Page 4, 12th June 1981

12th June 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 12th June 1981 — Call on Arabs to `co-exist peacefully'

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People: Jacob, Isaac , Nasser
Locations: Jerusalem, London, Gaza


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Call on Arabs to `co-exist peacefully'

JOHN DINGLE, May 29, suggests that I misinterpreted his letter of April 24, He did, and still does. claim that the establishment of Israel "constituted an injustice to the Arabs". and justifies "violence in the effort to secure their rights".

These basic arguments are also used by the PLO to justify elimination, of the Jewish State. They are inconsistent with appeals to "people of goodwill" to work for reconciliation.

My statement that Arab recognition of the sovereignty of Israel is an essential prerequisite to peace between Arab and Jew, is derided by Mr Dingle as "putting the cart before the horse" in view of alleged nonrecognition of the rights of the Arabs by Israel.

This evades the point that the Arab world, with the exception of Egypt which is ostracised. is opposed to negotiation if recognition of Israel is on the agenda.

I al-mileage Mr Dingle to (Mote a spokesman of an Arab member of the "steadfastness front", or the PLO, declaring or implying that the Arab world is willing to recognise and peacefully co-exist with Israel in exchange for a Palestinian State or "the rights of the Palestinians".

Mr Dingle refers to Palestinian right to "self-determination" in a national home. The Arab states' appointment of the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestians. is a violation of the right of selfdetermination.

There have been 12 assassinations of moderate Arab leaders in the West Bank and Gaza by the PLO. None of those leaders were or could be accused of favouring permanent Israeli occupation.

If the Palestinians support the ideology of the PLO in spite of and not because of intimidation. then they are opposed to Jewish selfdetermination. According to the PLO National Covenant all of Palestine is Arab.

John Dingle recommends your readers to a certain book as evidence of Ravish expulsion of Arabs and confiscation of their property. An objective. rather than selective study of the subject, reveals that the Arab refugees were created by Arab instigated wars before and after the UN partition of what remained of Palestine after four-fifths had become Arab (Transjordanf.

Israeli legislation guarantees compensation to Arabs for lost possessions. Following the establishment of Israel 600.000 Jews of the 800,000 who became anathema and left Arab countries where they had lived for centuries, emigrated to Israel, their property in contrast confiscated by Arab legislation.

In the same period 590,000 Arab refugees left Israel. A de facto population exchange has taken place.

Regarding Jerusalem. The Jews accepted the corpus .seperartml under the UN plan. The Arabs rejected it, and the Jordanian army occupied East Jerusalem, Hussein lost East Jerusalem by allying himself with Nasser in June 1967, rejecting Israel's repeated appeals to stay out of the war.

J. Garnet Board of Deputies of British Jews THE ARABS are in Israel from Arabia by reason of conquest in 636 AD, from which they conquered the whole of North Africa and even Spain. The Jews have been in Israel since the days of Joshua 1210 BC and before him since the Jays of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (2000 BC) when various tribes, e.g. Canaanite& Jebusites etc (who no longer exist), lived there.

The Arabs were themselves conquered by the Crusaders. Mamelukes and Turks who occupied the land from 1517-1917 when Britain defeated the Turks.

If Britain had not handed it over to the League of Nations, it would still be British and I doubt if Messrs Dingle and Williams would be advocating the cause of the Arabs, In 1922 Britain gave 78 per cent of Palestine to the Emir Abdullah and it became TransJordan. In biblical times. this land was inhabited by the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh, No Jew today asks for the return of this large chunk of its former homeland, possibly because the Philistines occupied the coastal plain, but there are no real Philistines today. When the UN divided the remaining 22 per cent of the land between the Jews and the Arabs. the Jews accepted and if the Arabs had welcomed the Jews. the half-brothers (through Abraham), Israel would today he the tiny pre-I 967 land, minus the part of Jerusalem which the Jordanians captured, and Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish people since 1000 BC (King David) would still be divided (imagine London being divided between the British and the Italians (Romans). Instead the Arabs have fought four bitter wars to defy the UN and left the Israelis in a better position to defend themselves.

The so-called Palestinians are not to be distinguished from the Arabs of 21 Arab states from Mauritania in the east. through Morocco. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt etc to the Gulf States. .

Between 1948-1967 the Palestinians were ruled by the Egyptians and the Jordanians and they did not give autonomy to their brother Arabs, I am in favour of giving autonomy to the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza, without an army.

L. J. Hardy Cottingham

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