Page 8, 12th June 1981

12th June 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 12th June 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Cardhsal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Presides at Memorial Requiem for Cardinal Wysaynski 0 VVestrninster Cathedra/ 7 pm. Sunday: Preaches at Amulet Pilgrimage. Our Lady of the Taper, Cardigan Monday: Attends Concert of Sacred Muec. Westminster Cathedral. 7.30 Pm. Tuesday: Consecrates St Gabriel's Church. Upper Holloway. 7 pm Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's House Presides at AGM Crusade of Rescue, Archbishops House, 6 pm. Visits Caribbean Pastoral Centre. N4, 7.30 pm, Thursday, First Communion Mass, St Mary s Convent. Swiss Cottage_ 10 am, Corpus Christi Mass. Westminster .Cathedral. 5 30 nm Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass and confirmation. St Mary.. Aldridge, 11.15 Cr.. Tusedw: Meeting 01 Newman College Governors Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: Saturday: triterviews students for the Seminary Cure! Offices. Sunday-Monday. Visitation and confirmation. Hoty Family. Halewood Monday: NeoCatechumenate Service. Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Liverpool. Tuesday: Addresses meeting on Interfaith Witness. Civic Hall Leeds. 8 Pm WwheasdaYi Meeting of Governing Body. Christ and Notre Dame College. 4.30 pre UCM Attnual Mass. Metrotaolltan Cathedral, 8 pm. Thursday: Meeting of Merseyside Interprize Forum. Aintree Skill Centre Church Leaders Group meeting. Curial Offices, 4.15 pm.

Bishop Alexender of Clifton; Friday: Visits Clifton Diocese Students. Osoort College Birmingham. Mess and dedicates St Patrick's Church, Brockworth, 7_30 pm. Saturday: Mass and confirmation. St Mary's School, Shaftesbury 11 am Bishop Brewer, Auxifiery of Shrewsbury: Friday: Confirmation. Sacred Heim. Baguley, Saturday-Monday: Visitation and confirmation. Our Ladys. Birkenhead. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting, Cathedral Wednesday: Confirmation. ST

Raphael Milibrook.

Bishop Peary, Auxifiary of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass Catholic Chaplaincy. Warwick University. 11 ern. Tuesday: Mass and confirmation. St Pathck s. Coventry. 7 pm Thursday: Mass. Bishop Milner School. Cturley, 11.30 ass, Mass and Corpus Christi procession, Snowhill. Wolverhampton. 6.30 Pm Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Confirmation, Maris! Consent Ascot. 4.30 pm and St Francis. 7.30 pm Sunday: Confirmation. Winchester, 4 pry. Tusedey: Council of Priests meeting. Park Place. Wckharn, 10.45 am. Wednesday: Confirmation, Corpus Christi. Portsmouth_ Bishop Foley of Lancarter: Saturday: Presides at Mass for Golden Jubilee of La Sagesse Sister. St Marv's, Preston 12 noon Sunday: Visitation. Blessed Sacrament. Preston. 10 am Confirmation 4 pm Tuesday: Visits school anct housebound. Blessed Sacrament, Preston Wednesday: Ordination to Diaconate. Cathedral 11,30 am. Meeting of Charity Bali Committee Sacred Heart. Blackpool. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Orem of Northampton: FridaySunday: Vtation and Confirmation, Sr Margaret's. Luton. Monday: Con5rmation. Stopsley. 7 pm. Tuesday: Confirmation. St Patrick's. Corby, 7 prn. Wednesday: Senate meeting.

Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury: Sunday: Golder Jobllee Mass, St flugustine's. Latchford, 3 pre Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting. Cathedral ' , tm Visits °soon College. Birmingham Thursdey: Corpus Christi Mass, Cethedral.

Bishop Guazwill, Bishop in East Landon: Saturday: Laity Commission meeting. 9 ern Oidinatme Acolyte_ Allen Hell. 6 om. Sunday: Confirmation. Bethnal Green. 11.30 am. Monday: F D:1P hr wo 1J SP 9 Om. Tuesday:

M,e1 • -". • • 'r,t4n of Church.

upper Holloway. 7 pm, Wednesday: CDA. 10 arn. Thursday: Mn... Stoke Newington. tO ern. Mass. Missionary Institute. 7.30 Pm.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrimah: Saturday: Attends Commissioning of Specie! Ministers Poor Clams Convent, York 10.30 am Sunday: Visitation, St Augustine s. Redcar. Mass. 10.30 am Monday; Attends Governors meeting. Marlst College, 5Hucml ,Cconli 11,11 Confirmations Holystiy John of Beverley. 7 pm. Wednesday: Golden Jubilee Mass fur Fr P. Smyth St Joseph's Church. Hull, 7 am. Thursday: Official Opening and Mass. St Augustines School. Coutby Newham, 10 ern, Blessing and Civic Ceremony. St Augustine. School. 2 Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Mass. Si James' School. Grahame Park, 11 am Papal Award. St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green. 8 pm. Saturday: Mess for Haodicapped.St Joseph s. holtwhite's Hill. Enfield, 2.30 prn. Sunday: Ordination to diaconate. St Erconwald, Wembley-Preston Road, 12 noon. Confirmation. ST Philip the Apostle, Finchley-Church End. 4 pm. Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's House. AGM. Crusade of Rescue. Archbishop's House, 6 pm.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visitation. Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Lee. 12 noon Catenian function. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Catholic Commisson for Racial Justice meeting, 1 Arnwell Street. London EC1, 11 am-4 pm. Preaches at 40th Anniversary of ordination. Streatham. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Sydenham. 3 pm. Monday: Presides at Diocesan Finance Meeting. 11 am. Mass and meets Foculanni. Blahern. 7 pm. Thursday: Masa and Conermation. Borough. ft pm, Biehop Hitchen, Auidliery of Uvorpool: Friday-Sunday: Visitation, Pulrose, Isle of Man. Monday: Confirmation. St Joseph's. Kirkby Tuesday: Diarnono Wedding Anniversary. Mr aria Mrs J Turner, St Chad. South Hill, Charley Wednesday: Confirmation. St Joseph's. Kirkby. Thursday; Church Leaders Group meeting. Curial Offices, 4 15 pm Confirmation. St Peter and Paul. Kirkby.

B ishop Holland of Salford: Friday: visitation. Kersal. 2 pm. Saturday: Mass and reception, Golden Jubilee of Mother General of Passionist Sisters, Deane Convent, Bolton, 11 am Sunday: Visitation. 10.45 am Confirmation. 3 pm. St Ph hp, Kersal. Tuesday: Mass fOr Opening of new chapel. St Joseph s Cernenery. fifostorl. 7 30 pm Wedneedey: Board of Administration, 10 30 arn.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwerk: Friday. Pars!, viSitetiOn fa Ramsgate.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London:

Saturday: Meets COMMIS:Olen candidates, St John's Wood 10 am Induction of parish Pans:. Hammersmith. 6 pm. Sunday: Confirmation. Speniar Place. 4 em Monday: Governor's Meeting, London University Chaplaincy. Gower Street, 6.30 o rn, Tuesday: Kensington Deanery Meeting. 11 sm. Wednesday; CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House, / 0 am. Thursday: Sacred meeting. County Hall, 2 pm. Mass, Shepherd's Bush. 7.30 Pm Bishop L indsey, of Mechem and Newcastle: Saturday: Attends Study and commissioning Day for Special ministers of Holy Communion. St Mary s College. Fenharn. 10.30 am. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmetion. St Mary's. Forest Hill. 3.30 Pot Ecumenical Service, St Pears. Jarrow, 7.30 ore Tuesday: Meets Ushaw Deacons. Minsteracres Confirmation. St Aldan's, Ashington, 7 pm.

B ishop McCord*, Auxiliary of Dirmingheen:

Saturday: Catholic Commission for Racial Justice, London. 11 am. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Corpus Christi, Coventry. 10.30 am Pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady of Evestram. 3 pm. Monday, Parish based Catechetical review. Marvvele. 7.30 pm ftel-ey: Visitation and Sacred Heart. Henlay.on-Thernes. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Visitation. Holy Family, Small Heath. Thursday: Anniversary. Corpus Christi. Coventry, 7.30 pm.

B ishop McGui nnnnn of Nottingham: Saturday: Confirmation. Grace Dieu, 11 am. Attends consecration at new Polish Church, Nottingham, 3 pm.

B ishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady of Compassion. Upton Park. 7 ore. Sunday: Preaches at Evensong, Hertford College. Oxford. 6 pet Tuesday: Mese and Confirmation. Sr Edmund of Canterbury. Laughton, 8 pm Thursday: Attends meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Grouo, Chelmsford, 10.30 am Mass, SurtSbory B pin Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Mass and Bone Merenti Award. St Cyril's, Netherlev. I prn. Saturday: Ordination of Rector, St Thomas'. Waterloo 11 am. Meeting confirmands. Par-bold. 4 30 pm Marriage encounter Mass. Parbold. 8 per Sunday: Pilgrimage to Glastonbury. Monday: Confirmation. St Vincent's, St Helens, 7.300m. Tuesday: Confirmation. Peestey Cross St Helens, 7.30 pm. VISelninedey: Blessing of School Oratory St Cuthbert 5. Liverpool. 4 orn Conti, rnatioo, St Anne's. Sutton. 7 30 pm Thursday: Church Leaders Group Meeting. Curial ■Offices. 4.15 gm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Meeting of Laity Commission, London. Saturday: Redhill Deanery Confirmation, Arundel Cathedral 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation. Fletwonh. am. Thursday: Dedication of the Priory. Arundel, 2.30 pm Reception of Apostolic Delegate. 5_30 pm. Mass and Corpus Christi Procession. Arundel Cathedral.

B ishop O'Brien, Biehop in HertfordsNre: Saturday: AGM of Justice end Peace Commission at Archbishop's House, 1 0.T0 am Visitation Most Holy Redeemer. Sawbridgewonh. Monday: Horn, Area Advisory Council. All Saints Pastoral Centre, 8 pm. Toast:by: Council of Churches. St Albans 8 pm. Wsdnesday: CDA Archbishop's House. 10 am. Thursday: St Dominic's Sixth Form Cottage. Harrow. 10.45 am Visits Convent of Jesus and Mary. Stevenage, 5.30 pm. B ishop Peenton, Bishop in Cumbris: Friday; Visits Children to be confirmed St Joseph's School. Preston. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St .GregorYs. Preston. Turestisy: Visits Children to be coofirmed. Our Lady arid St Michael's School, Alston Lane, Preston.

Bishop Meatiest= of Plymouth: lhursdey: Consecration of Sr Augustine's Church. Seaton, 7 Bishop Sviondlehurst, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle: Saturday: Attends Study and commissioning Day for Special Ministers of Holy Communion. Ushaw College. Durham 10,30. a Sunday: Confirmation. St Mary's BlerChill Wednesday: Ushaw Deacons. Minsterecres.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Artends St Stephen's Guild Pilgrimage at Ayiesford with Mass at 11.30 am. Sunday: Confirmation. Mitcham, 11.30 pm Monday: Attends SW London Justice and Peace Commission meeting Tuesday: Attends ILEA head teachers conference at Allington Castle. 5 rim.

B ishop Ward of Menwis: Saturday: Service of thanksgiving. StAsaltdCathedral. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Our Lady of Taper Pilgrimage at Cardigan Wednesday: Confirmation, Connah's Quay. 7 pm. Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Poor Mission Fund Meeting, Curia 11 arn. Mass for KSC Cathedral. 8 pm. tiaturdey: Vocation Interviews Diocesan Curie Mass of Golden Jubilee. Peter, Bridge 6_30 prn. Sunday: Visitation and Conf., ma lion. St Malachy's, Halite. Tuesday: Ordnatior t.:. Priesthood, Co. Kilkenny 11 am College, 5Hucml ,Cconli

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