Page 6, 12th June 1953

12th June 1953
Page 6
Page 6, 12th June 1953 — All Sorts

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All Sorts

By Fr. BERNARD BASSET, S.J. The Faith in the North

HALE YORKSHIRE, i hope, will he going to Bradford this Sunday for the great Coronation pageant in the Odsal Stadium. I wish I could be there to see Bishop Heenan take his place in the centre of the great arena for the singing of the Creed. So many pageants are interesting only as a piece of historical reconstruction; they have small effect on our lives as lived today, A Catholic pageant is very different. for the presence of the Bishop brings the Church of Paulinus and Wilfrid down to 1953.

An admirable souvenir

WHILE waiting for the pageant VT to begin. the huge crowd need not he idle, for Bradford offers its visitors the very best of souvenir brochures. Congratulations to Messrs. Kennedy and Branigan rind to all those who have helped to pro

duce this programme. The history of the Church in Yorkshire is told both in prose and in pictures. Could the lesson be taught more vividly? We have pictures of York Minster, Kirkstall. and fountains next to those of the humble 19th century churches, and a map of the Religious Houses of 1517. and near to one which shows where the Yorkshire martyrs were born. There are 19 parishes in modern Bradford, and the long list of names of those taking part in the pageant and in the parish tableaux ends the story on a triumphant note.

North v. South

TF some Catholics in the North are I woefully wrong in their views about the Catholics in the South of England, southern Catholics have no experience of parish life as it is lived in the North. There must he thousands and thousands of devout Catholics in London who scarcely know the parish to which they belong. Not so in the North, If. in conversation. you mention. say, Mr. Haltwhistle, someone is sure to ask : "Do you mean Frank Haltwhistle in St. Patrick's or Albert in St. Kentigern's?" In the South each new parish priest arrives as a stranger; in the North half the town has known him since he was a little boy. There may be many powerful arguments against parochialism in its bad sense, but any Catholic from the South who went to Bradford for the pageant would be amazed at the unity and power and loyalty which parish life imparts, Leeds • AFTER such glowing words in praise of Bradford, it is perhaps a southern gaffe on my part to devote a paragraph to Leeds! A month ago I appealed here for hooks for the Leeds Legion of Mary and for the enquiry bureau which it was hoping to start, A letter has now reached me from Leeds telling me of more than a hundred books which were sent by Toe Cmismar HERALD readers, many of whom did not disclose their names. The Legion would like to thank all those who have helped in this most practical way. Many of the hooks are already in circulation. Books on Catholic doctrine, history or devotions are urgently needed. Send them to Flat 1, 18 Clarendon Place. Leeds, 2.


THE Birmingham teachers, mentinned so often in this column, must he very pleased with the result of their blue Coronation slips. The final totals have not yet reached me, but close on 100,000 had been distributed a week before Coronation Day. Their efforts, and the efforts of many others all over England, certainly answered the Queen's request for prayers. Very few of the organisers of Coronation jollity foresaw the tremendous interest of the Coronation ceremony televised. (Inc very popular restaurant in the centre of London did not serve a single lunch on June 2. In one of the big stores on the route which laid on lunch and television. considerable difficulty was experienced in getting the guests to eat. With a thousand people to feed, lunch had to he served in two sittings, but no one would move until the Abbey service was finished.

Pentecost Quiz

THERE was a very large field for this competition, and more than half the candidates had the answers almost right. The judges had to be very severe, disqualifying those who coupled Sapphire with her unhappy husband, for she was not directly charged by St. Peter with telling a lie. Again. many points were gained by those who gave more details about the Hole Ghost Fathers. The first prize, 12. goes to I.W. (Oxford): second prize, f I. to V.K. (Dublin): third prize, 10s., to M.P.deM. (London, S.W.). The judges were amused by the answer. "The Holy Ghost Fathers were founded by the Holy Spirit through the agency of a holy man whose name I forget."


II' appears that a certain parish priest had a recording made of a High Mass broadcast from his church. At the broadcast he himself preached. When the record arrived he sat down and played it through and, to his horror. woke up to find the choir singing the Creed.

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