rochester Bishop Betty of Salford Sunday: V. Holy Name. Manchester Monday: Meeting Department of Edgeatien. Lorene 4.30 pm. Tuesday Demise M, Cathedral (Feast at Our Lady el Mused Carmel). 12 noon Wednesdny, Meeting with HMI Lams Church Leaden, Blackburn, 2.30 pm, FrIdertSaturday V and C. SI John's, Rochdale Bishop Konstani, Auxiliary Ice Westminster Sunder C. Pimlico 5 pm. Monday-. C, Inductive of Parish Priest, Kingeway, 8 pm Wednesday. CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House, 10 ant Saturdsy: PA Westminster Cathedral. 6 pre Bishop McColl., Auditory lot Birmingham Sunday: AA & C, St John'S, Banbury. 3 pm Id 9 C Our Lady, Wootton Wawen, 6 30 pm mender Soli House trustees Meeting, 12 noon Wednesday: Raeford C01111 Special School Oevernors Meeting, 2 pm M & C, Seaford Court. 5.30 pm. Thundey: Schools Commission. 11 am. Friday Ecumenical Meeting. Oxford. 10.45 am.

Bishop MeGulnem of Nottingham Sunday Inlerdiecesan Pilgrimage to Pedlars.. Derby& ,H at 3.30 pm. ManderFridayClergy Retinal at Ratcliffe College, Syston, Leleenter. 7 pin. Wednesday: M lot St Patnete's Retitement, Good Sheehan! Church. Arnold Thursday Clergy Retreat. Ralcrille College. Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Sunday; Paeloral V. St Francis of ABSIBI. Halstead, Monday-Friday: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, New Hall School Wedneaday. Opening and Blessing at Cathedral House. Brentwood. 7 ern Fricley Dedication of TOO Church at Our Saviour, East Springfield, 6 pm. Bishop Mahan, A1.011111.11fw Wesirreninw Sunday: Centenary M, St Janne', Twickeithern 10.30 an, C. Ashford, 4 pm. Tuesday: Bishops CDA meeting. 5 pre. Wednesday: CDA, Arcliblehop's House, 1030 am. IA and 0 to Diaconate. Gremilurd. 9 pm, Bishop Weenie, of Kellam Sunday Pdgernagn to Padley, 3 pm Mondeci-FrIday Meeting of finance Board, 10 45 am (Monday). Dion e'en mercy/ retreat at the Mount Seturday: Final Profession el Cordite, Convert', tl am, Bishop Mullins, Area Bishop In Sersosins Sunchey. C at SI Bride's, Pardee:Mutate 11.30 am Monday Seminar 1ur sluderea for the priesthond at Caulfield (for three weeks) Tuesday: Itenowel af Proleenions. 111rd Order ol Our Lady ot Mount Cannel IS1 at SI Castes Cathedral, Ger:dill,: 7 pm Wedeseday-Saturdey Seminar at Courtlield Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel & Brighton Sunday: M at Glyn 613rviee for Mayor Elect ril Brighton, Si Mary's, Preston Park, 10 MM. Tuesday. Vines Congress of Jmuil Ecumenists. Plater College, Oxford. Wednesday-Selerday: Ampieforth Ecumenical Conlerence. Thursday: PreatheS at Conventual Sol, Areptelorth Abbey glare* O'Brien, Auxiliary ter Westminster Sunday, M at Cell Barnes Hospital. St Albans. II ens Monder. V.M M Course Opening M. 5 pm. Tuesday: Sisters Janine N at St Francis Convent, Tririg. 10 we CDA Cl Archbishop's House, 5 pm. Wednesday: GDA ArohbiShePit House, 10 am Thuraday: V SI MIG11501.1. School, Stevenage, 3 45 pm FrIday: M at W.D.E.S. Wilfred St, II 30 am Bishop O'Brien, Auxiliary lot MiddlesbroughSunder Springnoard at Annielorth College Tuesday

C at St John of Beverley. Beverley, 8 pm. Wednesday-Friday: Amplelorth Ecum•nical Cone:trance,

Bishop Thomas of NorthamptonSunday: V, Sacred Heart, Luton. Monday: Steering Committee, Council. rat Paints, 11.30 am. Peelle's Conferment. None College. C. Holy Family, Slough, 7.30 pm Tuesday: C. Weston Favell, 7 30 pm. Wednesday: MKCC PreSidenCy loth am. Epleoopal Conference, pm. Thursday: Episerepal Centerence, St Joseph's, Aylesbury, pm. Friday: Church Leaders. St Albans C. Si Clare's, Ayleebury, 7 pm. Bishop Tripp, AusIllery for Southwark ertinesy: Principal Cetebrant at Annual M with Handicapped Gelleren at Aylestord. Sutton Parish Cuuneil AGM, 730 pm. Mandeerreinday: COOlifer.Gtle V to Battersea Park. Wednesday: Directors' Meeting of Catholic Children's Society. Thursday Working Party On Ecumenical Structures at Croydon, 9.30 am CA Pilgrimage Directors' Meeting, IT 30 pm School Play at Utsullne Convent School. B pm Between; C at Kingston, 11 am. Bishop Wheeler at Leeds Sunday Diocesan ReitY Haztowood Castle 3 pm. Tuesday V & C. Hole Rosary, Leeds. 7.30 pre Wednesday: he end *eta of Fouretation Stone, new St Joseph's, Watherby 7 pre Thursday, M, Cardinal Heenan School, 11 am. Friday: D St Urbane, loads 1 30 pm.

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