Page 4, 12th June 1987

12th June 1987
Page 4
Page 4, 12th June 1987 — Faithful dissent

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Organisations: second Vatican council
Locations: Surrey, Paris, London


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Faithful dissent

THE question of "faithful dissent" from non-infallible teachingsof the Church has been dealt with in the letter from the Sacred Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith. (May 15, books).

"The teaching of the second Vatican council (which) clearly does not confine the infallible Magisterium purely to matters of the faith, nor to solemn definitions. Lumen Gentium states: 'when, however, they, (the bishops) even though spread throughout the world, but still maintaining the bond of communion between themselves and the successor of St Peter and authentically teaching on matters of faith and morals are in agreement that a particular position ought to be held as definitive, then they are teaching the doctrine of Christ in an infallible manner'."

Wilfrid Page Camberley,


Working out the call to holiness in community

IN RESPONSE to the recent letter of Sr Mary Bernadette OSSR regarding lay contemplatives (May 8), your readers may like to know of the existence of the monastic and lay fraternities of "Jerusalem".

"Jerusalem" was founded in 1975 in Paris as a cenobitic fraternity of brothers wanting to live a deep contemplative monastic life in the heart of the city. Since 1976 there has been a group of sisters living a more solitary lifestyle alongside the brothers, and in 1984, a community of sisters, aiming to live their vocation of prayer "at the crossroads of solitude and community" was formed.

The monks and nuns of "Jerusalem" are not called to pastoral work in the city but to be a monastic contemplative presence there, and to provide a place of prayer and welcome for city dwellers.

However, alongside the monastic communities a number of lay fraternities are now in existence. Sharing the same common liturgical prayer as the monks and nuns, these lay members of "Jerusalem" wish to respond as deeply as possible to the call to holiness addressed by Christ to all the baptised.

There is considerable interest in various countries in "Jerusalem" and desire to found both monastic and lay fraternitieS in these countries. As there are a number of people interested in the possibility of founding in England, we have decided to hold a meeting for anyone seriously interested in London in June, and in Paris in July.

If any of your readers would like further information they could write to me here in Paris.

The "Rule' of the community is published in English as A City Not Forsaken (DLT 1985).

Sr Jane Therese 13 Rue des Barres


Medjugorie encore

RACHEL Jones refers (May 29) to Bishop Lindsay's statement of the churches "official" attitude to Medjugorje.

It was nothing of the kind. Bishop Lindsay was misinformed, as were so many, by a distorted report that has since been disowned by the Yugoslav hierachy.

Pilgrims may go as freely as ever to Medjugorje, provided they are prepared to accept whatever judgement the Church finally renders regarding its supernatural nature.

Some high-placed Medjugorje critics seized eagerly upon that report as dealing a death-blow to pilgrimages. But the royal flush depreciated disconcertingly in their hands to a busted one. They are still wiping the egg from their faces.

Fr Richard Foley SJ

London WI

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