Page 5, 12th June 1953

12th June 1953
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Page 5, 12th June 1953 — INVITATION MILLION

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Bishops call on all to help to increase vocations

CARDINAL GRIFFIN and the five other Bishops of the Westminster province are this week-end sending out a joint—and urgent— invitation to the 1,000,000 Catholics in the territory stretching from the Humber to the Channel Islands.

Christians protest in India •

DIFFICULTIES put in the way

-LeFof Catholic schools by a num ber of Indian State governments were referred to in the recently issued report of the 1952 meeting of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, held in Bangalore last November.

In other States, where Catholic education has been relatively free, the report warned, the way is being prepared for similar government interference.

Limitation of religious instruction to after school hours, the report stated. was a matter of grave concern. In certain States, it noted. Catholic schools have been forced to use objectionable textbooks.

There have also been instances of State interference in the appointment of the heads of Catholic schools, it continued. In some States the governments claim the right to name some of the members of the management or advisory committees of Catholic schools.

Poor converts

One of the most striking examples of anti-Catholicism in Indian education, the Bishops said, concerns converts,

"If the field of education in general." they stated, "is the one most exposed to intolerance and interference, there is perhaps no plot of this field in which discrimination is so glaring as the field of educational concessions to poor converts,

"The misinterpretation of clear documents. the reluctance of State governments to grant even partial concessions to them, the irksome conditions imposed on converts to secure even such limited concessions. all point to a deliberate flouting of the spirit of the Constitution and to an anti-Christian or anti-conversion attitude on the part of many State officers."

There are now close on 6,000 Catholic schools in India, with nearly 1,000,000 students. more than half of whom are Catholics. The Church supports 27 colleges for men and 21 for women. and a large number of special schools.

In Pakistan too

CHRISTIANS of Pakistan have alleged that serious attempts are being made to hinder the progress of the Christian community in the Punjab province.

Their complaint came shortly after the new Prime Minister, Mohammed Ali, a Moslem, had pledged that his government will "treat the minorities not only justly, but generously."

Voicing the complaint were three Christian members of the provincial legislature, who submitted a memoranda of grievances to Feroza Khan Noon, Chief Minister of the Punjab. They drew attention to instances of curtailments hindering the educationaeircial and political progress of Christians in the area.


Leader: Fr. Davys No night travel. Depart Jolt 9 5 full days (6 nights) Lourdes, 1st class hotel. I night Paris out and home, 2nd sass via Calais. 39 gas. Bookings close next week Also July 23 Fr. Higgins; Aug. 11 Feast of Assumption in Lourdes, Canon Brunner; Aug. 25 Fr. Stone; Sept. 3 Our Lady's Birthday hi Lourdes, Mgr. Crea; Sept. 22 Fr. Delaney; Oct. 6. 39 gns.

SHRINES OF FRANCE—Loardes, l ;stens, Ars, Para le Monial, Nevers, day travel. Dep. July 27 & Sept. 7. SS gns. A Grand Tour. Please Book Now.

ROM E— Dep. Oct. 5, 50 gns. inc.


9 Buckingham Palace Gardens, London. S.W.1. SLOane 6642 An experienced Catholic Agency It is a pastoral letter urging them all, men, women and children, to pray and work for, seek and encourage locations to the priesthood and the religious life.

At the same time, 40,000 copies of the programme and guide to the Vocations Exhibition at Olympia are going out. most of them to parish representatives. who will have them on sale at the churches (price Is.).

Those who wish to attend the ceremonies on the opening day of the exhibition—Sunday. July 5—and on the following Sunday must get their tickets beforehand. They may secure them from the parish representatives (2s. for adults, 6d. for children).

Those living in areas where representatives have not been appointed may obtain Sunday admission tickets by writing to the general secretary, Major Patrick Taggart, K.S.G., 60 Rylston Road, London, S.W.6.

No tickets

Admission on the weekdays—when the exhibition will he open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.—requires no ticket; payment will he made at the turnstiles.

The illustrated programme gives a complete guide to the more than 150 exhibits. Also available will he a souvenir catalogue of over 200 pages giving full details of the dioceses, religious orders and congregations taking part in the exhibition.

Meals and light refreshments will be available throughout each day.

Cardinal Griffin will open the exhibition with a solemn blessing at 11 a.m. on Sunday, July 5. The blessing will be followed by Solemn Mass sung by Archbishop Myers, with His Eminence presiding, at the great altar in the main hall. The Cardinal will give Benediction at 9.45 p.m.

On Sunday. July 12. the ceremonies begin at 9 a.m. with Solemn Pontifical Mass at which the Cardinal will raise to the priesthood 30 deacons of St. Joseph's Society for Foreign Missions— the Mill Hill Fathers.

Fr. Agnellus Andre w, O.F.M., will describe and explain the ordination ceremony over the loudspeakers.


The Australian Government's decision to give Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, precedence in ceremonies associated with the forthcoming Royal visit to Australia over Dr. Howard Mowll, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, has led to something of a controversy in Sydney, with protests stemming mainly from Anglican clergymen.

The Government based its decision on the Cardinal's rank as a Prince of the Church. and claimed that there was a precedent in the matter. But the position has been complicated by a further decision that Archbishop Mowll should have precedence in ceremonies arranged by the State of New South Wales, on the grounds of seniority.

Anglican clergymen contend, ac

cording to a report this week, that Archbishop Mowll should have precedence in Commonwealth functions, since his jurisdiction, as Primate, extends over the whole of Australia, while Cardinal Gilroy's jurisdiction is confined to the Archdiocese of Sydney.

A Catholic sensation that wasn't

THE Spa Lane Mills. Derby, well known to Catholics as the scene of Mr. Alan 'T'urner's efforts to apply the Church's social teachings to modern industry, were in the news this week.

The Daily Sketch ran a story headed "Slapdash mill hands told off by workmates." The Daily Express said "300 to be quizzed if their work is bad." The Daily Mail: "No shoddy work or we want to know why." The Birmingham Post: "Factory council to 'try' offenders."

Said a spokesman of the Ernest Turner Group: "The reports, as published, give a completely erroneous impression, both as to the methods of the Factory Council and the question of bad work.

"The bad work was confined to one particular person. The Factory Council exists on account of. and is run on the methods suggested by, Pope Leo XIII in Reruns Noyarom in giving the workers a share in management which is, in fact. carried out in a very realistic manner by this council and its associated committees.

"The reports have been entirely divorced from their background."

Welsh scholar— named Flynn

"An outstanding Welsh scholar" is the verdict of the Cardiff director of education on Paul Flynn, aged 17. now in the sixth year at St. Illtyd's College, Cardiff. There, under the guidance of the Christian Brothers, he has specialised with distinction in Welsh literature and history.

But Paul Flynn has no Welsh background. He lives in one of the most Irish quarters of Cardiff while he follows Mr. De Valera's dictum —the Irishman in Wales must become a Welshman.

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