Page 3, 12th March 1937

12th March 1937
Page 3
Page 3, 12th March 1937 — THE END OF DESPAIR.

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Organisations: Valencia Government
People: Franco
Locations: Seville, Malaga


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Nationalists Bring Comfort Where They Conquer

The return of confidence to the people in those parts of Spain where Nationalist rule has been and is making itself felt forms the keynote of a report in The Times from that paper's special correspondent in Avila.

" By comparison with the Valencia Government the Nationalists have few anxieties behind their determined leadership, which is enthusiastically backed by the people in their territory," states The Times. "They have suffered less than the Valencia Government from interrupted trade relations. Food is plentiful and cheap.

"In the train of their advance the Nationalists try to bring supply wagons not only for their own troops but also for the people of the conquered territory. At the same hour as General Franco's forces entered Malaga truckloads of bread left Granada for Malaga and trainloads of other supplies from Seville and Cadiz."

The New Politics The report continues: " Side by side with war effort goes the political campaign. There is no Nationalist leader who does not make it clear that he wants to win the people not for reaction but for reform.

" The Nationalist parties' ideas of the new Spain differ, but their underlying unity is expressed by a poster saying ' Una patria. Espana; Un Caudillo. Franco' (One Fatherland, Spain; one leader, Franco). General Mola has stated that the Nationalists are divided only on points of political detail and that meanwhile these are subordinated to the necessity of defeating the common enemy, Marxism."

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